10Fold “Trend Jacks” – Making Headlines by Leveraging Others’ News

Establishing and successfully executing upon rapid response opportunities (what we at 10Fold also call PR “trend jacks”) aren’t just critical for combatting competitive attacks or misinformation in real-time during momentary crises — they are key for staying top-of-mind with reporters year-round.

With more than 20 years of seeing technology trends rise — and fall — in the heart of Silicon Valley, 10Fold’s mastered the art of ‘trend jacking’ for hundreds of startups — hopping on breaking news to offer expert commentary and garner coverage.

Why is trend jacking so critical for supplementing news programs?
the miami herald
Because all companies have lulls in between true breaking news, new products or major corporate milestones — but as one former journalist noted in a recent Miami Herald post, most reporters today are overworked and overwhelmed. Since not every story can be breaking news, “if you keep on top of what is happening in the news, you may be able to find a hot topic on which to hitch your client’s story.”

When 10Fold ramps up with new clients — whether in the enterprise software, big data or security industries — from the very outset, we establish clear processes and best practices to drive trend jack-related coverage. Below are just a few examples.

Prime Time for Reflektion
As the leader in real-time, individualized commerce, Reflektion brings a unique perspective around the future of retail and e-commerce, and how companies should meet consumers’ evolving expectations. This is why Reflektion quickly recognized that when Amazon launched its first one-day global Amazon Prime Day shopping event on July 15, 2015, not all went smoothly with consumers.

Within 24 hours, 10Fold dove deep with Reflektion to craft a new pitch around “5 Lessons on Prime Day and Personalization”- with quotes on Amazon Prime Day woes and dissatisfaction. We successfully packaged the comments from Reflektion’s CMO to place nine stories in outlets including Forbes, FierceRetail, Multichannel Merchant and more.

When Apps Go Down, AppDynamics Knows What’s Up
According to research firm IDC, unplanned application downtime costs the Fortune 1000 anywhere from $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion every year — and critical application failures exact a far steeper toll, from $500,000 to $1 million per hour.

It’s clear that in today’s digital world, application performance equals business performance. This is what makes AppDynamics a critical partner for enterprises to help ensure applications and infrastructure are optimized – and avoid costly downtimes. Yet as millions of users worldwide go digital and spike demand, many websites or mobile apps are susceptible to glitches, which can reflect poorly on brands. These are also opportunities to comment on the importance of application performance management and strong digital performance. As a result, we’ve successfully ‘trend jacked’ to secure stories related to everything from Twitter to the U.S. presidential race – and even the queen herself, Beyonce.

Going from A to X
Xirrus - WI - FI NETWORKS - Logo
When Apple returned to the Flint Center in 2014 for the first time in 30 years to announce the iPhone 6, it was considered to be historic; the site was where Steve Jobs first unveiled the Macintosh – the world’s first truly personal computer. And the iPhone 6 pre-orders did indeed break records, with 4 million ordered in just 24 hours.

However, amid all the hardware hype, then-10Fold client Xirrus (a Wi-Fi access technology company) noticed that Apple also lowered iCloud storage rates. At the time, ‘personal cloud’ storage wasn’t quite the mainstream term now taken for granted by consumers. We successfully worked with Xirrus to provide reporters with a POV on this under-the-radar — but important — change. Key outlets ultimately ran Xirrus’ take, including that the “bigger use of cloud-based services for offloading pictures, video, etc. and a lot of background syncing” — a prediction that has now clearly proven true.