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Computer-Security Firm Says Voter Data Set Left Unprotected Online

“Voting behavior of nearly 200 million unprotected”

A large cache of political participant voting behavior has been left vulnerable online in various spreadsheets and other files according to security firm UpGuard. The information was made public on a server accessible to anyone by Deep Root Analytics.

Hackers attacked 4 Florida school districts, allegedly hoped to hack voting systems

“At least  four districts attacked”

The Miami Herald has reported that several Florida school districts have been penetrated by MoRo, a Moroccan based hacking group. The organization was apparently looking for a way to infiltrate other government systems, including voting systems. The attack was perpetrated by phishing traps that users of the school system fell victim too.

Credit Card Breach at Buckle Stores

“Clothier operating more than 450 stores discloses malware attacks. 

Malicious software targeting customer payment data hit Buckle Inc.stores last week. Late Friday evening the firm released a statement saying that POS systems were indeed attacked by malware and confirmed it was installed on cashiers and probably affected those purchases between October 28th of 2016 and April 14th of 2017. Online stores are said not to be affected.

Forrester: Rapid Cloud Adoption Drives Demand for Security Tools

“Cloud services revenue poised to hit $236 billion by 2020”

Researchers at Forrester have claimed in the Cloud Security Solutions Forecast that demand for products like CASB, CCSM, hypervisor security, and infrastructure-as-a-service will grow rapidly over the next five years.

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Vulnerabe IBM Code Pulled After Insistence From Security Experts

“Potential to affect several versions of WebSphere”

A researcher who was able to successfully exploit a proof of concept code able to affect WebSphere versions 7, 8, 8.5, and 9 was censored without major damages occurring. Maurizio Aggazini was cooperating with IBM to responsibly patch and censor vulnerabilities experienced in the firm’s products. These include the deserialization of untrusted data sources, causing DoS issues and allowing re,ote execution of hacking.

Half of Androids Able to be Compromised to Seemingly Outdated Malware

“Ghost Push capable on infecting Androids up to version 5”

A fairly dated yet successful malware program known as Ghost Push is reportedly still one of the most widely effective software’s used to exploit unsuspecting users. Cheetah Mobile experts say that the majority of the infections are received from application downloads not installed through the Google Play store. The Trojan program is capable of preventing third parties from gaining root privilege.

UK Firms Could Face Huge Increase in Data Breach Fines in 2018

“New EU legislations could enact harsh penalties”

PCI Security Standards Council is recommending technology companies to bypass extremely increased costs of fines that new legislation from the European Union is poised to enact. In 2015 90% of large scale firms and 74% of SME’s had reported at least one security breach, reaching just about 1.4 billion pounds worth of consumer protection fines. The EU General Data Protection Regulation is set to put harsher regulations into place that will affect firms that will instill penalties of up to €20m.

Hackers Successfully Infiltrate Senate GOP Committee

“Accelerates fears of security vulnerabilities”

While news reports of Democratic Party server hacks run rampant through the press, Republicans have been hit with a particularly devastating cyberattack by Russian operatives. For the last six months, cybercriminals have allegedly been siphoning credit card information from customers in the web storefront of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, selling the data in the black market.