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October Client Media Highlights!

AttackIQ Enhances Cybersecurity Attack Simulation Platform

AttackIQ has extended FireDrill, a platform through which organizations can simulate various types of malware attacks to include support for an ATT&CK Matrix model for tracking adversary behavior developed by MITRE Corp.

AttackIQ CEO Stephan Chenette says FireDrill provides a mechanism through which organizations can validate how good their security processes are today.

“Most organizations have no idea how effective the security products they’ve bought really are,” says Chenette.

Google, Barefoot Networks Add Legs to P4 with Runtime API

Google Cloud and Barefoot Networks have collaborated to create an open source runtime application programming interface (API) for the P4 network programming language.

Nick McKeown, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Barefoot commented: “Big picture networking was defined by hardware. Now we are lifting the features and protocol up out of hardware and putting them into software. As soon as you put it in software you hand it to an army of developers to create new features and capabilities.”

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Teaching the Machines

Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian, talks about how AI and Machine Learning is paving the way for the future in this Forbes contribution:

“A large corporation looking at AI to help it streamline its business operations, discover new and untapped market opportunities, solve complex problems and advance its position in the marketplace. The historical data from the firm’s various departments — sales, marketing, engineering — provide the keys to training new AI tools to reveal new growth potentials.

Similarly, research facilities are using AI technology to unlock the secrets of the universe, from mapping genomes to finding cures for diseases to uncovering ways to better protect sensitive data from cyberthreats. Again, the underlying data is the key to training AI tools that can then find patterns too complex or anomalies too subtle for human eyes.”

The Funded: Oakland Real Estate Investment Marketplace Leads Mid-Week Rounds

Mountain View, $30 million. This Internet of Things and edge-computing startup raised $30 million in its Series B round led by Intel Capital and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures. New investor Honeywell Ventures also joined, as did Series A investors March Capital Partners, GE Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Darling Ventures and seed investor The Hive. The latest round brings FogHorn’s total funding to $47.5 million.

Bonus: 10Fold!
Rocky Mountain fever: 5 tech companies that launched new markets in Colorado

We’ve recently launched an office in Denver — right on the heels of another office launch in Austin! Over the years, 10Fold has served nearly 400 B2B tech clients, including a number of leading Silicon Valley tech companies. Rather than seeking out the local tech talent, 10Fold is here to drive partnerships with the ever-growing number of local tech companies.

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Think an Internship Doesn’t Count for Much? Think Again…

Have your friends convinced you that an internship is a waste of time that only the losers even bother considering? Are you pretty sure you have the skills to skip the whole process and jump straight into a hired position? Think again, kiddo. There’s more to an internship than just a roadblock to the hiring process, and this is especially true when it comes to the value of experiencing your profession up close and personal.

But what is it exactly that is so valuable about internships that you should spend so much time and effort in trying to get one? We can’t speak for any other of the other PR guys, but you can check out what Account Associate Kyra Tillmans has to say about her experience with the 10Fold internship program:

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10Fold was my first, real internship, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Moreover, at that time I was an international student at a local college, and because I did not grow up in the United States I had no other experiences to compare it too. I also had no previous experience in PR.  When I first began my application process, I expected an internship to be a hands-on learning experience in your chosen field, where you help your teams with non-client facing research tasks. My 10Fold internship experience was that and much more!

What I liked best about the 10Fold internship experience, was that they really make you feel part of the team. You are respected and recognized for all your abilities and this shows – you are invited to all team brainstorm sessions and even get pulled aside for special projects depending on your expertise (video, social, visual etc.). 10Fold uses TAFI as a rule book, and the TAFI values are something each employee embodies.

T – Teamwork: Only a very small portion of your work is done individually. Many tasks focus on teamwork, and it is great practice for whatever is next in your career. You learn how to work with different people (and geo) on the team, and quickly learn that every individual can teach you something new.

A – Accountability: There is a great, friendly and energetic vibe, and there are no cliques. Everybody owns their workload and takes care of their part.

F – Fun: 10Fold has the perfect balance of getting stuff done while also having fun. The team parties are a great way for all offices to come together, and the company-wide off sites are day-long training and brainstorm sessions, unique to the company, that allows employees, managers, and leadership to come together and discuss what we’re doing right (and how we can improve).

I – Integrity: 10Fold treats everybody equally and with respect. The team helps each other out – no matter what level.”

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“My managers and teams (both direct and team-wide) gave great tips and advice during my 10Fold internship and truly set me up for success. They took a lot of time and effort getting me introduced to the world of B2B tech PR and guided me through difficult technical terms, industry acronyms, the media landscape with a great attitude and a willingness to help me and my peers grow.

The 10Fold internship is very hands-on. Even though you are not directly communicating with clients, you are involved every step along the way, and there is a great amount of visibility and transparency. You are not only researching (building media lists, coverage reports and more), but also drafting social content, writing, and even pitching. I feel like this is unique to the 10Fold experience, and is something you will not find at other PR internships.

I strongly believe my internship at 10Fold prepared me for my career, as I not only learned about all aspects of PR and the tech industry but also learned great organizational and time management skills. You are inspired to become a hard and effective worker, and it often leads to a successful bottom-up management style. This allows managers to focus on other aspects of the accounts, which is a big help to the VPs as well. You know that you are valued, and it is a very rewarding experience.”

Sound like our workplace is something you could thrive in? Check out some more information on each listing we have available.

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What Happens When You Get Advice from Business Press? Check out Media SharkTank 2017 Results!

The Annual Media SharkTank Charitable Event, now having run for its seventh year, allows tech marketing executives to test their business pitch with a group of well-respected business and broadcast media. The purpose of the event is to allow them to test their pitch in a safe and controlled environment, so when they do get a real chance to pitch a story, they are confident they can be successful. This year we held the event on October 12 at San Francisco’s Hotel Vitale, and 12 executives delivered their three-minute pitches in private rooms. The ‘sharks’ provided valuable 1:1 feedback that the executives were then able to use in their next pitch (as they actually pitched two rooms of journalists at the event).

The returning sharks (yes, many of these journalists volunteer every year for this event) said that the quality of pitches was at an all-time high – and that they really enjoyed the opportunity to work with these executives. The primary piece of feedback the sharks gave to the executives was to provide some tangible examples of how their technology helped solve a real-world challenge, or helped make their customers’ lives easier. Nothing is more valuable to the business press than being able to draw a clear line of sight between a problem facing the general public and a company providing a practical solution.

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When executives were not pitching to the business press, they socialized and enjoyed fun activities presented by TapSnap, a green screen photo booth service, Jon Casey’s Caricatures, and even a magician.

At the end of the pitching process, the judges tallied the scores based on the pitches they heard as the crowd awaited the results. The top three companies to make the final round were Agiloft, Coresystems, and Reputation.com, which entitled them to deliver their pitches to the entire crowd. At that point, we “crowd sourced” the voting for the top pitch by registering the volume of cheers (via software) from the crowd for each participant.  In the end, Coresystems, pictured below, took home the top honors.

In order to participate in the event, each firm agreed to donate to the San Francisco Baykeeper organization. Baykeeper has worked to stop pollution in the San Francisco Bay for more than 25 years. They have been a staple in keeping the San Francisco water clean, the ecosystem healthy, recreation safe, and have maintained conditions where the wildlife can thrive. SharkTank was able to raise $15,000 for the organization this year, marking the seventh year of 10Fold’s support for them!

All in all, the Media SharkTank was a blast for 10Fold and all of our guests. We would like to extend a special thanks to all of our participants and the media sharks who made this event happen!

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WiFi Systems Exposed with KRACK, 10Fold Clients Comment

“Recent WiFi exploit causes reflections on internet security”

What is KRACK?

A recent security flaw in WPA2, the security protocol for most modern WiFi systems, could allow an attacker to steal sensitive data including emails, credit card numbers and passwords. The exploit was found and announced by researchers at Belgian university KU Leuven reported Monday.

Depending on the network configuration, the flaw also could allow an attacker to inject or manipulate information in the system — for example, inject ransomware or other malware into websites being used.

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10Fold Clients and security experts commented on the security flaw:

Fundamental flaws that impact all Web users like KRACK are “incredibly rare” but not unprecedented, said Rich Campagna, CEO of Bitglass. The Heartbleed vulnerability, which surfaced in 2014, is another example of a flaw that had widespread impact across the spectrum, he told TechNewsWorld.

He elaborated in the SiliconAngle: “This vulnerability speaks to the importance of ensuring that all connections from endpoints leverage strong encryption, such as the latest versions of Transport Layer Security,” he said. “Intermediary proxies can ensure that regardless of what the application supports, all connections from end-user devices leverage strong encryption.”

Gaurav Banga, CEO of Balbix, also discussed the attack exploiting the WPA2 flaw would require an adversary to be close to the target: “Remember that many public networks are wide open anyway, and enterprises expect TLS (HTTPS) and VPNs to provide the real protection, even if WiFi is open wide,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Perhaps this is why the vulnerability disclosure was not taken very seriously until this week.”

Bitglass is a total data protection company, a global cloud access security broker (CASB), and agentless mobile security company based in Silicon Valley.

Balbix produces a predictive breach risk platform to leverage predictive analytics and AI to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and continuous risk and resilience calculation.

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Into the Fold – iQor

iQor provides global customer interaction and product support solutions in 18 countries. 40,000 employees solve client’s most strategic problems by partnering with many of the world’s best-known brands to deliver product and customer support solutions that span the consumer value chain, from customer care and receivables management to product diagnostics and repair services. iQor’s award-winning technology, logistics and analytics platforms enable the firm to measure, monitor and analyze brand interactions, improve business process and find operational efficiencies that lead to superior outcomes for our partners across the customer and product lifecycles.

Because of the innovative services iQor provides the firm has attracted some of the most reputable names in funding, such as HGGC, The Rohatyn Group, and Starr Principal Holdings LLC.

Find recent press coverage of iQor here, and learn more about iQor in this short video:

Into the Fold – Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments is the leader in Infrastructure Performance Management, delivering solutions that help customers ensure their applications and infrastructure perform better together. The VirtualWisdom platform provides comprehensive visibility into the performance, health and utilization of the IT infrastructure, empowering customers to guarantee the performance of their mission-critical applications across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtual Instruments, brings over 22 years of experience in technology industries holding senior executive positions at several firms like BigFix, IBM and Accenture.

Virtual Instruments works with many household names, such as LinkedIn, AT&T, Sprint, Oracle, and many others. 10Fold is honored to support Virtual Instruments elevate its’ brand and thought leadership, including helping to obtain awards like the “Storage Magazine’s Storage Monitoring & Reporting Vendor of the Year Award,” “Storage and SAN Management Product of the Year by Storage Magazine/SearchStorage.com” and more.

For more information about Virtual Instruments, find recent press coverage here, and watch a short video here:

Into the Fold – Unravel

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Unravel is created by some of the brightest minds of the computer industry and academia. The firm has made huge strides in simplifying and hastening data application from some of the world’s largest apps by utilizing full-stack performance intelligence. This allows its users to eliminate unauthorized usage, designate resources most effectively, and respond to potentially harmful situations with ease.

Unravel is led by industry veteran Kunal Agarwal, who has garnered over a decade of experience in firms such as Express Scripts, eOne Infotech and Affymetrix before Co-Founding and assuming the position of CEO of Unravel Data.

Unravel has accumulated an impressive list of clients with its unique services, including Yellow Pages and Autodesk. Along with several big name customers come support from reputable investment firms, including Menlo Venture Capital and Data Elite Ventures. These firms have witnessed the potential of many successful companies, including Tumblr, Uber, and Vidyo.

Learn more about Unravel by reading recent press coverage here and by watching how Autodesk incorporates their product here:

SharkTank 2017 – Build Relationships with Press from NBC, Reuters, The Financial Times & More

Media coverage is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a wide audience and educate the public about your company, product or innovative idea. What feels better than seeing your company – your pride and joy – highlighted as a top story on NBC or Fast Company? Simply speaking, not much. However, catching a reporter’s eye these days is proving very difficult, especially since the pool of media at these top tier publications is rapidly diminishing. So, how do you stand out amid today’s over-saturated group of startups and established companies? We think Media SharkTank is a great solution.

Media SharkTank, now an annual event that started seven years ago, has become a highly regarded institution among the business and broadcast media, connecting them to companies across a broad range of tech industries with innovative stories. 10Fold understands that a lack of media coverage doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have an interesting story – sometimes it’s a matter of conveying the right things in a succinct manner. As a participant in Media SharkTank, you’ll have access to the top journalists responsible for B2B technology industry coverage. Beyond just connecting, SharkTank uniquely gives you the opportunity to receive coaching on your 3-minute business pitch from the reporters you want to cover you most.

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“Media SharkTank is a great event for any executive who wants to develop a story that will appeal to the business and broadcast press. I don’t know of any other venue where this level of inside access is available,” said Susan Thomas, CEO of 10Fold. “It’s exciting and rewarding to watch executives walk out of a session with a massively improved story – and equally thrilling to see these new stories get top tier coverage.”

We hope you’ll join the many executives that walk away with a refined business pitch, and are able to score those awesome big stories.

Are you interested in participating? You can find the registration form here!

By Lauren Lloyd

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Into the Fold – PaperCut

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, PaperCut first developed a print management application to address a local high school’s paper resource quota. Founded by Chris Dance and Matt Doran in 1998, the pair has expanded the company’s physical presence to both the U.S. and the UK. As a fast-growing international company, PaperCut has grown to a full print management package now used in over 100 countries and 50,000 sites across all markets supported by a global network of resellers and partners.  

10Fold is honored to support PaperCut elevate its brand and thought leadership. Many different institutions, such as the University of Melbourne, Coveris, and UKWM utilize PaperCut’s print management services. PaperCut has also received numerous awards for their services, including the 2015 BLI Solution Award, iAward for Australian Export and 2014 EY AU Technology Entrepreneurs of the Year.

For more information on PaperCut’s services and customer testimonials, please refer to their customer stories and the following short video:

Into the Fold – OpenClassrooms

OpenClassrooms is a global online educational platform for technology skill development, digital culture and code learning, dedicated to prioritizing an engaging and community-based learning experience. With more than 40 fully-accredited online degree programs to choose from, OpenClassrooms is available in more than 100 countries with 3.5 million monthly subscribers and over 1,000 online courses. Both business professionals and individuals looking to learn new skillsets benefit from the platform’s online, learn-at-your-own-pace approach to learning and one-on-one access to a dedicated mentor. The company has joined forces with more than 40 prestigious corporate, academic and institutional partners, such as Microsoft, IBM and Google, to promote education for all.

OpenClassrooms was founded in 2013 by Pierre Dubuc (named in Forbes’ 2016 ‘30 under 30’ Europe list) and Mathieu Nebra (featured in the ‘MIT Innovators under 35’ list in 2015), and 10Fold is honored to work alongside them to elevate its innovative brand and thought leadership.

Watch the following short video on how OpenClassrooms creates a unique and fostering environment that works for their customers:

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