How to Use this Portal
This portal is designed primarily as a reference guide.  To get the most out of these materials, ask your supervisor or one of your team members to work with you on the sections in the portal.  You may choose to work through one section per week or tackle a section whenever you’re ready to take on a new responsibility.  While this portal gives you an overview of each topic, why we do it, and the procedures involved in carrying it out, your supervisor will tell you about your team’s specific procedures that may vary based on client requests.  This portal also contains helpful videos to support richer learning opportunities.

So What Do You Need to Do?
Read this guide carefully, so that you understand best practices Trainer has created since 1995.  This guide will also be beneficial for you to read before each training session.  Please review the materials that will be covered in the training carefully and write down questions you may have.  During the meetings, you can also work through the Q&A sheets located at the end of each section, as well as the checklists.  The Q&A sheets will give you a starting place for questions and for gaining additional insight.  Ask your account lead for any specifics or changes regarding any of the account teams on which you participate.

There are two parts to this handbook:

  1. The instructional sections – covering processes and best practices required to deliver Trainer services and ensure CRAZY GOOD client satisfaction. These are supported by Q&A that will help you determine your team’s best practices.  There are clarifying questions that you can pose to your manager or team members.  The last page of each section is a checklist, providing a quick reference for you every time you perform a process.
  2. The glossary defines terms that may be unfamiliar to you.  Glossary terms are underlined and bolded throughout this handbook with hyperlinks to definitions in Wikipedia.
  3. There are quizzes at the bottom of each section that will test your knowledge of the company.

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