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If you are interested in joining the 10Fold team, you are in the right place!  Please refer to the brief descriptions below to identify the position best suited to your skills, interests and experience.   Keep in mind, 10Fold is focused on business-to-business technology, supporting products and services typically characterized as “deep tech” or enterprise technology.  The positions described below are similar across the domain practice groups.  Our practice groups include:

Big Data / AI -Machine Learning / Cloud Cybersecurity
Enterprise Software / App Dev / Dev Ops Data Storage and services
Mobility & Networking

Why Join 10Fold ?

What Role Works for You?

Media Strategist & Writer / Senior Media Strategist & Writer / Chief Media Strategist and Lead Writer
This position is right for you if you have extremely well-honed writing skills, highly developed domain expertise, and strong technology, vertical and business media relationships that have resulted in earned media coverage for technology companies.  You are used to “saving the day” by writing a technical whitepaper or contributed article.  You’re comfortable “parachuting in” to help secure earned media coverage for an important announcement – even if you are not regularly on the account.  You also typically train junior staff on domain technology and trends.
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Director / Senior Director
If you are an experienced PR pro who can easily translate marketing and sales speak into deliverables that our agency can fulfill, let’s talk! Our Directors are the strategic lead for as many as eight accounts (guiding account managers or very senior SAEs as they manage the tactics on the accounts).  With this position, you’ll be the right-hand person for the VP leading the practice, and you will contribute directly to team and client expansion in your practice group, by screening prospects and strategically leading the development of proposals and presentations to win the business.  You’ll also have recruiting and retention roles, ensuring our team is stable and developing new skills.  You are the right person for this position if you have managed a book of business totaling at least $1M annually, you have managed at least three direct reports (responsible for all HR functions), have strong sales experience, and have developed tight relationships with clients and former clients that offer a strong start to your business development network.
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Account Manager / Senior Account Manager
You’re the right person for an account management position if you have developed expertise and an affinity for one or more deep tech industries.  As a pro, you can immediately describe the biggest trends and events in the industry, and you have relationships with the top influencers in the domain, and the energy it takes to be the first point of contact for your accounts.  As a regular client interface, you confidently convey strategic counsel and you have several “out of the box” examples that you have created for clients.  You have managed at least one person in the past and have management training and / or have been taught management best practices. You have driven key components for new business presentations, overseeing research and the development of big ideas.
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Account Executive / Senior Account Executive
You are right for this position if you love the challenge of translating the benefits of your clients’ technology for stories that can be placed in the media, included in analyst reports and blogs, or promoted within social media communities.  You have several tech and business media relationships, as well as industry analyst “buddies,” you know the best ways to win industry awards, and you have secured speaking slots for your clients at important industry conferences. You readily demonstrate that writing is not a lost art – from pitches to contributed articles. You like to mentor and train junior staff, and you thrive on getting the next big article for your client.
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Account Associate / Senior Account Associate
You are the right person for this position if you have demonstrated that you are an important individual contributor on account teams, taking responsibility for account research, reporting, speaking and awards programs, and supporting the account team with media outreach.  You are known for keeping all the “balls in the air,” and learning about new technologies excites you.  Likely you have had one or more agency or in-house positions (full time or internships) and you have the fundamental PR tools mastered.
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Congratulations!  You are starting an exciting career.  You’ll be most successful in this position if you have had relevant classes in journalism, public relations and / or business management.  You are naturally curious, you learn quickly and can build skills and knowledge independently, you have lots of energy, and you are relied upon for handling the important details that ensure accounts run smoothly.
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Not a Form Person?
In case you would like to submit an open job application, please e-mail your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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