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If You Are a B2B Tech Marketing Exec, Get Ready to Increase Content Production by 300%

Most Prospects Purchasing B2B Tech Do Their Research BEFORE They Talk to Any Vendors – Content is the Lynch Pin to Ignite Sales

10Fold recently commissioned a survey with Dimensional Research to better understand U.S. tech marketing executives’ plans for content as part of their marketing initiatives for the coming year. We uncovered five interesting trends – all that surprised us, and will definitely surprise you too!  In this first blog, we’ll be discussing the amount of content marketing execs have planned for the next 12 months.

First, a bit about our research.
Survey respondents included 172 U.S. technology marketing executives that had both budget and approval authority over content development. Vice Presidents of Marketing, CMOs, and CEOs all qualified as participants. Responses were evaluated as a whole and based on company revenues, vertical market focus, and headquarters location.

But, here’s the punch line.
Seventy-six percent of tech marketing executives expect to TRIPLE content production in the next 12 months. Let that sink in for a moment.

10Fold had a hunch that demand for content was increasing, but even we were surprised that these tech marketers were planning an increase of 300 percent. We think that it’s largely based on the pivotal role content is having in the B2B sales process.  A new report from Forrester suggests that prospects have completed more than 50 percent of their buying process BEFORE they ever speak with the vendors they are considering.

Dig In: Content is Still the King!

The line of site is pretty clear:  Companies need to produce more videos, blogs, and articles detailing customer successes, technology differentiation, and vendor stability so that when the research is complete their name ends up on the short list for that RFP.

But how are they going to produce all that content? Over 40 percent of our respondents claimed they plan to have at least a $250,000 budget dedicated to content next year and 90 percent suggest that will be an increase in budget.


One more thing: It’s not just the big companies that plan to spend on content – small companies also have aggressive plans to produce content.

For additional information about content quantities and budgeting, including budgets for small companies, check out our full report here. As we approach 2018 and begin to finalize marketing plan and budgets, consider taking your content marketing to the next level.

This blog is the first in the series, Content is Still King.

By Sarah Thorson

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Content is Still the King!

It won’t be surprising for many of you to learn that content is king, but what may not be so obvious is that this king is getting more powerful than ever.  What most marketing execs struggle with is how do you identify what type of content works best, and how often you should produce the content? To answer these questions and many others about content, 10Fold commissioned a study with Dimensional Research to deliver a better understanding of content marketing plans, budgets, frequency, and preferences for the type of content measurement of that content among nearly 200 U.S. tech marketing executives.

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Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. 32 percent produce content daily or hourly
  2. 75 percent of plan to generate three times more content in the next 12 months than they did in the previous year
  3. 42 percent will spend $250,000 or more in the next 12 months on content

The research also revealed that feedback from customers and sales teams are the most important ways U.S. technology marketing executives are judging content effectiveness. These answers ranked higher than the response of using marketing automation tools, indicating that soliciting customer feedback never goes out of style.

For additional information about trends based on company size, geography, and industry targets, find the full report here.

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