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10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 43

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 For big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, complexity remains a major barrier for their adoption. BlueData’s software makes it easier to deploy big data infrastructure and applications. Today, BlueData is launching the latest release of its EPIC software platform, which introduces several security and other upgrades to provide a smoother Big-Data-as-a-Service experience. The latest release incorporates many features and functionality enhancements requested by BlueData’s customers across multiple industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, energy, government, and education. Additional new features include more granular resource management controls, QoS-based allocation, performance optimizations, and quota enforcement for multi-tenant big data deployments. The enterprise version of BlueData’s platform now provides additional security and governance capabilities to meet enterprise-class auditing and regulatory compliance requirements.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  In order to take full advantage of big data platforms, such as Hadoop and Spark, IT and analytics teams often require a new education for configuring systems and partition data to maximize processing speeds. TechTarget examines the challenges some businesses have encountered when deploying Hadoop, including Valence Health, Progressive Insurance, and Sellpoints Inc. All organizations encountered issues with understanding Hadoop’s underlying structure and how to leverage the technology efficiently and quickly enough to receive a productive return-on-investment.

New platform aims to break down barriers to big data adoption – BetaNews

Big data platforms pose structural issues for new users – Tech Target

Self Service / Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Alteryx has deepened its relationship with Microsoft in an announcement that sees Alteryx Designer available from a virtual machine on the Azure marketplace. This extends the relationship announced in October 2015 which saw Alteryx integrate with Microsoft Power BI. Alteryx Designer users are able to create a pre-configured virtual machine to rapidly speed up their time scales for realizing the benefits of analytics of their data. Using the Alteryx Designer workflows, analysts can reduce their time to insight in what Alteryx believes is hours rather than weeks. For those companies already invested in Alteryx it also seems like it is possible to migrate licenses from existing solutions onto the Azure platform, although Alteryx need to be contacted to process this. The Alteryx designer platform on Azure will not only be pre-configured to integrate with Power-BI but will also come with other new features. Among those are pre-defined examples of workflows that allow data analysts, new to the solution, to be able to rapidly deploy insights using their own data using the examples as a template for their own solutions. Alteryx Designer also delivers an intuitive user interface for self service analytics with workflows that combine data preparation, data blending, and analytics (predictive, statistical and spatial)

How close can Alteryx and Microsoft get?–Enterprise Times


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Marketing today walks a thin line between creepiness and helpfulness. B2C offers eight suggestions for marketers to follow to avoid being viewed as a “peeping tom.” The article suggests marketers refrain from making language and targeted advertising too personal before a customer relationship has been established. Additionally, marketers should practice patience with new customers and avoid bombarding them with emails simply because they purchased one item from a website. Another tip recommends avoiding personalizing a shopper’s experienced based upon minimal searches — e-marketers should segment their viewers and customers to target them in the correct ways.

Run, Buyer, Run! When Personalization Borders on Harassment/Creepiness – B2C

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 In a new white paper from Cloud Security Alliance, there is some important information about security challenges and the increased risks of implementing virtual networks. The first risk of SDN is how SDN needs to be centralized around an overall controller that keeps track of the virtual network deployments and operations. This goes against the nature of cloud computing environments. Second, NFV infrastructure may not be compatible with existing virtual machine hypervisors and cloud servers. Third, the typical SDN deployment has its own hardware and management systems that may be unfamiliar to network administrators who are steeped in running traditional networks. The added complexity of NFV can hide potentially dire consequences including successful intruders that may manipulate the network routes. There are some benefits that can improve enterprise security with properly planned NFV, companies can build in security functions as part of their network fabric, such as intrusion prevention devices, virtual load balancers and firewalls.

Security Challenges with the Virtual Network: Part II – Security Intelligence – Security Intelligence (IBM Blog)

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 42

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Researchers have been devoting enormous energies to finding biological markers that make psychiatric diagnosis more objective.  One of the goals of computational psychiatry is to draw connections between symptoms and causes, regardless of diagnoses. However, many symptoms are shared amongst numerous conditions, and multiple conditions often occur together. To deal with this complexity doctors need more powerful tools. In the age of big data neuroscientists routinely handle extremely high-dimensional data sets. Initially, these “data-driven” efforts focused on developing automatic tools for objective diagnosis. The moderate accuracy obtained in some of these studies indicates the disorders are indeed reflected in the brain, but there are problems to overcome before such tools are clinically useful. For instance, many clinical cases are ambiguous, and it is not clear how useful classification systems, which tend to be developed using clear-cut cases, would be in those situations. However, many psychiatrists intend to go beyond diagnosis to make predictions about how an illness will proceed for a given individual, and as far as predicting suicide risk, for example, or treatment response.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  MIT is rolling out a new Big Data finishing school, which will be a one-year course for prospective students. New students can expect to pay $75,000 in tuition fees for their Master of Business Analytics degree, with classes ranging from “Data mining: Finding the Data and Models that Create Value” to “Applied Probability”.  MIT announced the courses this month and is confident that there will be no shortage of people willing to sign up. They expect that each course will attract 15-20 applicants who feel they have the requisite strength in math, computer science, and statistics. High quality global journalism requires investment. With more devices being connected to the Internet, the amount of data that can be sifted by businesses is growing rapidly, as are the investments by companies seeking to keep pace with this trend. Workers who can demonstrate that they have advanced data skills are in high demand. Big Data is becoming increasingly more important for companies; when LinkedIn analyzed global recruitment activity on its site over the course of 2015, it ranked “statistical analysis and data mining” as the second-hottest set of skills, after expertise in cloud and distributed computing.

Can Big Data Help Psychiatry Unravel the Complexity of Mental Illness? – Scientific America

New courses target the need for managers and techies to talk to each other as data proliferate – Financial Times


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Gadgets 360 reports that India has big plans with the global IoT business, and expects to gain $300 billion by 2020, as well as gain 20 percent of market shares in another five years. These claims were made by Vice President of Nasscom (Industrial Initiative) K S Vishwanathan, who told reporters in Coimbatore that depending on the success of his newest venture, Coimbatore hub, he is expecting to launch centers in Pune, Baroda and Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Vishwanathan also claimed nearly 1,000 startups are being added every year in India, which would make India third in the world in terms of numbers and continued growth.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about the Internet of Things in the consumer space. However, another area it’s making a difference is in heavy industries, which allow businesses to optimize big machinery and infrastructure they count upon. IIoT in a business sense has a lot of people excited, especially because of its ability for big machinery to be connected and talking to one another. Industries such as aerospace, defense, oil, and gas, are already proving the benefits IIoT offer their companies. One such company that is benefiting is the Railway Collision Avoidance System from Intelligence on Wheels. The company uses GPS to understand where it’s traveling and on which part of the track – as well as sensors to understand whether it’s on the left or right-hand side of the rail.

India to Capture 20 Percent of IoT Market: Nasscom – Gadgets

Seven industrial internet of things examples: IoT in heavy industry – ComputerWorldUK


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Spring is here and CIO offers 13 helpful “spring cleaning tips” to help improve your eCommerce site. Some of the top suggested tips they offered were: audit your company’s  website to understand which pages are performing well and which are not to help duplicate the pages that are successful and revamp the ones that are getting little to no views. The article also suggests webmasters complete an image inventory to ensure all photos are optimized images and up to date. Old images can date a website faster than words, and new images can make your site feel fresh. Additionally important is to ensure  all links work. Having broken links can have bad SEO implications. Using tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool will flag any pages that load with a ‘404 not found error’ page.

13 ecommerce spring cleaning tips – CIO

Self Service and Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The stakes are high in the world of analytics and reporting.  According to Gartner, through 2016, only 10 percent of self-service business intelligence initiatives will be sufficiently well governed to prevent inconsistencies that adversely affect the business.  Without appropriate processes and governance, self-service capabilities can introduce multiple versions of the truth, increase errors in reporting, and leave companies exposed to inconsistent information. Many organizations struggle to find the right approach.  Everyone wants access to data, and they don’t necessarily want to rely on IT.  But on the other hand, they want to be able to rely on the quality of any reports / dashboards they are leveraging.  This CIO article suggests investing in BI and analytic environments that allow experimentation and data discovery., then follow up with resilient operationalized analytics solutions where a repeatable value is identified.

How partnerships between IT and the business breed success–CIO

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Last week at ONS in Santa Clara, the ONOS community (open source SDN networking OS for service providers) showcased its latest software release, Falcon. Along with other new applications, the release supports the central office re-architected as Data Center (CORD) project enhances support for “southbound” SDN protocols. CORD is a collaborative effort between AT&T and the Open Networking Lab to unify SDN, NFV and cloud technologies. Also during the summit, NEC Corporation of America announced the latest release of its ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite. The five-year-old ProgrammableFlow was the first commercial SDN solution to leverage the open source OpenFlow protocol, according to NEC. The new release optimizes the ability to manage and control networks, with improved network security and more operational cost savings.

Open Networking Summit Sees New Open Source ONOS Release, NEC Programmableflow Update – Virtualization Review

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 41

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Google’s Sidewalk Lab has teamed up with the U.S Secretary of Transportation to tackle one of the United States most troubling issues: traffic. The two organizations will work together on a big data traffic monitoring and analysis system called “Flow,” which is expected to be commercialized as a software product. The system will use data from cell phones and consumer mobility apps such as Google Maps, along with roadway sensors and other information sources to shape how people and goods move in the future. Sidewalk Labs will also address other “urban ills,” including  cost of living, obesity and fossil fuel dependency.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Although consumers have become more aware of the ongoing fight to end obesity in our country, the epidemic still continues. The Guardian outlines nine ways in which businesses can help tackle the epidemic, including using customer data with restaurants and grocery stores. Data which tracks people’s food purchasing behaviour and personal health could, for example, be used in class action lawsuits against food companies that have knowingly sold “bad” food and contributed to diet-related diseases. The same customer data can also be used positively to help promote healthier shopping baskets, something that British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco, is already looking into.

Google looks to big data to cut traffic and create new product– Silicon Beat

From sugar tax to big data: 9 lessons about tackling obesity– The Guardian


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Swisscom, a major telecommunication company in Switzerland, said it’s currently deploying a nationwide network designed to support the Internet of Things. The company plans to have their initial rollout scheduled for the end of the year. The network will be set up to use technology based on the Low Power Wide Area Network standard from the LoRa Alliance, which Swisscom joined in January 2015. The Low Power Network forms the basis for the IoT and thus for smart cities, energy efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital application. Apps with high data requirements, such as cars, remote maintenance or real-time control systems, will in the future also use the mobile network. Swisscom said 98% of its customers are covered by its LTE network, which supports 73% of its mobile data traffic.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 It is evident that 2015 saw a major shift with the IoT, and many companies took their products up to the next level with integrated connectivity and internet capabilities. According to Gartner, by 2020 at least 25 billion devices will be connected, and this number is only expected to grow year-on-year. In order to prepare for this anticipated growth, businesses need cost-effective technology that can quickly help them make sense if this data. One example is using proven data analysis automation,  which is the quickest way a business can get a final reading of all the data, and can help businesses avoid compromises and the risk of losing intelligence from perishable data sets. IoT is starting to find its place within the market and businesses that want to gain a competitive edge need to take advantage of the new wave of resources it will bring.

Swisscom moves to deploy nationwide IoT network– RCR Wireless News

What organizations should be doing now to turn IoT data into information– Information Age


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The eCommerce market in Brazil is growing rapidly. According to E-bit Informação, the number of eCommerce orders in Brazil that were made via mobile devices reached 14.3% in December, which was up from 10.1% in June. However, the figures don’t include purchases made via mobile apps, so the total retail mcommerce share is likely somewhat higher. Personalized retargeting company, Criteo, reported that in Q4 2015, 18.6% of all ecommerce transactions across its user base in Brazil were mcommerce, which was up from 10% a year earlier. Most of those transactions occurred on mobile phones, Criteo found: 15.0% of the total, vs. 3.5% on tablets. eMarketer estimates that retail ecommerce sales in Brazil will reach $22.12 billion this year, up 13.5% over 2015. That figure will amount to just 3.6% of total retail sales in the country.

Ecommerce in Brazil Gets more Mobile – eMarketer

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Paypal has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, embracing the open-source OpenStack platform as the core foundation for its operations. Yet when it comes to software defined networking, Paypal’s direction is not as concrete. “SDN is a great technology to have but we don’t use technology because it’s cool,” Jigar Desai, VP of cloud and platforms at PayPal said during a keynote at the Open Networking Summit 2016 event. “We use it because we need it.” One use case for SDN deployment at Paypal is in support of security isolation zones across different business units and domains. Another use-case is to logically isolate cloud resources by making use of SDN. Since Paypal is already using OpenStack, they want to be able to enable SDN through the OpenStack Neutron networking project. PayPal has had many challenges with SDN technologies over the years, but they still “love SDN” and are looking to work more with it in the future.

ONS: Why Paypal Loves SDN – but Doesn’t Use it in Production – Enterprise Networking Planet

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 40

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 AEG Live, the production company that puts on the Coachella music festival,  is working with app developer Aloompa to create an iOS app and Android app for the upcoming festival. Aloompa hopes that when Coachella-goers have opened the app and their Bluetooth is turned on, the company’s beacon technology can track their location down to a foot. AEG claims it is trying to leverage this data in a way that’s “not creepy,” nor invasive. Instead, the festival organizers can use this location data as a gut check, or can compare which artists app users favorited, starred, or scheduled, and which artists’ sets were actually attended. The data is also used by promoters to inform their decisions about booking artists that better resonate with a specific audience. It is suggested that AEG is employing this new technique after the success that Bonaroo had when compiling their 2015 lineup.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  According to a TechRadar report from forrester, many businesses are looking to make changes to their companies by implementing streaming analytics and self-service into the way they do business.  This is largely in part to the boom recently seen with enterprises incorporating more data adoption into their everyday businesses. Forrester defines stream analytics software as a technology that “can filter, aggregate, enrich, and analyze data from multiple sources.  For the report, Forrester looked at about 20 different technology categories that include big data. In addition, they spoke with multiple vendors and experts in the field, and found that five specific technology categories ranked the highest in terms of customer interest.  Those categories are data integration, data services and APIs, in-memory computing, data preparation and discovery, advanced analytics, and monitoring and administration.


Big Data’s Priorities: Streaming Analytics, Self-Service – InformationWeek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Internet of Things is changing everything, or it soon will, and few companies exemplify this trend more than industrial titan General Electric, which announced in January that it will pull up stakes from its long-established corporate headquarters in Connecticut and move to Boston for its concentration of elite research universities and tech firms. Additionally, the company plans to undergo a revolution driven by digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things. With new IIoT technologies, GE expects to grow its software and analytics enterprise from $6B in 2015 to a top 10 software company by 2020. However, others like Mark Bernardo, leader of Professional Services, Americas at GE Digital Services, believes this growth will take more than adopting new technology practices. Bernardo believes the company needs to become more agile (leaving behind or adjusting its traditional Six Sigma methodology for business process improvement), embrace change management, and encourage the CIO position to become a leadership in this effort of change.

How GE will bring the Industrial IoT to life – CIO

Cognitive Computing

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 There were several articles about the University of Aberdeen Department of Computer Science being given access to one of IBM Watson. Aberdeen becomes one of only four UK Institutions to have access to the Watson Engagement Advisor solution and its experts. It will initially be used by students undertaking the Department of Computing Science’s Semantic Web Engineering module, and will eventually be offered more widely across a range of relevant programs.

Students get access to IBM Watson with University of Aberdeen Cognitive Computing Deal – Tech Week UK

University of Aberdeen students to get access to IBM Watson – CBR


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Most IT organizations today are under pressure to increase their “cloudification” and speed up every data-driven aspect of their business, but the challenges of integrating disparate data, applications, and APIs are causing a slowdown that threatens to ground some companies. Darren Cunningham, VP of marketing at SnapLogic, outlines the steps an organization should consider when planning its upgrade to a modern cloud and big data integration technology. Some tips include finding a forward-thinking consulting partner with a great track record and satisfied clients to help you assess where you are, where you want to go, and how quickly you can get there, ensure the iPaaS solution you choose is resilient enough to handle updates and variations, and to get rid of technologies that keep you chained to them with heavily-involved or expensive upgrades.

Headed for the Cloud? Watch Out: Legacy Data Integration Can Bring You Down – Inside Big Data

Network Function Virtualization

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 At the Open Networking Summit this week, vendors big and small are talking about the success and direction of the open networking movement, including SDN, NFV, and whitebox hardware. The new era of networking is defined by several key trends: disaggregation, a move to software virtualization, and open source. Guru Parulkar, Chair of ONS and the Executive Director at the Open Networking Research Center (ONRC) sees a need to also build and support fully integrated open source solutions that enable the disaggregated network experience. He emphasizes that those solutions need proven scalability, performance, and ease of use to prevent closed solutions from dominating the industry.

ONS and the challenge of Open Networking – Enterprise Networking Planet

10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 52

Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to considerThe top cybersecurity officer in the federal Office of Personnel Management resigned Monday, just two days before she was scheduled to testify before a House panel that is continuing to investigate last year’s massive OPM data breach in which hackers compromised the personal data of more than 20 million federal employees. BlackBerry said on Wednesday that it has acquired U.K.-based cyber security consultancy Encription, moving the company deeper into the services business as it continues to morph into a more software-focused entity amid its ongoing turnaround. Prominent security researcher Troy Hunt reveals that a flaw in the Nissan Leaf can create vulnerabilities and compromise the driver’s recent journeys data. After Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked shortly before Thanksgiving of 2014, the attackers went quiet- but now researchers say they’ve linked the attackers to the Lazarus Group.

OPM’s cybersecurity chief resigns in wake of massive data breach Publication: USA Today Reporter name: Erin Kelly

The top cybersecurity officer in the federal Office of Personnel Management resigned Monday, just two days before she was scheduled to testify before a House panel that is continuing to investigate last year’s massive OPM data breach in which hackers compromised the personal data of more than 20 million federal employees. Donna Seymour, OPM’s chief information officer, wrote in an email to her colleagues that she decided to leave so that her presence “does not distract from the great work this team does every single day for this agency and the American people.”

BlackBerry buys cybersecurity consultancy; moves deeper into services Publication: Reuters Reporter name: Harro Ten Wolde and Euan Rocha

BlackBerry said on Wednesday that it has acquired U.K.-based cyber security consultancy Encription, moving the company deeper into the services business as it continues to morph into a more software-focused entity amid its ongoing turnaround. The acquisition will bring a team of about 40 cyber security professionals, who have helped test network vulnerabilities for both government agencies and large corporate entities, into the BlackBerry fold.

API Vulnerability In Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Leaves Them Prone To Hacking Publication: Tech Times Reporter name: Staff

Prominent security researcher Troy Hunt reveals that a flaw in the Nissan Leaf can create vulnerabilities and compromise the driver’s recent journeys data. According to Hunt, the root of the issue is based on how the NissanConnect EV app would only require the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) in order for anyone to take control of some settings. These include heating, air-conditioning system and even the driver’s recent journeys.

The hackers that took down Sony Pictures are still on the attack, researchers say Publication: Washington Post Reporter name: Andrea Peterson and Ellen Nakashima

After Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked shortly before Thanksgiving of 2014, the attackers went quiet. But now researchers say they’ve linked the attackers – whom the U.S. government has said were directed by North Korea — to a chameleon-like group active since at least 2009 and still on the digital warpath, attacking systems in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia. A new report from cybersecurity firm Novetta dubs the attackers the “Lazarus Group.” AlienVault and Kaspersky Lab, say they’ve pieced together evidence that suggests the Lazarus Group was behind the Sony attack along with a string of other attacks, including a 2013 campaign against South Korean television stations and financial institutions. The Lazarus Group appears to have created monikers for previous unknown hacking groups including “NewRomanic Cyber Army Team,” the “WhoIs Team,” and “IsOne” to claim credit for hacks in the past, according to the report. But they were just as ephemeral as “Guardians of Peace.”

10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 48

Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to considerA California hospital has been held hostage by hackers demanding a $3.6m ransom. Nasdaq has announced that later this year it will record all stockholders voices on its own blockchain system for companies listed on the exchange. New Android malware roots and hijacks devices and can grant itself administrator rights. IBM announced its new cyberframe that will have capabilities for speedy encryption and cyber analytics

Hollywood Hospital Held Hostage By Hackers Asking $3.6M Ransom To Release Network From Malware Publication: International Business Times Reporter name: Clark Mindock

A California hospital’s computer network  is under attack by hackers who won’t go away until they’re paid $3.6 million, according to the Verge. The hospital has moved all of its patients to nearby facilities and is reportedly using faxes to communicate in the absence of email. The hackers — whose identities are unknown — have been holding the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s network hostage for a little more than a week, and everything from basic computer functions to connected medical devices have been affected at the 434-bed facility. The source of the ransomware on the network is currently unknown, but officials have indicated it may have been installed unwittingly by a hospital employee who perhaps opened up a malicious link from an email.

Nasdaq to use blockchain to record shareholder votes Publication: PCWorld Reporter name: Perter Sayer

Add shareholder voting to the list of applications for blockchain technologies. Later this year, Nasdaq plans to record stockholders’ electronic votes on its own blockchain system for companies listed on one of its exchanges. By digitizing the entire process, it expects to speed and simplify the proxy voting process. Blockchains — the best known of which is the public ledger of bitcoin transactions — are distributed records of events, each block in the record containing a computational “hash” of itself and of the previous block, so that all are connected like links in a chain.

SMS Android malware roots and hijacks your device – unless you are Russian Publication: ZDnet Reporter name: Charlie Osborne

Android-based mobile malware which is able to give itself admin privileges and completely take over aspects of a smartphone’s functionality has been discovered in the wild, researchers say. According to security specialist Andra Zaharia from Heimdal Security, the malware, dubbed Mazar Android BOT, spreads via SMS and MMS messages. If installed, the malicious code hidden within grants itself administrator rights on an Android device, giving attackers the option to send premium messages without consent, hijack browser sessions, root the device, monitor phone and text messages and retrieve device data.

IBM’s New Cyberframe Is The World’s Most Secure Server For Data Centers, Cloud And Mobile Publication: Forbes Reporter name: Steve Morgan

Today IBM Corp. officially announced its z13s mainframe with speedy encryption, cyber analytics, and other security innovations which are baked into the new machine. Call it a cyberframe and watch the CIOs come running. Big Blue spent 5 years and one billion dollars developing the z13 mainframe which was introduced last year for large customers. IBM describes it as the most sophisticated computer system ever built. Now they’ve added an ‘s’ to the end, for security. The z13 can process 2.5 billion transactions a day, or the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day, based on results from IBM internal lab measurements. The z13s has advanced cryptography features built into the hardware that allow it to encrypt and decrypt data twice as fast as previous generations, protecting information without compromising performance.

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 33

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big Data is transforming the way we view medicine by means of clinical trials and studies. Clinical trials work by testing how well a treatment works and identifying any side effects. However, these trials require participants who meet rigorous scientific standards. This is where big data can help. By mining the world of practice-based clinical data — actual patient records — for information on who has what condition and what treatments are working, doctors could learn a lot about the way they care for individuals. Many different companies are searching for a way to enable healthcare providers to learn from practice-based evidence to individually tailor care. Electronic Health Records have been around for a while but with data stored across a number of different  systems and formats, they are not designed with analysis in mind. A future which combines both evidence based and practice based medicine is likely to produce the best outcome for patients.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Women in tech have always been outnumbered by men, but this disproportion could be encouraging more females to enter the tech workforce. According to CNET, less than 17% of the tech industry is made up of women. Recently, Big Data and statistic fields have been attracting a surprising amount of females. It’s been noted that women are achieving more than 40% of statistic degrees, and new career paths in data science now hold multiple opportunities for women. The rise of women in the world of data could also be due to the belief that women typically excel in communication and problem solving, two main areas that are required for data-oriented roles.

How Big Data is transforming medicine – Forbes

Are Big Data Career Paths Attracting More Women to Tech? – Huffington Post


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Hadoop has grown to two significant phases of maturity, defined by how companies first used it and what tools emerged to create a vibrant ecosystem in the process. When it became clear that Hadoop has the ability to provide real business value, many departments started building workloads for business intelligence and reporting to extract meaningful insights. Hadoop is currently in its third phase within enterprise environments. We’re starting to see multi-department uses within organizations. It also comes with a whole new set of requirements that Hadoop has not considered prior. Applications don’t exist yet that will run on Hadoop but it is predicted that will be in the future.

The Phases of Hadoop Maturity: Where Exactly Is it Going? – Data Informed


Docker/ Containerization

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Containers are all the rage among developers, who use the open source software to build, test and run applications. The technology offered by companies such as Docker are not on the radar of most Fortune 500 CIOs, suggesting that it has a ways to go before it gains traction in large enterprises. Most CIOs are unfamiliar with abstract technology and express skepticism. Some of the comments from a live audience poll conducted at a recent Wall Street Journal event indicate that some CIOs believe that the VMs running their private or hybrid clouds are sufficient.

CIOs aren’t ready for Docker and container technology – CIO


10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Among smart watches, smart appliances, smart homes, and smart buildings come smart cities. The market for smart cities is expected to grow from $52 billion last year to $148 billion by 2020. More than 200 smart city projects are underway around the world, fueling the demand for products and services from IoT vendors, service providers, and platform companies and consultants. North America is expected to dominate the IoT in smart cities over the next several years.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IBM just launched a tool called Quark for IoT development. Quark is based on IBM Streams, a product for processing large amounts of live data. Quark is just beginning, although IBM is hoping that by making it open source the community will catch on and help with its development. IBM has an existing suite of tools and services useful for the IoT – such as Watson – but it’s clear the company plans to continue its leadership and won’t slow down progress as competitors like Cisco bolster their own enterprise-level IoT solutions.

IoT Smart Cities Market Heading to $148 Billion – Media Post

IBM launches Quark tool for IoT development – Developer Tech


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 In the last decade, the amount of people shopping online has exploded. The US alone was responsible for 31.7% of global e-commerce sales in 2015. Forbes looked at the their predictions for the trending eCommerce products for 2016 and beyond and decided major tips and tools for launching eCommerce businesses. These include: consumer behavior research, product research, and product ideation.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Several articles covered Indian eCommerce company, Snapdeal’s $200 million in new funding, led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, the Canadian investment vehicle with over $150 billion in assets. The new investment puts Snapdeal’s valuation in the $6.5-$7 billion range, making it the second most valuable startup in India, after Flipkart. Snapdeal says that the capital raised will be used to further build out its technology platform, logistics, payments, and back-end infrastructure.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Business to Community recommended 9 ways to get the ABCs of eCommerce right. They are 1) analytics, 2) behavior analysis, 3) customer service, 4) discounts and offers, 5) eCommerce platform, 6) feedback and testimonials, 7) gateway (payments), 8) hacking and security, and 9) inventory management.

Tips and Tools for Launching Your eCommerce Business – Forbes

India’s Snapdeal raises $200 million to challenge Amazon and Flipkart – VentureBeat

Snapdeal raises $200M more to fuel up for India’s ongoing e-Commerce battle – TechCrunch

9 Tools to Get the ABCs of eCommerce Right – Business2Community


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Rackspace has announced a new OpenStack-as-a-Service option in partnership with Red Hat, whose enterprise Linux distribution powers the new cloud platform. The platform is a hosted implementation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat’s main product for building open source private and hybrid clouds using OpenStack. While Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution has been available for more than two years, the Rackspace hosted offering provides another way for enterprises to deploy OpenStack as a service rather than a platform they maintain themselves. Rackspace says this is important as a way to speed OpenStack adoption.

Rackspace adds hosted Red Hat OpenStack to Cloud Services – The Var Guy

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 23

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Businesses that use software to collect data are vulnerable to cyber risks. According to a new report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), companies are urged to follow the ‘security-by-default principle.’ ENISA warned that the potential for data to be breached, leaked, or degraded is a result of the replication of big data storage, and frequency of outsourcing big data. Companies can avoid these by implementing big data tools, such as the use of cryptography, access controls, or pseudonymisation techniques.

EU Agency warns of cyber risk from using big data tools – The Register


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The U.S. Insurance Industry is currently the largest insurance market, employing 2.5 million people. The industry is expected to experience rapid change with the addition of the Internet of Things. In an interview from Forbes contributor Robert Reiss with Vik Renjen of SVP Sutherland Global Services,   Renjen says he sees the industry transforming in a couple ways – with geospacial applications, environmental sensors, connected biometrics, diagnostics, and lastly, with carrier process transformation. These new opportunities for finer product segmentation will help improve loss control and accelerate premium growth.

5 Ways IoT will Transform the Insurance Industry – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 MapR is expanding its free training on Hadoop and Spark since the advanced analytics market is growing very quickly. MapR is considered one of the three biggest Apache Hadoop distribution companies. Many developers, administrators, and data analysts will benefit from the skills offered by MapR’s free on-demand Hadoop training, including hands-on labs, exercises and quizzes. Additionally, students can complete certification exams that lead to Hadoop and HBase professional designations.

Free Hadoop, Spark Training; Advanced Analytics Market Grows: Big Data Roundup – Informationweek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 We’re used to hearing about the IoT… but have you heard of the Internet of Emotions? Companies largely rely on personalization methods, including pop-up ads, to provide value for customers. But in the near future, with devices equipped with facial, vocal, and biometric sensors that will be able to analyze and influence our feelings, personalization will be influenced by this “Internet of Emotions, With the combination of the IoT and “IoE”, humans could be forced to become more emotionally aware, as machines are already doing the same.

The Internet of Emotions: Putting the person back into personalization – Mashable

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Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to consider: HSBC blames the banking outage on a DDoS attack and claims that everything is fine, contrary to what the customers believe. OpenSSL cryptographic code library suffered a high-severity vulnerability that allowed attackers to obtain the key’s to decrypts secured communication. NYC has launched an investigation into four baby monitor companies that have been lacking in security for their devices. A report released by a security researcher revealed that UK businesses are 25% more likely to suffer from constant threats.

HSBC online banking suffers major outage, blames DDoS attack Publication: Ars Technica Reporter name: Kelly Fiveash

HSBC has been battling an apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its online banking system for the past few hours. HSBC blamed the outage on a DDoS attack, and attempted to spin the whole thing as a success story to mainstream news outlets. By way of example, witness this headline over at ITV News. The bank’s customers may see things a little differently, however, given the major disruption to the service on what will be one of the busiest days of the year for many people. Not only is the final Friday of the month payday for many folk in the UK, it’s also the end of January—which is a big deal for any freelance bods currently filing their annual tax returns.

High-severity bug in OpenSSL allows attackers to decrypt HTTPS traffic Publication: Ars Technica Reporter name: Dan Goodin

Maintainers of the OpenSSL cryptographic code library have fixed a high-severity vulnerability that made it possible for attackers to obtain the key that decrypts communications secured in HTTPS and other transport layer security channels. While the potential impact is high, the vulnerability can be exploited only when a variety of conditions are met. First, it’s present only in OpenSSL version 1.0.2. Applications that rely on it must use groups based on the digital signature algorithm to generate ephemeral keys based on the Diffie Hellman key exchange. By default, servers that do this will reuse the same private Diffie-Hellman exponent for the life of the server process, and that makes them vulnerable to the key-recovery attack.

NYC Launches Investigation Into Hackable Baby Monitors Publication: Wired Reporter name: Andy Greenberg

On Wednesday the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation into the baby monitor industry’s hackable vulnerabilities, sending subpoenas to four companies—which the agency has declined to name for now—demanding information about their security practices. The subpoenas, according to the agency, demand to see evidence to back up claims that the companies make about the security of their devices, complaints they’ve received about unauthorized access to the cameras, their use of encryption on the devices, and their history of handling vulnerabilities discovered in the devices, including alerting customers, releasing patches, and whether those patches were actually implemented by the devices’ owners.

UK businesses under constant and increasing malware threat Publication: ITProPortal Reporter name: Sead Fadilpasic

UK’s businesses have had a bigger chance of being attacked by a malware than those in the US or the Republic of Ireland in December 2015, a new report by security researchers suggest. The risk of malware infection in the UK thus increased 17 percent, the company concludes, with the number of active malware families increasing by 25 percent. The company says more than 1,500 different active malware families were identified in December, up from 1,200 in November same year.

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Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to consider: Twelve Chicago area restaurants have been comprised by a malicious program installed on their payment processing devices. The security firm responsible for finding the ‘cesspit’ vulnerability on eBay’s global sales platform has released a statement saying eBay has yet to fix this vulnerability and makes no plan to in the near future. Melbourn Health Center is still struggling with the QBot that infiltrated the pathology department and drown the system forcing staff to do all processes manually. Lastly, a Forbes insider interview takes a look a what is happening to cybersecurity firm Norse.

12 Chicago Area Restaurants Affected by Massive Credit Card Data Breach – Publication: NBC – Reporter name: Staff

Secure credit card information was compromised at a dozen Chicago area restaurant locations during a massive data breach at Landry’s restaurants and Golden Nugget Casinos nationwide. Findings showed that hackers were able to install a program on payment card processing devices at certain restaurants, food and beverage outlets, spas, entertainment destinations, and managed properties.

Update: eBay ‘cesspit’ has ‘no plans’ to fix severe vulnerability – Publication: SC Magazine – Reporter name: Max Metzger

eBay will apparently not be fixing a ‘severe vulnerability’ on the company’s global sales platform. Check Point Software’s research team apparently disclosed details of just such a vulnerability in mid-December last year.  This ‘severe vulnerability’ allows the bypass of the global bidding platform’s code validation, from which point, any wilful attacker can manipulate the vulnerable code remotely and release malicious javascript code on users. If the vulnerability is left unpatched, Check Point told press in a statement “eBay’s customers will continue to be exposed to potential phishing attacks and data theft.”

Melbourne Health still grappling with Qbot malware – Publication: IT News – Reporter name: Allie Coyne

Melbourne Health is still working to contain a dangerous strain of malware that attacked its systems more than two weeks ago due to the virus’ ability to mutate and hide itself from discovery. On January 18 the health network revealed malicious software had infected Windows XP computers through Royal Melbourne Hospital’s pathology department. The malware downed the hospital’s pathology systems and forced staff into manual workarounds.

Norse Founder Doesn’t Know Whether His Cybersecurity Business Is Still Alive – Publication: Forbes – Reporter name: Thomas Fox-Brewster

The company website is down and a report claiming the firm is imploding might well have hammered down the final nail in the coffin for an information security startup that appeared to be on the up with more than $40 million in VC investment to date. Such is the chaos at Norse, even co-founder and current CTO Tommy Stiansen is in the dark, telling FORBES today he didn’t know whether the firm he set up in 2011 would continue to operate. When asked if the company was still alive, Stiansen responded: “I currently don’t have any view over what’s going on… I haven’t heard anything.”