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3 Key Differences for a New PR Intern – A 10Fold Staff Experience Journey

“3 Key Differences for a New PR Intern”

Growing up, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I wanted to be a front-of-the-line, hard news, breaking stories…journalist. Up until one year ago, I thought that I had everything figured out. After truly seeing a glimpse of the unglamorous and tiring world that is broadcast journalism, I realized that it was not what I wanted after all.

I have always loved writing and interviewing, so if not journalism, then what? My internship here at 10Fold has opened my eyes to a field that I was not familiar with prior, and I am so grateful that I gave PR a chance. I am enthralled.

I may not be reporting breaking news on your local television, but I have found a new passion within the world of public relations. I am still able to interview, write, read, and ask as many questions as I want — just through a different “lens.”

Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Behring, and I’m a rising senior at the University of Alabama studying political science and communications. I came to 10Fold with a communications background (specifically writing, editing, and social media). My previous internship was at ABC 7 News in San Francisco; and though it was an eventful job, it was not where my heart lied in regards to a career path.

I’ve learned that there are many overlapping skills required in both PR and journalism, which has made this transition both smooth and alluring! For PR, it’s important to “think like a reporter,” and understand how the media works with pitches and stories. Advanced writing skills, strong interpersonal communication skills, and quick responses are strong points for us “ex-journos,” as we cross paths into the “other side.” Here are some significant differences I’ve noticed while working as a PR intern:

1. PR work is diverse. During my time as a broadcasting intern, I only had a few jobs that I was given, and they were limiting. Of course, the stories I would write and edit would be diverse, but my days just seemed so routine. In PR, each person plays an important role in the company, and each day new tasks arise. I’ve loved being asked to edit pitches and reports, to listen in to calls, to do briefing sheets, and to do research for another team member. Being an intern here at 10Fold truly makes me feel like I’m a “part of the team.”

2. The people skills are very different. In journalism, it felt like the interpersonal levels between a witness and the journalist were fleeting, and only needed for a short period of time to get the best story. In PR, the relationship extends far beyond that. It feels like each employee in PR forms a strong bond with a client — and that bond is built off of trust, open communication, and understanding.

3. There is always something new to learn. This is an embarrassing confession, but about a week into my internship here at 10Fold, I was asked to “hyperlink.” I didn’t know what hyperlinking even was! I asked someone and they taught me, and we had a good laugh about it afterwards! The moral of that confession is that there is always someone willing and able to help you grow and progress as a PR intern. The people I am surrounded with are so kind, outgoing, passionate, driven, and hardworking. In journalism, it felt like such a rush…I never felt that someone would sit down and help me understand a task. In PR, it is a different atmosphere and a different pace. Two things I love! It feels like I am welcomed, even mistakes are welcomed — because mistakes mean that we can grow and learn from them.

Lastly, there is an important piece of advice that I was told once that I would like to share: “Remember to always keep operating as a journalist.” Being in PR, it is so crucial to always remember how I got here, and the skills I learned to excel in this field. Though they may be two different fields, there are similarities that I will carry with me throughout all my future endeavors in public relations.

Thank you, 10Fold, for believing in an “ex-journo” and for giving me such a rewarding opportunity. I’ve learned so much about myself, about what I am capable of, and that just because one door closed — another door was bound to open. Thank you for showing me that that door was 10Fold.


Stephanie Behring
Summer 2016 Intern

Justine’s Intern Experience Blog

Hi, my name is Justine Jordan and I had the opportunity to intern at Trainer Communications while I finished my last semester at San Jose State University. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a minor in sociology and was excited to be hired on as an Account Associate at Trainer and joined the security practice. To say that I have learned a lot in my time as an intern at Trainer would be an understatement. I have grown tremendously learning foundational PR skills but I also have a better grasp of how B2B PR works under marketing.

The talent that surrounds me is fantastic and I am very fortunate to work for a company that values collaboration, creativity and culture. Interning with Trainer was a wonderful experience and really helped me transition into the working world. The internship gave me the opportunity to get my foot into the door while building on my education, helped me develop professionally and fueled my confidence and my desire for PR.

As an intern I was given real responsibilities like: research for editorial trend pitching, as well as the opportunity to learn amazing new technology from our security clients. By honing those skills, I was able to help make beneficial contributions to the team long before being hired as an Account Associate. I come to work every day and I am consistently encouraged to challenge myself in all facets of public relations. The culture at Trainer allows young professionals to positively express opinions and, more importantly, makes you feel like you belong. As an intern, I was able to work with our CEO, Susan Thomas, to create a vlog on the way PR has changed over time. Not many interns are exposed to wonderful opportunities like those!

Because of my experience as an Intern, I am now able to help future interns transition into the public relations workforce by sharing my knowledge and skills I learned during my time. I am now able to hit the ground running as an Account Associate here at Trainer Communications and grow into a full-fledged PR pro!

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Media Strategist & Writer / Senior Media Strategist & Writer / Chief Media Strategist and Lead Writer
This position is right for you if you have extremely well-honed writing skills, highly developed domain expertise, and strong technology, vertical and business media relationships that have resulted in earned media coverage for technology companies.  You are used to “saving the day” by writing a technical whitepaper or contributed article.  You’re comfortable “parachuting in” to help secure earned media coverage for an important announcement – even if you are not regularly on the account.  You also typically train junior staff on domain technology and trends.
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Director / Senior Director
If you are an experienced PR pro who can easily translate marketing and sales speak into deliverables that our agency can fulfill, let’s talk! Our Directors are the strategic lead for as many as eight accounts (guiding account managers or very senior SAEs as they manage the tactics on the accounts).  With this position, you’ll be the right-hand person for the VP leading the practice, and you will contribute directly to team and client expansion in your practice group, by screening prospects and strategically leading the development of proposals and presentations to win the business.  You’ll also have recruiting and retention roles, ensuring our team is stable and developing new skills.  You are the right person for this position if you have managed a book of business totaling at least $1M annually, you have managed at least three direct reports (responsible for all HR functions), have strong sales experience, and have developed tight relationships with clients and former clients that offer a strong start to your business development network.
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Account Manager / Senior Account Manager
You’re the right person for an account management position if you have developed expertise and an affinity for one or more deep tech industries.  As a pro, you can immediately describe the biggest trends and events in the industry, and you have relationships with the top influencers in the domain, and the energy it takes to be the first point of contact for your accounts.  As a regular client interface, you confidently convey strategic counsel and you have several “out of the box” examples that you have created for clients.  You have managed at least one person in the past and have management training and / or have been taught management best practices. You have driven key components for new business presentations, overseeing research and the development of big ideas.
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Account Executive / Senior Account Executive
You are right for this position if you love the challenge of translating the benefits of your clients’ technology for stories that can be placed in the media, included in analyst reports and blogs, or promoted within social media communities.  You have several tech and business media relationships, as well as industry analyst “buddies,” you know the best ways to win industry awards, and you have secured speaking slots for your clients at important industry conferences. You readily demonstrate that writing is not a lost art – from pitches to contributed articles. You like to mentor and train junior staff, and you thrive on getting the next big article for your client.
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Account Associate / Senior Account Associate
You are the right person for this position if you have demonstrated that you are an important individual contributor on account teams, taking responsibility for account research, reporting, speaking and awards programs, and supporting the account team with media outreach.  You are known for keeping all the “balls in the air,” and learning about new technologies excites you.  Likely you have had one or more agency or in-house positions (full time or internships) and you have the fundamental PR tools mastered.
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Congratulations!  You are starting an exciting career.  You’ll be most successful in this position if you have had relevant classes in journalism, public relations and / or business management.  You are naturally curious, you learn quickly and can build skills and knowledge independently, you have lots of energy, and you are relied upon for handling the important details that ensure accounts run smoothly.
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