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Security Never Sleeps- FedEx, Iranian Hackers

Cyber attack, hurricane weigh on FedEx quarterly profit

“Concerning trends of large scale attacks on business”

Package delivery company FedEx Corp (FDX.N) said on Tuesday a June cyber attack on its Dutch unit slashed $300 million from its quarterly profit, and the company lowered its full-year earnings forecast. The company said the cyber attack slashed 79 cents per share from its profit – nearly 40 times the 2 cents per share caused by deadly Hurricane Harvey, which brought catastrophic flooding to southeastern Texas.

Personal details of up to 30,000 teachers at risk following cyberattack

“Union website breached”

Up to 30,000 teachers have been warned that their personal data may have been compromised after their organizations website was hacked in recent days. The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation has notified the teachers and retired staff who have completed courses on its learning website to warn that its security systems were breached.

1.9 Billion Data Records Exposed in First Half of 2017

“Data breaches are becoming far too common”

On average 122 records are exposed in breaches around the globe every second, a new report shows. And that’s doesn’t even include the new Equifax breach data. More than 10 million data records are pilfered or lost every day around the world, a rate of more than 7,000 per minute: and that’s only the numbers from breaches that go public.


“Continued state-sponsored hacking”

For more than five years, Iran has maintained a reputation as one of the most aggressive nations in the global arena of state-sponsored hacking, stealing data from corporate and government networks around the world, bombarding US banks with cyberattacks, and most brazen of all, unleashing multiple waves of computer-crippling malware that hit tens of thousands of PCs across the Middle East. But amidst that noisy mayhem, one Iranian group has managed to quietly penetrate a broad series of targets around the world, until now evading the public eye.

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India’s Religare says it suffers cyber attack

“Financial services suffer attacks”

India’s Religare financial services has undergone a cyber attacks, however its systems have remained unbreached with all sensitive information secured from the “medium severity” incident. Religare offers a broad range of financial services including equities and commodity trading. The firm has stated that “necessary damage control steps” are being implemented.

IBM Seeks A Sales Boost With New Encryption-Friendly Mainframes

“Two year prep ready for launch”

IBM has revealed new server systems that can apparently make huge strides toward guarding against hackers behind many corporate attacks. The mainframes have the technical capability to encrypt data flow in real-time.

Lastline says cyber-pros have some gaps in their malware knowledge

“Survey finds lack of knowledge of current tactics”

Low awareness of common malware behaviors can harm detection and damage mitigation. Cybersecurity firm Lastline had identified significant lapses in the technical knowledge of those employed in the sector. A survey of 326 cyber professionals at InfoSecurity Europe 2017 found a significant amount of respondents lacking current knowledge of malware tactics.

FedEx says cyber attack to hurt full-year results

“TNT disruptions likely to hurt full year results”

FedEx shares fell about 3.4% to about $211.53 in early trading as the financial impact of the attack would be “material” on year long results.

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Criminal Petya ‘ransomware’ starts to look like wiper malware

“Seemingly intended to wipe systems”

Suspected at first to be a ransomware attack, it seems that Petya, the latest cyberscare in the Ukraine, seems as though it was more of a targeted attack. Large firms such as FedEx, Cadbury, Maersk, and more were affected by the malware, however more indicators point to the fact that the attack was not financially motivated but intended to solely destroy device memory.

Cyber security in industrial control systems poor, says Crest

“Lack of efficient standards to deter attacks”

Industrial control environments are at risk of serious infrastructure risk based on a lack of technical security testing. Crest has publicly pressed for for an upgrade to the cyber security systems ICS environments in response.

Bill Would Bar Pentagon From Business With Russian Cyber Firm Kaspersky

“Russian Cyber Security Firm would be blocked”

A segment of a new bill making its way through the United States Senate would halt any contracting Kaspersky Labs has with the U.S. Department of Defense. The Russian-based security firm had FBI agents visit the homes of many employees in the last week by FBI agents, indicating that congressional pressure may force the company out of one of its markets.