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Meet Our Client BlueData

Located in Santa Clara, California, BlueData simplifies Big Data deployment with its Epic™ platform that helps companies put the infrastructure in place to deploy Big Data apps that offer the insights and solutions their customers need. The Company is led by industry veteran Kumar Sreekanti, former Vice President of R&D at VMware and co-founder of Agami Systems.  Kumar is best known for his seminal work on real-time operating systems, file systems, software and hardware RAID solutions, both prior and during his time at BlueData.

BlueData collaborates with an impressive list of clients with big industry name recognition, including Comcast, AIG, and the United States Department of Homeland Security. BlueData has already won a hefty catalog of accolades, including a spot in the CRN 20 Coolest Platform and Tools Vendors and 2015 Stevie Award Winner: American Business Awards New Big Data ‘Software Product of the Year.’

Find some recent industry coverage of BlueData here, and learn more about BlueData’s product and services in this video:

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