PLUMgrid and Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, PLUMgrid creates secure cloud infrastructure for both private and public spheres. Company leadership is headed by industry veteran Larry Lang, the former CEO and president of QuoromLabs, which provides a ‘disaster recovery’ service for cloud based services. Lang oversaw serious revenue generation for the firm, proving his highly capable leadership.

PLUMgrid holds an impressive catalogue of partners for its groundbreaking software, including Red Hat, Docker, and Rackspace. Along with these associates come many awards for the innovative and unique services they provide. Among them being The 10 Coolest Networking Startups of 2015, 2016 Virtualization 50 and 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solution Providers 2015.

Find recent press coverage 10Fold has acquired for PLUMgrid here and here, and learn more about the services they provide in this video: