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Humanity is Not Replaceable by Artificial Intelligence, but Might Improve It

This morning I was attempting to commute to work on the broken-down public metro with hundreds of other people, but I found a silver lining in the situation and used the train’s Wi-Fi to get some work done. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find several documents that I needed for a project and lost valuable hours of productivity.

However, solutions to both of the major issues that affected my morning’s efficiency can be found in artificial intelligence (AI).

Earlier this month, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, warned attendees at the National Governors Association that AI could be the end of humanity and result in an existential crisis for humans.

“AI is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization, and I don’t think people fully appreciate that,” Musk said.

I find it disheartening that a man known for his innovation would have such a cynical view on this technology. I disagree with the premise painted by  that AI and humans are somehow meant to be pitted against each other.

Simply put, AI cannot exist, function or evolve without humans. Humans can, however, exist, function and evolve without AI. The great thing is, that with artificial intelligence, we can do those three things better.

The definition of artificial intelligence, according to Britannica, is “The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.”

Consider my situation this morning. FogHorn Systems has a platform that can track, assess and send data from Industrial Internet of Things environments in real-time using AI, which can ultimately help industries, like the metro, detect issues in the system before they happen and let employees know so that they can isolate and solve the problem  before a breakdown occurs. This can keep schedules intact, productivity uninterrupted and customers happy.

Meanwhile, M-Files Corporation focuses on intelligent information management of enterprise data and documents. Their platform utilizes AI to help find important business documents instantly based upon the document’s metadata — topic, relevant teams, type of document, location, etc. This saves employees from wasting valuable working hours searching for documents and information, giving them more time to innovate and produce high-quality work.

AI has the potential to aid humans in eliminating extra steps, addressing speed bumps, and coping with the tedious work that keeps them from living and working their most productive lives. With AI helping us to address avoidable setbacks, humans are free to stay focused and remain creative in their lines of work and their daily lives. The hope is that AI provides faster and more efficient solutions, which in turn allows humans to have more time to do things that keep them in touch with their humanity — spending time with friends and family, pursuing activities that focus on their passions, and maybe even pursuing further education.

AI can’t take anything from us unless we let it, but we can be sure to utilize its enormous potential to give us incredible advancements that lead to personal and professional growth.

By Whitney Urmann

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10Fold Media SharkTank 2017 – Mastering the Art of Your Business Pitch

Formulating a flawless media pitch is especially critical to differentiate in today’s over-statured deep tech market.  Companies understand that learning how to attract and garner attention from the business and broadcast media is foundational to attracting venture capitalist attention.  However, the gap between pitching your company (as you see the industry) and crafting a pitch that will garner attention is large.  Many executives get their shot at pitching The Wall Street Journal, only to come up empty handed – with no article.  What’s worse, most have no idea why they didn’t get the story.

10Fold holds a night of opportunity to remedy just these kinds of challenges each year.  In fact on Thursday, October 12, 2017 10Fold will host our Seventh Annual Media SharkTank and Charitable Event – with proceeds supporting the local charity, San Francisco Baykeeper.  The event is designed to help companies learn what the top tier business press really want from a pitch and what makes a good story. With Media SharkTank, 10Fold has created an environment where the media can provide feedback to entrepreneurs about their pitch – helping them to portray their vision in a short, succinct manner to those who matter most. The event is chalked-full of the who’s who in broadcast and business media. From San Francisco Correspondent of the Financial Times Hannah Kuchler, to technology journalist and editor at Fast Company Sean Captain, alongside several other expert panelists.

Each year executives come away with a refined 3-minute pitch, stronger media networks and the satisfied feeling of supporting a worthy charity. Last year alone SharkTank raised $15,000 for San Francisco Baykeepers!  Media enjoy the event because they get the opportunity to hear new stories that they don’t often have the time to listen to.  Most of the “sharks” have supported the event for four or more years.

So, as Woody Allen says, “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” Come master the art of your business pitch, receive constructive feedback in a private environment, and strengthen your story with the best of the best. We’ll see you at this year’s SharkTank! You can find the registration form here.

By Lauren Lloyd

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Summer’s not quite over in ATX!

While Labor Day marks the end to the heat and sunshine filled days of summer, no one has told Texas. Officially summer may be over, but Austin is still hot and the activities have far from slowed down. As PR pros we thought we’d switch from our usual focus on high tech business-to-business public relations and give Austin and 10Fold’s ATX office a boost.  We combed through upcoming events across the city and pulled together some of the “can’t miss” activities for this fall – just in case you feel like donning your cowboy boots and dropping by.

The University of Texas Longhorn Football

For as long as football has been popular, Texas has set the gold, rather burnt orange, standard for quality and experience. And it’s no wonder with a stadium that holds 100,119. After all everything is bigger in Texas. At the games, you’ll not only be surrounded by a hundred thousand strong of the Texas faithful, you’ll also be swallowed by an atmosphere that is electric and memorable. There’s no other experience quite like it. Apart from football, 10Fold is talking to a lot of intern candidates from UT-Austin for a coveted space in our downtown office.

ACL Festival

ACL Festival is one of a kind. Taking place in the heart of Austin at Zilker Park, this six-day festival never disappoints. This year features headliners Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Pepper and The Killers, not to mention The XX, Foster the People, Chance the Rapper, Tove Lo, Gorillaz and The Head and The Heart. But don’t worry the headliners are hardly the only reason to attend the festival. All the food on the grounds is from local Austin staples like Torchy’s Tacos, Good Pop, Southside Flying Pizza, Salt Lick BBQ and Lonesome Dove, which happens to be down the street from our office. Definitely wear comfortable shoes, cool clothes and drink lots of water as the festival has a history of landing on hot weekends.

Formula One

And for the motor heads, Formula One hits the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track again this fall. COTA was the first purpose-built F1 track in the U.S. and plays host to a number of races and concerts throughout the year. Qualifying races on Friday and Saturday lead to the final race on Sunday. Racing not your cup of tea? Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder headline post-race concerts on Saturday and Sunday with over 30 additional artists performing throughout the weekend.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the activities happening in Austin this fall, not to mention the SDxE Conference and DeveloperWeek. If you’re planning on making a trip to Austin this fall, be sure to check all the activities on Do512 or Austin360 and drop by and say “Howdy!” to our Texas team.

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10Fold Grows a Mile High

New and exciting changes are happening at 10Fold! We’re particularly excited to officially announce the opening of our newest office in Denver, Colorado. Opening on the heels of our Austin office earlier this year, we’re thrilled to expand into Colorado and are located in the heart of Denver’s River North (RiNo) Arts District, just minutes from popular attractions such as Coors Field (map here).

So, what’s so special about Denver? It’s simple. At exactly a mile high (5,280 feet), Denver brings 300 days of sunshine, some of the healthiest lifestyles in the U.S., sweeping views of 200 Rocky Mountain peaks and amazing food and brews. Most importantly, the Mile-High City offers a vibrant business and cultural scene coupled with its thriving tech hub – something that specifically attracted us to the RiNo neighborhood. In fact, RiNo’s Business and General Improvement Districts are committed to creatively and sustainably growing the neighborhood and its diverse businesses – 28.9 percent of which are B2B tech companies. Moving forward, our Denver team will be sharing regular updates on 10Fold growth, local market trends, the latest hotspots, etc., so keep checking back on our blog!

Speaking of growth opportunities, if you’re a student based in the Denver Metro Area looking for a fall internship, a PR practitioner exploring your next career opportunity or an emerging technology company in need of PR and marketing services, we’d love to speak with you!

Give us a shout by visiting our contact us page.

BIO of Denver Team:

Sarah Thorson: Account Director
Sarah is an award-winning communications professional with nearly 15 years of agency and in-house experience specializing in managing strategic marketing and communications initiatives for business-to-business technology companies.

Jackie Daane – Senior Account Executive
Jackie has more than seven years of strategic communications experience in B2B tech verticals working with clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, to help drive sales objectives through content creation and distribution to internal and external channels.  

Caitlin Safchik: Account Executive
Caitlin has more than two years of business-to-business public relations experience that she brings to 10Fold, working with tech startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Morgann Dulle – Account Executive
Morgann has more than three years’ experience in public relations working with global and national corporations, foundations, nonprofits and trade associations.

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My First Trendjack Experience at 10Fold

As a new addition to the 10Fold team, as well as being new to the cybersecurity practice in general, it has been important for me to monitor the news on a daily basis in order to get familiar with trending topics and identify what it is my clients can speak to with authority. Although many stories have caught my eye in the last two months since I started these daily news sweeps, the NotPetya cyber attack stood out to me above all others.  

Peyta/NotPetya/ExPetr/GoldenEye is an ongoing cyberattack that started Tuesday, June 26. It began with a cyberattack in Kiev, Ukraine, where this malware went on to hit around 2,000 computer systems, specifically targeting computers running the Microsoft Windows Operating system. While many people originally believed it to be a form of ransomware similar to the recent ‘Petya’ attacks, this malicious software has been categorized as a  “wiper.” It’s designed to cause mayhem and wipe computers – and is not actually ransomware – which is why this ongoing attack has adopted so many names. It’s similar, but also different in a lot of ways.

Although there were corporations and public sector agencies affected in more than 65 countries all over the world, Ukraine and Russia were hit the hardest, including Ukraine government ministries, banks, utilities, telecom operators, an airport and other major companies. Also attacked were Russian oil giant Rosneft and Russian web security firm group-IB. Computers at the Chernobyl nuclear plant were compromised as well, forcing workers to manually monitor radiation levels, which have their own inherent security and safety challenges. Others hit include companies in the UK, Germany, China and U.S., British advertising giant WWp, French Industrial group Saint-Gobain, Shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk, Cadbury, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and many more.

What was interesting about Petya was that after encrypting files on the PC, it demanded $300 worth of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in order to supposedly unlock them. It turned out that as the story evolved, the ransomware was later categorized as a wiper, as previously stated, and the computer’s’ files were completely destroyed. Some security experts claim that this attack is more harmful than WannaCry, because rather than spreading only via a weakness in Windows’ SMB, the NotPetya malware can also spread by finding passwords on the infected computer to move from system to system. It extracts passwords from memory and local filesystem. Once inside a corporate network, it works its way from computer to computer, destroying the infected machines’ filesystems.

There has yet to be a solid explanation on the attackers’ motive and what they were after. Researching the attack, NATO said it was likely launched by a state actor or by a non-state actor with support and approval from a nation state since the operation was extremely complex and likely very expensive. The Russian government has been suspected as a possible origin for NotPetya. The latest rumors suggested that it spread by accident by a Ukrainian tax software company, named MeDoc.

NotPetya is continually evolving and more information is exposed every day. As one of the more significant organized attacks in 2017, it should bring awareness to the fact that many are unprotected. Even though large-scale attacks like this are not new, they are important to watch because each time around they are getting stronger and more sophisticated.   

It will be fun keeping an eye on more of these trends as they pop up. The next one I’ll dive into is the recent disclosures of public cloud leaks from organizations using the popular AWS services!

By Kory Buckley

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10Fold’s Bart Tillmans Recognized as Finalist in 2017 FinancialForce 360 Awards

10Fold’s Vice President of Marketing and Operational Systems Bart Tillmans has been honored as a finalist in the 2017 FinancialForce 360 Customer and Partner Excellence Awards. Bart was selected for 2nd place in the ‘Exemplary Use of the Platform’ category, where he was pitted against hundreds of other capable contenders!

FinancialForce, the leading cloud ERP provider on the Salesforce Platform™, hosts the 360 Customer Excellence Awards to recognize outstanding customer achievements across all FinancialForce solution lines. The ‘Exemplary Use of the Platform’ category recognizes partners who use two or more FinancialForce solutions and have exhibited a strong belief in multi app usage as a game changer for the success of their work. Honored contestants were those who demonstrated a vision for leveraging these applications across Salesforce Platforms.

Prior to 10Fold’s FinancialForce implementation, 10Fold had 50% project allocation and utilization visibility. This quarter we closed with 85% project predictability, a 35% improvement! Last year we ran our financial model with a 64% labor cost, and this year we’ve run labor on the industry standard 52 percent of revenue. In the PR and marketing industry, these improvements are dramatic, and enhance our competitive edge.  This would not be impossible without an integrated solution from Salesforce and FinancialForce that is both flexible and robust.

Below is Bart’s plan for facilitating FF and SF processes into 10Fold’s systems.

Bart Tillmans has been a valued 10Fold team member since September of 2014 when he joined as Vice President of Marketing and Operational Systems, and was previously consulting with us in marketing and Client Channel Development projects. With over two decades of marketing expertise in both domestic and international positions, Bart specializes in creating high velocity marketing programs for both 10Fold and our clients that promote swift and sustained visibility. As channel go-to-market expert he is also a seasoned expert in transforming direct vendor messaging to go-to-partner solution selling enablement programs.

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Howdy ya’ll! Greetings From Austin, Texas…

What are we doing in the Lone Star State, you ask? Well, we’re excited to officially announce the opening of our newest 10Fold office! That’s right, we’ve expanded our footprint (or cowboy boot print, we should say) beyond California to Austin, where you can find us located in the heart of downtown at the corner of 6th Street and Congress Avenue, just steps from the Texas State Capitol (map here).

There are many things that attracted us to Austin, primarily the booming local tech scene, coupled with an extremely talented pool of PR professionals. Oh, and of course the amazing BBQ, craft beers, incredible live music, endless sunshine, beautiful Texas wildflowers, etc. are all added bonuses!

We invite you to keep an eye on our blog, as our Austin team will be sharing updates regularly on the agency’s growth, local market trends, the latest hotspots, etc.

We could not be more enthused about the prospect of Austin. If you’re a University of Texas student looking for a summer or fall internship, a PR practicioner exploring your next career opportunity, or an emerging technology company in need of PR and marketing services, we’d love to have a conversation!

Feel free to reach out to us by visting our contact us page.

10Fold Reveals 10 Largest Data Breaches of 2016

Nearly Three Billion Personal Records Breached Around the World

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 19, 2017) – 10Fold, a full-service B2B technology public relations agency with a specialization in cybersecurity, today announced that in 2016, more than 2.8 billion personal records were breached on social and file-sharing platforms, email providers and government databases around the world. In its second annual year-in-review, 10Fold analyzed the largest data breaches of 2016, then ranked the top 10 from greatest to least.

“If 2015 was the year of the healthcare data breach — breaches impacted nearly 40 million people — then 2016 was the year of the social media breach. Four of the top 10 breaches were social media related and impacted more than 640 million people,” said Angela Griffo, vice president of the cybersecurity practice at 10Fold. “But the biggest surprise of the year was Yahoo revealing that the information of more than 1.5 billion people had been stolen by attackers. Regardless of an attacker’s motive, any compromised information leaves users susceptible to identity theft and fraud.”

News reports about the 10 largest data breaches discovered in 2016, which are listed below, indicated that each attack affected 49 million users or more. 10Fold selected these data breaches based on independent research collected throughout 2016 and cross-referenced the information with third-party resources, including ID Theft Resource Center and Information is beautiful.

10 Largest Data Breaches of 2016:

1. Yahoo: 1.5 Billion Users — The Yahoo data breach is possibly the largest email provider data breach in history. When Yahoo first confirmed the breach in September 2016, the company revealed the breach impacted 500 million user accounts. The stolen account information included names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, passwords, and security questions and answers. In December, the company revealed an additional one billion users had been affected by the breach, bringing the grand total of affected users to 1.5 billion.

2. FriendFinder Network: 412 Million Users — In October, a number of sites in the FriendFinder Network were hacked, resulting in a data breach that affected 412 million users. According to LeakedSource, the sites affected included Adult Friend Finder, Cams and Penthouse. The breached data encompassed 20 years of user information and included user names, emails, passwords, joining dates and the date last visited. A significant amount of the user information released was the stored data of users who had previously attempted to delete their accounts. Of the total records breached and released, 15 million came from deleted accounts.

3. Myspace: 360 Million Users — In May, the prolific cyberhacker Peace sold the data of 360 million Myspace users. Released user information included names, passwords and secondary passwords. According to Time Inc., the information was from an older 2013 Myspace platform. Only those profiles that existed prior to the site’s relaunch were affected. The new site now includes stronger user account security.

4. LinkedIn: 117 Million Users — In May, it was announced that cyberhacker Peace had sold 117 million emails and encrypted passwords on the dark web for roughly $2,200.

5. VK Russia: More than 100 Million Users — In June 2016, it was reported that hacker Peace was selling the data of 100 million VK users for roughly $570. The information released contained usernames, emails, unencrypted passwords, locations and phone numbers. What’s more, the original hack occurred between 2011 to 2013.

6. Dailymotion: 87.6 Million Users — In October 2016, France-based video sharing site Dailymotion reports indicated that hackers released the usernames and emails of 87.6 million users. According to the Dailymotion blog post, the breach was due to an external security problem. While the company claimed the hack was limited — roughly 18.3 million user accounts were associated with encrypted passwords — all partners and users were still advised to reset their passwords for safekeeping. Dailymotion is the 113th most-visited website in the world.

7. Tumblr: 65 Million Users — In May, 65 million Tumblr accounts were found for sale on the dark web. A cyberhacker using the alias Peace sold the data for $150. According to security researcher Troy Hunt, the data contained email and password information.

8. DropBox: More than 60 Million Users — In August 2016, Dropbox announced that it had reset the passwords of more than 60 million users after the company discovered that an old set of Dropbox user credentials was taken. While the company suspects that the records were originally obtained in 2012, the breach was not discovered and users were not notified until 2016. The released information contained usernames and encrypted passwords. It has been reported that a senior Dropbox employee verified the released data is legitimate.

9. Philippines’ Commission on Elections: 55 Million Voters — On March 27, a hacker group posted the entire database of the Philippines’ Commission on Elections (COMELEC) online. The attackers also shared three links where the information of 55 million registered voters in the Philippines could be downloaded. The distributed data included email addresses, passport numbers and expiration dates, and fingerprint records — information that cannot be replaced or reset. Various reports suggest this breach is the biggest government-related data breach in history.

10. Turkish Citizenship Database: 49.6 Million Citizens — In April 2016, the entire Turkish citizenship database was hacked. Attackers released the personal information of 49.6 million citizens. The information released included details that are found on a standard Turkey identification card, including national identifier, name, parents’ names, gender, birthdate, city of birth and full address. According to reports, hackers validated the data by publishing details of Turkey’s president and former prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It’s suspected that the hack was politically motivated, based on the following statement found in the released database: “Who would have imagined that backwards ideologies, cronyism and rising religious extremism in Turkey would lead to a crumbling and vulnerable technical infrastructure?”

Visit 10Fold at Security Never Sleeps During RSA
This year 10Fold is hosting its seventh annual Security Never Sleeps luncheon at RSA, which features a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A with the cybersecurity industry’s leading executives, media and analysts. The event takes place on Wednesday, February 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PST. Interested in attending this – Invitation Only – event ? Please send an email to: events@10fold.com and we’ll contact you to discuss your potential participation.

About 10Fold
10Fold is a leading North American public relations firm with regional offices in San Francisco, Pleasanton and Capistrano Beach, California. As a privately owned company founded in 1995, 10Fold provides strategic communications and content expertise to B2B organizations that specialize in networking, IT security, cloud, storage, Big Data, enterprise software, AppDev solutions, wireless, and telecom. The award-winning, highly-specialized account teams consist of multi-year public relations veterans, broadcasters and former journalists. 10Fold is a full-service firm that is widely known for its media and analyst relations, original content development, corporate messaging, social media and video production capabilities (through its division ProMotion Studios). For more information, visit www.10fold.com or follow us on Twitter (@10FoldComms) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/10FoldComms).

Meet the Future of Edge Intelligence

FogHorn Systems, located in Mountain View, California, delivers real time “edge intelligence,” for industrial IoT (IIoT) data analytics.  Chief Executive Officer David King is a respected CEO in the industry, with prior successes as the co-founder and CEO of Proxim, Inc., which became the first publicly traded Wi-Fi firm (yes, ever) and pioneered WLAN. He continued his career by co-founding another firm, AirTight Networks, Inc., which became a leading cloud-managed, secure Wi-Fi solution.

FogHorn has already amassed an impressive list of partners that include Microsoft, General Electric, Cloudera and Cisco, all of which are working with FogHorn to deliver innovation in IIoT environments. The company recently released its first product, the Lightning software platform, which was met with wide-spread industry accolades.  FogHorn has also been tapped to appear at several high profile events including two SAP conventions at the Hague in the Netherlands and Interop Tokyo 2016.

After helping FogHorn to announce their Series A round of funding in July, 10Fold secured more than 17 pieces of coverage for its product announcement in September. Check out recent press coverage of FogHorn here and here. Make sure to catch this quick introduction video on the applications of the technology they develop here:

Meet Our Client BlueData

Located in Santa Clara, California, BlueData simplifies Big Data deployment with its Epic™ platform that helps companies put the infrastructure in place to deploy Big Data apps that offer the insights and solutions their customers need. The Company is led by industry veteran Kumar Sreekanti, former Vice President of R&D at VMware and co-founder of Agami Systems.  Kumar is best known for his seminal work on real-time operating systems, file systems, software and hardware RAID solutions, both prior and during his time at BlueData.

BlueData collaborates with an impressive list of clients with big industry name recognition, including Comcast, AIG, and the United States Department of Homeland Security. BlueData has already won a hefty catalog of accolades, including a spot in the CRN 20 Coolest Platform and Tools Vendors and 2015 Stevie Award Winner: American Business Awards New Big Data ‘Software Product of the Year.’

Find some recent industry coverage of BlueData here, and learn more about BlueData’s product and services in this video:

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