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GhostHook Attack Can Bypass Windows 10’s PatchGuard

“Newly discovered malware can hook kernel code”

CyberArk Security Labs has shown that an attack on Windows 10 PatchGuard systems can be compromised. The protective program was designed to prevent rootkits and other malicious software at kernel level on 64-bit versions of Windows. The attacking software, now dubbed GhostHook, can completely bypass PatchGuard as long as the cybercriminal already has a foothold in the system.

Nuclear Plants, Hospitals at Risk of Hacked Radiation Monitoring Devices

“Major flaws that are currently unfixable”

Design flaws that are used to track radiation levels in major public systems have been found to be able to be exploited. A shrewd cybercriminal could be capable of injecting fake radation level readings, causing concerns for many security researchers.

Cloud Security and the RNC Leak

“Researchers take lessons from breach”

A mal-configured Amazon S3 packet has led to a huge leak for the RNC networks. This could easily happen to other organizations that do not adopt adequate security measures.

Check Point says Fireball malware hit 250 million; Microsoft says no

“Microsoft conflicts Check Point statement”

Squabbles over the infection rate of Fireball have put Check Point and Microsoft in contrary positions. Check Point claimed that the China-based malware had affected over 250 million systems, which Microsoft denies. The firm countered the Check Point report with another statement, claiming it has been tracking Fireball since 2015 and that the total count of infected systems was only about 40 million.

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Qatar Begins Probe After State News Agency Hacked

“Unprecedented security breach”

 On wednesday the government of Qatar began an investigation into a recent breach in which hackers posted fake news stories on controversial political issues in the country. The government sponsored news agency and official Twitter account in which the posts were published caused backlash throughout the Middle East.

Another Ransomware Nightmare Could Be Brewing in Ukraine

“New strains could hurt more than WannaCry”

XData, a new ransomware developing in the Ukraine, has renewed concerns of cyberattacks as the WannaCry outbreak has died down. The fact that the malware has attacked the Ukraine singularly has fostered questions oover motive, but the fears that spillover globally could develop frightens security researchers everywhere.

Hackers can use malicious subtitles to remotely take control of your device

“Take care in using subtitles on specific programs”

Use Kodi, Popcorn Time, VLC or Stremio? If you activate subtitles on these programs make sure to update the softare. Check Point researchers have shown that hackers can remotely activate certain sysytems on vulnerable devices, using this vector to gain access to about 200 million video players.

Microsoft to buy cyber security firm Hexadite for $100 million: report

“Firms provides automated responses to attacks”

Microsoft is set to acquire security firm Hexadite for a cool $100 million Calcalist reported on Wednesday. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusettes, Hexadite conducts its research and development operations in Israel.