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Security Never Sleeps- Hacking Energy Companies, Endpoint Security

Hacking attack on energy companies raises sabotage fears

“Two dozen energy companies affected”

More than two dozen energy companies and utility providers in the US and Europe have been attacked as a part of a cyber hacking campaign which looks to infiltrate the control systems of power supply organizations. The Dragonfly attack group, also known as Energetic Bear and Crouching Yeti, has been operating hacking attempts since 2011 but appeared to cease activity after being publicly exposed in 2014.

Data Breach Costs Vary Significantly by Organization

“Forrester reports on data theft” 

Forrester has recently released a report that advises businesses to not use publicly reported breach costs at other organizations as an estimate for what you might end up paying for a breach. One of the biggest mistakes that security professionals make when estimating data breach costs is to assume they can use publicly reported costs from breaches at other organizations as a reasonable proxy for their own, and many do not take this into account when planning for their own possible incidents.

Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in Mobile Bootloaders

“Issues in bootloaders of popular mobile platforms”

Security researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered a code execution series and denial of service vulnerabilities in the bootloaders of many mobile systems. Using a newly created tool called BootStomp, the researchers found six previously-unknown possible breach points, five of which have been validated by their creators.

Endpoint Security Overload

“Teams are over-investing in endpoint security tools, drives inefficiencies”

An excess of endpoint security tools in organizations is driving “information security debt,” according to a new report by 451 Research and Digital Guardian. The “Voice of the Enterprise” touches on the use and consolidation of endpoint security tools found that the more endpoint security systems an enterprise has, the greater the cost of managing them. Security teams are struggling with inefficiency because they’re moving from dashboard to dashboard all day.

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10Fold- Security Never Sleeps- 195

New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards

“Baseline security standards for broad range of devices”

U.S. Senate legislators are working to create minimum regulations to ensure internet connected devices such as cameras,routers, and computers. The standards will also enforce holes in current cybercrime laws and was developed in direct response to the series of massive 2016 attacks using IoT devices, like the October and November Mirai attacks that put down many high profile websites for the better part of the day.

Study: Majority of retailers feel ‘vulnerable’ to a data breach

“Attacks decline, but business concern is up”

Security analyst firm 451 Research has recently released the “2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Edition,” which has indicated a growing consensus among retailers that their payment systems are vulnerable to hackers. The study is based on survey answers from over 1100 senior executives globally. 52% of the companies have experienced a breach in the past, 88% fear they are vulnerable, and 19% feel ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ vulnerable.

One in three SMEs in Singapore hit by ransomware

“Nearly one fifth had to shut down businesses”

Over one third of SME’s in Singapore were attacked by ransomware attacks in 2016, and anout 20% of these had to close their doors as a result. 61% of the Singapore SME’s also had to shut down for over nine hours, about one business day, shutting down operations.

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