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10Fold- Security Never Sleeps- 175

GhostHook Attack Can Bypass Windows 10’s PatchGuard

“Newly discovered malware can hook kernel code”

CyberArk Security Labs has shown that an attack on Windows 10 PatchGuard systems can be compromised. The protective program was designed to prevent rootkits and other malicious software at kernel level on 64-bit versions of Windows. The attacking software, now dubbed GhostHook, can completely bypass PatchGuard as long as the cybercriminal already has a foothold in the system.

Nuclear Plants, Hospitals at Risk of Hacked Radiation Monitoring Devices

“Major flaws that are currently unfixable”

Design flaws that are used to track radiation levels in major public systems have been found to be able to be exploited. A shrewd cybercriminal could be capable of injecting fake radation level readings, causing concerns for many security researchers.

Cloud Security and the RNC Leak

“Researchers take lessons from breach”

A mal-configured Amazon S3 packet has led to a huge leak for the RNC networks. This could easily happen to other organizations that do not adopt adequate security measures.

Check Point says Fireball malware hit 250 million; Microsoft says no

“Microsoft conflicts Check Point statement”

Squabbles over the infection rate of Fireball have put Check Point and Microsoft in contrary positions. Check Point claimed that the China-based malware had affected over 250 million systems, which Microsoft denies. The firm countered the Check Point report with another statement, claiming it has been tracking Fireball since 2015 and that the total count of infected systems was only about 40 million.

10Fold- Security Never Sleeps- 174

Microsoft claims Fireball malware enterprise security threat ‘overblown’

“Actions taken to quell threat perception”

Microsoft has public doubts about the Fireball, which has been touted as a serious concern for consumers and enterprises. Windows Defense researcher Hamish O’Dea has stated in recent reports that the cybercriminal campaign is “overblown.”

Japanese Honda factory hit with WannaCry ransomware

“Honda plant forced to halt production”

After the Sayama, Japan Honda plant was hit with WannaCry it was forced to halt vehicle production systems on Monday. After the discovery of the attack Sunday the Sayama plant stopped while other plants continued to maintain scheduled construction.

Improving The Customer Journey With IoT

“IoT is strongest tool for coherence with omni-tool CX strategies”

IoT has the power to track customer preferences, and 24/7 customer engagement. The present has never been more powerful and consistent for IoT systems, providing a bright future for the future of the technology.

Two Britons arrested over Microsoft hack

“Alleged plans to access Microsoft”

Two men, aged 22 and 25, were detained by police on Thursday in regards to their plan to infiltrate Microsoft networks. There is evidence that the two men had attempted repeatedly to access the systems between January and March this year.

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