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The Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy – Three Paths to a Successful Internship at 10Fold

Have you ever wished for an Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You will learn how to navigate your internship at a PR agency like 10Fold through the lens of the one and only Eric Bolin. Actually, there are a lot of Eric Bolins, but this dude works for 10Fold, so you’re stuck with this awesome guy.

Let Groot Grow
Anytime I step into an internship, my end goal is to learn. Instead of just bringing your bag of laptops, shrink rays, gravity guns, and highlighters, always prepare to soak in as much information as possible. Even with a little bit of an engineering background, I needed to learn acronyms and tech terminology that I had not encountered. Take the time to research your clients and their applications to the tech industry. Then, take a look at the 10Fold ship and observe the many tools available. Like any true venture through the galaxy, you will want to prepare to take on all the asteroids thrown at you with pre-“Cision” in a “TechCrunch” before you “Meltwater”. Ok, enough PR puns.

42 is Not the Answer to the Universe
Did you really think this was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? 42 is not the answer to anything. Yet, managing the 42 things you have to do for clients is the answer to one of agency life’s biggest challenges. When you master your time, then you will be able to rule the galaxy*. Before you start mulling over how you will rule your subjects… I mean manage your time, please note that there are many options for managing those 42 media lists and briefing sheets. You can use a planner, excel sheet, electronic calendar, or any other organization tool under the sun. Just make sure you organize everything and be prepared for the jump to light-speed. In an exhilaratingly fast environment, you will need to be flexible within your schedule. Most importantly, you should prioritize your deadlines and action list through daily updates and consultation with your manager.

Life, the Universe, and People
At the end of the day, remember to have fun and treat everyone with integrity. I have been impressed by the people that work here at 10Fold. My coworkers are part of the reason I come to the office every day. Supported by a great team of people, I always know they have my back. If you truly want to get the most out of your experience, then you should connect with the people around you. There is only so much time we have, so constantly worrying about the next client meeting or ten briefing docs you have to do will not help. Stay in the moment. Enjoy your coworkers and the environment you have at 10Fold because not many places and jobs will be like this.

There are many opportunities in the galaxy, but this experience will make you stronger by ten-fold. If you can strap yourself into hyper drive and enjoy the process of creating content, media lists, and briefing docs, then you will not only be a huge asset to the team, but your future will shine brightly.

*No refunds are given to galaxy travelers who follow this rule and fail to become said ruler of said galaxy.

By Eric Bolin

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How Do You Pick a Good Internship?

Now that we have established that an internship is definitely a good idea, let’s talk about how you know you are choosing the right one. Here at 10Fold, we know what it takes to make an internship an experience that ensures you grow as a professional and gives you a realistic expectation of what your future career will look like. Here are just a few of the perks that a 10Fold internship provides:

Dedicated One on One Meetings with a Mentor
Every junior member of the 10Fold team is assigned a mentor to show them the ropes when they first come aboard. Meetings between the two happen regularly and offer a helping hand as well as a resource for answering any questions or dealing with situations that are challenging for our staff. Each week, you have the opportunity to discuss what is challenging for you and ideate on potential solutions.  Additionally, you are getting feedback on how you are doing against your goals.

A Clear Advancement Structure
Interns are not expected to read minds, 10Fold lays out very specific goals to be  considered for advancement, and these are made clear to new interns on their first day. Most importantly, these criteria are centered around building your public relations, social media and writing skills. Interns also have the opportunity to work with important software tools such as Nuvi, Meltwater, Cision, FollowerWonk, and others.   Beyond learning skills and software, the internships at 10Fold are great because we actually work on client projects – what we do makes a difference in how the senior team delivers results.  What we do matters – and it prepares us for doing even more, faster.

Unique Company Culture Events
10Fold has awesome offsite events that foster a culture of inclusivity and fun for the entire team, including the interns. These team-building exercises are always fun, and are at the coolest venues! Our latest offsite was at the Tonga Room in San Francisco where we had a fun white elephant exchange, a live band played, there was great food and bottom-less drinks, and more!

10Fold also hosts great and unique events like the Media SharkTank where we meet top press members, VC’s, and innovative tech execs. These events give our team insight into our industry and put us a step ahead of our competitors. Oh, and did we forget to mention our notorious #Wine30 breaks on those stressful days?

Oh, and one more thing… the internship is paid!

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Think an Internship Doesn’t Count for Much? Think Again…

Have your friends convinced you that an internship is a waste of time that only the losers even bother considering? Are you pretty sure you have the skills to skip the whole process and jump straight into a hired position? Think again, kiddo. There’s more to an internship than just a roadblock to the hiring process, and this is especially true when it comes to the value of experiencing your profession up close and personal.

But what is it exactly that is so valuable about internships that you should spend so much time and effort in trying to get one? We can’t speak for any other of the other PR guys, but you can check out what Account Associate Kyra Tillmans has to say about her experience with the 10Fold internship program:

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10Fold was my first, real internship, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Moreover, at that time I was an international student at a local college, and because I did not grow up in the United States I had no other experiences to compare it to. I also had no previous experience in PR.  When I first began my application process, I expected an internship to be a hands-on learning experience in your chosen field, where you help your teams with non-client facing research tasks. My 10Fold internship experience was that and much more!

What I liked best about the 10Fold internship experience, was that they really make you feel part of the team. You are respected and recognized for all your abilities and this shows – you are invited to all team brainstorm sessions and even get pulled aside for special projects depending on your expertise (video, social, visual etc.). 10Fold uses TAFI as a rule book, and the TAFI values are something each employee embodies.

T – Teamwork: Only a very small portion of your work is done individually. Many tasks focus on teamwork, and it is great practice for whatever is next in your career. You learn how to work with different people (and geo) on the team, and quickly learn that every individual can teach you something new.

A – Accountability: There is a great, friendly and energetic vibe, and there are no cliques. Everybody owns their workload and takes care of their part.

F – Fun: 10Fold has the perfect balance of getting stuff done while also having fun. The team parties are a great way for all offices to come together, and the company-wide off sites are day-long training and brainstorm sessions, unique to the company, that allows employees, managers, and leadership to come together and discuss what we’re doing right (and how we can improve).

I – Integrity: 10Fold treats everybody equally and with respect. The team helps each other out – no matter what level.”

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“My managers and teams (both direct and team-wide) gave great tips and advice during my 10Fold internship and truly set me up for success. They took a lot of time and effort getting me introduced to the world of B2B tech PR and guided me through difficult technical terms, industry acronyms, the media landscape with a great attitude and a willingness to help me and my peers grow.

The 10Fold internship is very hands-on. Even though you are not directly communicating with clients, you are involved every step along the way, and there is a great amount of visibility and transparency. You are not only researching (building media lists, coverage reports and more), but also drafting social content, writing, and even pitching. I feel like this is unique to the 10Fold experience, and is something you will not find at other PR internships.

I strongly believe my internship at 10Fold prepared me for my career, as I not only learned about all aspects of PR and the tech industry but also learned great organizational and time management skills. You are inspired to become a hard and effective worker, and it often leads to a successful bottom-up management style. This allows managers to focus on other aspects of the accounts, which is a big help to the VPs as well. You know that you are valued, and it is a very rewarding experience.”

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The Intern Experience at 10Fold

Far from just a lame B – Lister movie trying to prove that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are still relevant and it’s these crazy millennials that are the ones out of touch with reality, internships are actually a critical step to success in the PR.

Unfortunately, internships have kind of a bad rap. Think cliché intern and what comes to mind? Coffee? Menial grunt work? Free labor? All too often that’s exactly the case.

But not all internships are created equal. At 10Fold, we pride ourselves on our internships and really believe our program to be a cut above the rest.

So what exactly sets an internship at 10Fold apart?

It’s paid. Always.

No not in experience, or possible college credit, but in cold hard bimonthly direct deposits. Because 10Fold understands you can’t pay your landlord with a glowing letter of recommendation.

You get real world experience.

We don’t bring in interns to be coffee fetchers or kitchen cleaners; if that’s all we thought you could do we wouldn’t want to hire you in the first place. Our interns are paired directly with a senior staff member on day one and immediately get started on real work. Bad news for aspiring pencil pushers, but great news for those driven to succeed.

You’re part of the team.

Interns aren’t some expendable resource that we renew every couple of months. At 10Fold we really believe that everyone we hire is becoming part of our team and we treat them accordingly; no intern coordinator that buffers the interns from the rest of the company, no exclusive training sessions for full time hires only, no battle royal where we pit all the interns against each other in gladiatorial combat to see who among them will earn the full time position (although we can all agree that would be the best way by far).

We care about our employees, and we celebrate when our interns are successful. Literally. Every Friday, in a meeting with everyone in the company from the CEO down, we make sure to let everyone know exactly how well our interns are doing. Sometimes we even do a little cheer.

Maybe that’s why we end up hiring 70% of the interns we employ.

But hey this could all just be some corporate sales pitch right? Well listen to what intern Nathan Zaragosa has to say about his time at 10Fold:

“I personally wanted to really grow from my internship, and gain skills I didn’t have before. From the moment I came into 10Fold, I’ve been assigned real projects that make impacts such as client social media content creation, event and award searches and outreach, and most recently pitching reporters. 10Fold went as far to ask the intern team to come up with ideas to improve training in the intern program! These projects not only help you grow your skillset, but make you feel like you’re making a difference in the company.”

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Internship Insight – Taking the first step

Walk in with good morning greetings; set up computer; rustle through kitchen putting lunch away and preparing breakfast; reconvene at desk and start on morning news reviews while eating. By my third week as an intern at Trainer Communications that became my morning routine.

Hi, name’s Grace. I’m an intern at Trainer and loving every minute of it. I came to Trainer with a marketing and communications background (specifically social media, event coordination, and video production, if you’re curious). My last job encompassed public relations (PR) and eventually it became apparent that PR is the path I should take. So, I moved back to the Bay Area to develop my skills within the agency setting.

I chose Trainer because I believe they understand that marketing and communications are becoming an integrated field, and feature public relations as their bread and butter. Trainer is a great place to learn solid PR skills because they combine PR, content development and social media for our clients.

There are so many ways your career can begin to grow. Below are 4 pieces of advice for my fellow young professionals.

Always be ready and willing.
Here at Trainer you learn the processes and then jump right in. Of course, no one is going to shove you in the fire and wish you the best of luck—questions are always encouraged and support is always provided. Just be ready to learn the traits to make you successful, and be willing to take on even the toughest challenges.

If you want to be a part of something, ASK!
Trainer definitely offers a wide variety of client services. When I offered to help cut videos, it landed me on the video production team. My willingness to contribute also provided the opportunity to help coordinate Trainer’s Media SharkTank event, providing tactical support for social media in addition to my daily duties on the security team. I’m telling you, ask.

Take time for you.
This is my favorite part about Trainer. They encourage you to close the laptop, step back, and take a break. If my colleagues didn’t remind me to pack up for the day, take lunch, or ask me to take a walk around the pond, work would be a lot harder.

Our first priority is to learn.
Most importantly, just know that you don’t have to take on the world at the beginning. It’s called the start for a reason. In the words of my account manager, “success is measured by the progress and growth as a professional.”

Justine’s Intern Experience Blog

Hi, my name is Justine Jordan and I had the opportunity to intern at Trainer Communications while I finished my last semester at San Jose State University. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a minor in sociology and was excited to be hired on as an Account Associate at Trainer and joined the security practice. To say that I have learned a lot in my time as an intern at Trainer would be an understatement. I have grown tremendously learning foundational PR skills but I also have a better grasp of how B2B PR works under marketing.

The talent that surrounds me is fantastic and I am very fortunate to work for a company that values collaboration, creativity and culture. Interning with Trainer was a wonderful experience and really helped me transition into the working world. The internship gave me the opportunity to get my foot into the door while building on my education, helped me develop professionally and fueled my confidence and my desire for PR.

As an intern I was given real responsibilities like: research for editorial trend pitching, as well as the opportunity to learn amazing new technology from our security clients. By honing those skills, I was able to help make beneficial contributions to the team long before being hired as an Account Associate. I come to work every day and I am consistently encouraged to challenge myself in all facets of public relations. The culture at Trainer allows young professionals to positively express opinions and, more importantly, makes you feel like you belong. As an intern, I was able to work with our CEO, Susan Thomas, to create a vlog on the way PR has changed over time. Not many interns are exposed to wonderful opportunities like those!

Because of my experience as an Intern, I am now able to help future interns transition into the public relations workforce by sharing my knowledge and skills I learned during my time. I am now able to hit the ground running as an Account Associate here at Trainer Communications and grow into a full-fledged PR pro!