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xLED Malware Steals Data Using Router LEDs

“One of the strangest witnessed yet”

While malware does come in many interesting forms, the xLED malicious software plaguing the web now steals data by infecting a router switch and flashing the LED lights these devices have.

You’ll never guess where Russian spies are hiding their control servers

“Social media sites used to conceal malicious software”

Antivirus provider Eset released a report Tuesday that has identified where a Russian cybercriminal group hides their espionage software once it has attacked a network of interest. The backdoor Trojan has even recently used comments on Britney Spears Instagram account to locate the control server that sends guidelines regarding stolen data to and from infected devices.

OneLogin hack exposed sensitive US customer data and ability to decrypt data

“ID management firm confirms it has been breached”

OneLogin, a firm that manages single sign-on duties for many apps and websites, has confirmed that it has been hacked and sensitive customer data was likely obtained. The company was withholding of many details, but assured customers the compromised access has been blocked and the proper law enforcement officials had been notified of the incident.

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A Security SSHowDowN:  IoT devices Targeted

“Over a decade long vulnerability found and exposed’

The emerging Internet of Things market (IoT) connects WiFi networked devices that operate many different systems automatically. While this is an incredibly simplifying and innovative process, the security of these devices becomes critical as they are integrated into more and more of our everyday life. The finding of a twelve-year-old vulnerability shakes the security confidence of the industry, and leaves our personal data at risk. The uptick in recent hacks has illustrated the need for more advanced security protocols in order to offset the risk that is now being posed.

Leaky IoT devices used by hackers to infiltrate e-commerce servers

“Millions of devices could be at risk”

Default administration settings on IoT capable device may allow hackers access to eCommerce accounts that leave them vulnerable to cyberattacks. This has been an issue for about a decade, when Akami Technologies observed cyber-attacks that challenged user’s basic username and password preferences.

Vera Bradley Payment System Breached

“Potential customer data theft causes delays and concerns”

Hackers may have gained credit card information, names and internal verification information on thousands of customers from July to September of this year. Website purchases have remained safe; however, in-store purchasers may have been compromised. An investigation by the firm has been launched to find where the hack may have originated.

Several Social Media Sites Deny Permission to Surveillance Program Used by Authorities

“Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among firms involved”

High profile social media sites have been giving police agencies information related to the monitoring of protesters. Geofeedia, the tool in question, harvests social media posts and surveils the account associated and reports it to over 500 agencies, according to an ACLU report.