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‘Crash Override’ malware heightens fears for US electric grid

Ukrainian cyberattack concerns U.S. security experts”

Tech security firms ESET and Dragos revelaed the malware behind last years Ukrainian attack, “Crash Override,” earlier this week. They claim that this particular software is only the second to be tailored to industrial control facilities and intended for massive disruption. The only precedent for an attack of this magnitude is the Stuxnet virus, which had thrown Iran’s nuclear program into disarray several years ago.

Malware Incidents at US SMBs Spiked 165% in Q1

“Various SMB’s suffer massive attack volume”

The first quarter of this year saw a huge increase in malware attack attempts according to  a new malwarebytes report. In the U.S. alone attacks on SMB’s have surged by 165% over the pervious years count.

Hospital Email Security in Critical Condition as DMARC Adoption Lags

“Patient data at risk”

A new report from Global Cyber Alliance has provided some chilling details about security issues with healthcare providers. Many of these institutions have been sluggish in adopting the DMARC protocol, leaving email accounts dangerously vulnerable.

Fileless malware: An undetectable threat

“New threats emerging”

While much of the security field tends to focus on ransomware and potential solutions, IT pro’s are missing some of the newer, stealthier threats. Fileless malware is one of these, with an increasing prevalence and frequency.

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The Malwarebytes Report: The 2016 Global Malware Landscape

“U.S. most targeted country”

Malwarebytes has reported that the United States has more than any other country been the target by malware in the most amount of categories. The only category that leads the United States is in banking Trojan programs, where Turkey tops the chart in breaches.

Busted: bitcoin mined using government server

“Federal Reserve employee caught mining on the job”

Apparently not everyone at the Federal Reserve discounts the value of Bitcoin. Now former employee Nicholas Berthaume was given a year probation and fined for using unauthorized software on a Board of Governors of the fed server.

Czechs Blame Foreign Power for Email Hack Similar to Attack in U.S.

“Tuesday hack mirrors infamous DNC breaches”

A hack on the Czech foreign ministry left the system employees utilized to email other accounts outside of the ministry. Foreign Minister Lubormir Zaoralek addressed the concerns with a focus on the severity of the situation, but assuring that all internal communications and classified documents appear unaccessed and safe.

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