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Super Bowl Technology Mishaps And Real Time Rescues

By Steve Wilkes – Crunch Network Contributor

Steve Wilkes - CTO - StriimThe Super Bowl is the crowning glory of sports in the United States, but it hasn’t been without it’s mishaps. They aren’t the last minute fumbles, missed field goals, or obvious interceptions either. They’re those unfortunate outside incidents that stopped or changed the course of the game. In many cases, today’s real time technologies could have been applied for simple fixes to the unforeseen mishaps of modern technologies.

In 2013, there was a power outage during Super Bowl XLVII. The outage was ironically caused by a device specifically made to stop power outages. The equipment sensed an ‘abnormality’ and decided to open a breaker which cut the power to the field for 34 minutes.

Smart Grids could have saved the day.

Multiple sensors would have been measuring voltage and current levels throughout the stadium and correlating this with expected usage. Multiple breakers for redundant circuits would have been in place, with analytics software checking for normality and rerouting power as necessary. The lights may have dimmed, or non-critical systems like indoor heating or bar lighting, turned off, but the game would have gone on.

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Client Success Story – Reflektion – 10Fold Big Data

(By Kristina Richmann – 10Fold Big Data Practice)
Kristina Richmann - Senior Account Executive - Big Data PracticeIf you’re on the security team here at 10Fold, trend jacks – the art of hopping on breaking news offering our clients as experts for commentary and garnering coverage – are second nature. But for a security-turned-big data girl like myself, trend jacks are very far and few between. When Amazon’s Prime Day rolled around in mid-july, we couldn’t resist.

Early morning on July 15, Amazon’s infamous Prime Day, we received a blog post 5 Lessons on Prime Day and Personalization from our 1 to 1 eCommerce platform provider client, Reflektion. The post spells the woes and dissatisfaction with Prime Day. One of our contacts at Reflektion was unsure if we would be able to use it with press, but we are so glad he shared the post with us because it spurred what he called one of the greatest media successes he’s seen to date.

As soon as we realized there was a commentary opportunity for Reflektion, we quickly hopped on the phone with the CMO and he riffed a few points of what we wanted to communicate around Prime Day. Ferociously transcribing every word, we packaged up the quote and sent it off to our key retail, marketing and business media. The results are astounding – a total of 9 stories including Forbes, Fierce Retail and more, all of which feature Reflektion CMO Kurt Heinemann as an eCommerce expert with his opinion on Amazon’s missed sales opportunity.

Moving forward, we will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of these trend jack opportunities and working closely with Reflektion to replicate this success and deliver great results. Check them out for yourself below…

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