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Security Never Sleeps- Verrit, Ransomware Trends

Ransomware: The future of extortion

“Concerning trend in its use”

Three years ago, ransomware started to become much more prevalent to IT administrators. Out of nowhere, the files in your or your organization’s systems can become encrypted with a lock screen that displays a message in their place, demanding for a ransom for the decryption keys. Efficient local backup systems are able to restore the data and completely ignore the demand by the attackers. These incidents are how extortion looks like in the digital world, and we will likely only see more of this in the future.

More than four million Time Warner Cable records exposed in leak

“Amazon server hosted details”

Kromtech Security Center has reported that over four million records from the MyTWC mobile app were found unsecured on an Amazon server Aug. 24 without a password by researchers of Kromtech. The files are more than 600 gigabytes in size, and contained information such as transaction ID, user names, Mac addresses, serial numbers, and account numbers.

Lenovo settles charges it sold laptops with compromised user security

“About $3.5 million paid out”

Major laptop producer Lenovo Inc has agreed to pay $3.5 million and make changes in how it sells laptops in order to settle allegations that it has sold devices with pre-loaded software that compromised users’ potential security protections. The agreement with Connecticut, the Federal Trade Commission and 31 other states was announced on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton endorsed a new media platform — and then it suffered a cyberattack

“Verrit had just achieved media exposure”

Former First Lady and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton surprised many of her followers over the weekend when she announced her personal support for a new and relatively unknown website called Verrit. Described as a “media platform for the 65.8 million” voters who supported Clinton, Verrit aims to organize supporters of the former first lady by providing them with verified facts and information regarding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Soon after Clinton’s public endorsement, the start-up’s founder and former Clinton advisor, Peter Daou, claimed his website had been forced offline after a suspected distributed denial-of-service attack.

The site has now apparently added extra protections, elaborated on in a tweet from the site:

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Big Data Horizons- MoviePass, Top 4 Data Skills

MoviePass Is Trying to Disrupt Hollywood — Will It Succeed?

“Will revolutionize the way we go to movies”

With a fleeting business model and a growing loss of revenue, MoviePass is looking to revamp consumer interest in theater viewing. The idea is predicated on the Netflix model, which allows users to stream unlimited media on a subscription basis as opposed to per title. MoviePass similarly operates by allowing users to buy a subscription program, hoping to provide a more frequent and consistent movie viewing audience. The firm is expected to make an IPO in early 2018, and showcases another application of big data in entertainment.

Top 4 Big Data Skills for Engineers

“The Big 4 demanded by consumers and employers”


The physical infrastructure forms the backbone of a Big Data implementation. This infrastructure needs careful planning and configuration to withstand data storage and processing demands. DevOps for Big Data is a key admin skill and often requires knowledge of cloud architectures as Big Data processing is extremely well-suited for the elastic and highly available nature of the cloud.


These are the skills that have proven essential for building data pipelines and frameworks that ultimately provide data for the data scientists to analyze. Data pipelines are responsible for ingesting data from a variety of sources, including real-time and batch. Hadoop and Spark are the most popular Big Data frameworks used across organizations. While Hadoop is the popular choice to store Big Data, Spark has stepped in to provide a lightning fast framework to process data.


This encompasses a mix of expertise in statistics, machine learning, data mining, operations research, mathematics, and computer programming. Data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers, and artificial intelligence engineers are required to dive into petabytes of messy data, build algorithms, and then write robust code to automate the algorithms and prove their performance on large-scale live data. In addition to familiarity with the Hadoop ecosystem, this role also demands experience with programming languages like R, Java, Scala, and Python.


Visualization developers tell a story using the data collected and design dashboard visualizations tailored to customer needs. These people serve as a technical resource for accessing disparate sources of data and integrating these sources into a common and interactive platform that effectively displays how the company’s data meets their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Lenovo drives big data take up in car making industry

“Partnership to promote AI in auto industry”

Announced last Wednesday, Lenovo is set to examine Haima’s sales data to bring solutions in targeting potential customers.  The collaboration will eventually encompass more areas of development, in areas such as car design, development, and smart manufacturing. This deal is one of many since Lenovo has started to provide solutions to clients in 2016. Various industries including metallurgy and medicine have benefited from Lenovo’s big data arm.

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