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Three Ways Small Businesses Can Guard Against Data Breaches

“Cybercrime ranked as more pressing than terrorism”

After the recent Equifax data breach, now is a good time for small business owners and everyone else to review account statements and credit reports to check for incidents of ID theft and illegal activity. This should be brought to the forefront of every  especially since the U.S. Director of National Intelligence ranks cybercrime as the top national security threat in 2014, according to Pew Research Center’s State of Cybercrime Survey.

Billions of Bluetooth devices could get hit by this attack

“Over 5 billion devices at risk”

Huge numbers of devices with Bluetooth signals are at risk of a malware attack newly identified by an internet of things security company. That is most of the estimated 8.2 billion devices that use Bluetooth, which allows for our gadgets to connect and communicate wirelessly. Nearly every connected device out there has Bluetooth capability. Your phones, laptops, speakers, car entertainment systems — the list goes on and on to even the most mundane gadgets.

Apache Struts Flaw Increasingly Exploited to Hack Servers

“Imperva has detected thousands of attacks”

Security firm Imperva has detected thousands of attacks attempting to exploit a recently patched remote code execution vulnerability affecting the Apache Struts 2 open source development framework. The security hole, tracked as CVE-2017-9805, affects applications that use the REST plugin with the XStream handler for XML payloads, and it exists due to the way Struts deserializes untrusted data. An exploit was made available within hours after a patch was released.

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“Android spyware blocked”

Google has discovered a new strain of Android malware, Lipizzan, that is able to surveil users text message, emails, calls, and much more. It has yet to appear on many devices, but experts say that it has all the telltale signs signs of a professional, targeted malware intending to attack users in wealthier nations.

Four-Star Kentucky Hotel: Data Breach Could Affect Guests

“Breach threatens customer information”

The Galt House hotel in Louisville, Kentucky has stated that an internal investigation revealed malware has been feeding off the payment processing systems. Any guests staying at the hotel between December 21, 2016 and April 11 are said to have possibly been affected.

Hackers are winning the war as companies worldwide fail on cyber security

“Too many firms are falling short in security”

A new report from Thycotic has shown that most companies worldwide are failing to accurately assess cyber security effectiveness. Survey criteria based on internationally accepted standards in ISO 27001 and best practices from industry experts provides a comprehensive way to define and measure IT security.

Gas Pump Skimmer Sends Card Data Via Text

“Can be detected with mobile devices”

Gas pump card skimming devices most often rely on Bluetooth connectivity to collect the stolen credit card data wirelessly. While often very effective, there is a very apparent downside. Bluetooth-based skimmers can be detected by any user with a bluetooth connected device, and investigators are starting to see these devices send stolen data via text message.

Cyber security not a priority for most sectors, study finds

“Little concern despite huge losses”

A recent study from Savoy Stewart has shown that although data breaches cost UK firms almost £30bn last year, cyber security is still not a big concern for industry sectors. Just 60% of directors or senior managers in finance and insurance consider it a high priority, with data taken from 1,500 firms.

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How Home Technology Will Change the Future

By Kaitlin Krull

Twenty-first-century life is dictated by technology in practically every way. From industry to education, from science to the arts, it’s ever present. One of the most fascinating things about technology is that it is always developing—and home technology is no different. By the time we wrap our minds around the latest gadgets and products for our homes, scientific advancements change the game.

One of the most fascinating things about technology is that it is always developing—and home technology is no different.

Although we can’t predict the future, over at Modernize we have a few ideas as to how exactly home technology is going to alter the course of our lives and change the future.

100% connectivity

Generations to come will never know a world without the Internet and constant connectivity. Current home technology products such as WiFi and Bluetooth are commonplace in virtually all developed countries, and these technologies are only going to expand and improve. By the time we have retired, connectivity will not be an issue for anyone. All of our home electronics (and appliances, and machinery) will be linked all the time, anywhere, automatically.

Automated homes

Connectivity on mobile devicesHome automation is something that most of us thought was only possible in cartoons like the Jetsons, but it’s now a reality for many homes already. A thing of the present rather than the future, smart home automation technologies allow virtually your entire home to be controlled remotely via panels, smartphones, and other devices. As connectivity increases, these devices will be standard in new homes and markedly improved in time.

Increased convenience

Most people would argue that the point of technology is to make life simpler. While millennials are criticized for wanting everything to be available to them instantly, technology is really to blame here. Smartphone apps in particular, give us the opportunity to learn, communicate, purchase, and do anything else we might possibly need to do, instantly.Not too far in the future, everything will become available to all of us at home with the touch of a button.

Smartphone apps in particular, give us the opportunity to learn, communicate, purchase, and do anything else we might possibly need to do, instantly.

Coffee? Clothes? Shower? Phone? Ride to work? Done. Now.

Decreased energy use

Smart energy products such as thermostats are taking off in energy conscious (and technologically advanced) countries throughout the world because they can monitor, track, and adjust your home’s energy use with minimal effort from you. But these kinds of products are just the beginning. We imagine that technologies that tell us exactly when to turn off appliances in order to make our homes as efficient as possible are not far around the corner. Furthermore, developing technologies behind renewable energy sources will decrease our carbon footprint even further than they are now, saving us tons of energy (and money).

Current futuristic technologies

While we can’t possibly know for sure whether our technological predictions will come to fruition, there are quite a few current home products already out there that give us a glimpse into our future. Hydroflooring, smart glass, 3D televisions, and giant touch screen coffee tables are just a few of the current gadgets that make us think that our future home lives might not actually be that far removed from the Jetsons (or even Iron Man, for that matter). In all seriousness, these products point to a technological future of self-sufficiency for homes everywhere.