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10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 23

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Businesses that use software to collect data are vulnerable to cyber risks. According to a new report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), companies are urged to follow the ‘security-by-default principle.’ ENISA warned that the potential for data to be breached, leaked, or degraded is a result of the replication of big data storage, and frequency of outsourcing big data. Companies can avoid these by implementing big data tools, such as the use of cryptography, access controls, or pseudonymisation techniques.

EU Agency warns of cyber risk from using big data tools – The Register


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The U.S. Insurance Industry is currently the largest insurance market, employing 2.5 million people. The industry is expected to experience rapid change with the addition of the Internet of Things. In an interview from Forbes contributor Robert Reiss with Vik Renjen of SVP Sutherland Global Services,   Renjen says he sees the industry transforming in a couple ways – with geospacial applications, environmental sensors, connected biometrics, diagnostics, and lastly, with carrier process transformation. These new opportunities for finer product segmentation will help improve loss control and accelerate premium growth.

5 Ways IoT will Transform the Insurance Industry – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 MapR is expanding its free training on Hadoop and Spark since the advanced analytics market is growing very quickly. MapR is considered one of the three biggest Apache Hadoop distribution companies. Many developers, administrators, and data analysts will benefit from the skills offered by MapR’s free on-demand Hadoop training, including hands-on labs, exercises and quizzes. Additionally, students can complete certification exams that lead to Hadoop and HBase professional designations.

Free Hadoop, Spark Training; Advanced Analytics Market Grows: Big Data Roundup – Informationweek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 We’re used to hearing about the IoT… but have you heard of the Internet of Emotions? Companies largely rely on personalization methods, including pop-up ads, to provide value for customers. But in the near future, with devices equipped with facial, vocal, and biometric sensors that will be able to analyze and influence our feelings, personalization will be influenced by this “Internet of Emotions, With the combination of the IoT and “IoE”, humans could be forced to become more emotionally aware, as machines are already doing the same.

The Internet of Emotions: Putting the person back into personalization – Mashable

10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 38

Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to consider: HSBC blames the banking outage on a DDoS attack and claims that everything is fine, contrary to what the customers believe. OpenSSL cryptographic code library suffered a high-severity vulnerability that allowed attackers to obtain the key’s to decrypts secured communication. NYC has launched an investigation into four baby monitor companies that have been lacking in security for their devices. A report released by a security researcher revealed that UK businesses are 25% more likely to suffer from constant threats.

HSBC online banking suffers major outage, blames DDoS attack Publication: Ars Technica Reporter name: Kelly Fiveash

HSBC has been battling an apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its online banking system for the past few hours. HSBC blamed the outage on a DDoS attack, and attempted to spin the whole thing as a success story to mainstream news outlets. By way of example, witness this headline over at ITV News. The bank’s customers may see things a little differently, however, given the major disruption to the service on what will be one of the busiest days of the year for many people. Not only is the final Friday of the month payday for many folk in the UK, it’s also the end of January—which is a big deal for any freelance bods currently filing their annual tax returns.

High-severity bug in OpenSSL allows attackers to decrypt HTTPS traffic Publication: Ars Technica Reporter name: Dan Goodin

Maintainers of the OpenSSL cryptographic code library have fixed a high-severity vulnerability that made it possible for attackers to obtain the key that decrypts communications secured in HTTPS and other transport layer security channels. While the potential impact is high, the vulnerability can be exploited only when a variety of conditions are met. First, it’s present only in OpenSSL version 1.0.2. Applications that rely on it must use groups based on the digital signature algorithm to generate ephemeral keys based on the Diffie Hellman key exchange. By default, servers that do this will reuse the same private Diffie-Hellman exponent for the life of the server process, and that makes them vulnerable to the key-recovery attack.

NYC Launches Investigation Into Hackable Baby Monitors Publication: Wired Reporter name: Andy Greenberg

On Wednesday the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation into the baby monitor industry’s hackable vulnerabilities, sending subpoenas to four companies—which the agency has declined to name for now—demanding information about their security practices. The subpoenas, according to the agency, demand to see evidence to back up claims that the companies make about the security of their devices, complaints they’ve received about unauthorized access to the cameras, their use of encryption on the devices, and their history of handling vulnerabilities discovered in the devices, including alerting customers, releasing patches, and whether those patches were actually implemented by the devices’ owners.

UK businesses under constant and increasing malware threat Publication: ITProPortal Reporter name: Sead Fadilpasic

UK’s businesses have had a bigger chance of being attacked by a malware than those in the US or the Republic of Ireland in December 2015, a new report by security researchers suggest. The risk of malware infection in the UK thus increased 17 percent, the company concludes, with the number of active malware families increasing by 25 percent. The company says more than 1,500 different active malware families were identified in December, up from 1,200 in November same year.

10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 37

Your daily digest of “All Things Security” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Security Practice team.

Big items to consider: HSBC has been hit by a cyber attack causing its personal banking website and mobile application to shut down, only weeks after a systems failure that left thousands of its customers without access to digital services. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab spotted attackers using malicious Microsoft Word documents distributed via spearphishing emails to spread the Black Energy Trojan in Ukraine. Last year was a record year for malware, according to a new report from Panda Security, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of the year. A bug exposed an Uber driver’s tax information including her name and social security number to all drivers who logged onto their dashboard in what the company calls, a ‘bug.’

HSBC cyber attack brings Internet banking to its knees – Publication: Financial Times – Reporter name: Emma Dunkley

HSBC has been hit by a cyber attack causing its personal banking website and mobile application to shut down, only weeks after a systems failure that left thousands of its customers without access to digital services. The bank said in a statement that it had “successfully defended against the attack, and customer transactions were not affected.” However by early afternoon on Friday its online banking services were still unavailable to some customers. Alex Kwiatkowski, a senior strategist at software group Misys, said the attack was “very concerning” and “shines a bright spotlight” upon HSBC’s systems weaknesses.

BlackEnergy malware deployed using malicious Word docs – Publication: SC Magazine – Reporter name: Robert Abel

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab spotted attackers using malicious Microsoft Word documents distributed via spearphishing emails to spread the Black Energy Trojan in Ukraine. Russian-speaking threat actors in the BlackEnergy APT group have been using malicious Excel and PowerPoint files to spread the group’s malware since last year but Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team Director Costin Raiu claimed this was the first time Word documents have been used. The BlackEnergy APT group has been actively targeting energy, government and media in Ukraine, and industrial controls systems supervisory control and data acquisition (ICS/SCADA) and energy companies worldwide.

 27% of all malware variants in history were created in 2015 – Publication: CSO Online – Reporter name: Maria Korolov

Last year was a record year for malware, according to a new report from Panda Security, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of the year. Trojans continued to account for the main bulk of malware, at 51.45 percent, followed by viruses at 22.79 percent, worms at 13.22 percent, potentially unwanted programs such as adware at 10.71 percent and cases of spyware at 1.83 percent.

‘Bug’ Exposes Uber Driver’s Tax Information, Including Name and Social Security Number – Publication: Forbes – Reporter name: Kelly Phillips

It was an über bad day for one driver who had her personal tax information, including her Social Security number, exposed due to what the drive on demand company is calling a “bug.” When Uber drivers logged on to the Uber partner dashboard to check their own 1099 information for 2015, they instead received information relating to someone else: a Florida woman who also drives for the company. The form in question was a federal form 1099-K, Merchant Card and Third Party Network Payments. Technically, drivers for Uber are not employees which is why they fill out the 1099-MISC. The driver’s 1099-K information remained on the Uber dashboard for a short time and it’s not known how many other drivers might have viewed it during that time. When made aware of the error, the company removed the tax tab on the dashboard altogether while the mistake was corrected.

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 22

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Within the last couple of years, every industry is starting to look to big data to help add business value. Colleges and universities, have begun to link disparate information from across campus. However, big questions still remain: how will schools use big data for existing privacy and security policies? and how will big data help with a more diverse student population?

Big Data’s Coming Of Age In Higher Education – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The next wave of automation is here and it involves making the Internet invisible and ubiquitous. One of the more famous applications for IoT whas been innovation in home appliances like the thermostat, which can now be turned on remotely. Surprisingly, retail IoT products like ovens, door locks and baby monitors have yet to find a firm ground among consumers perhaps due to security concerns. At hospitals, IoT will allow a patient’s vital signs to be monitored via a sensor in her hospital bed, and trigger medication and outreach to doctors and nurses at programmed intervals, as well as provide updates to family members. The floodgates to the machine-to-machine (M2M) market have opened up and will only be accelerated going forward.

IoT Ushers In A New Wave Of Automation – PYMNTS


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 eCommerce around the world is growing quickly- in France especially. eCommerce in France was worth 64.9 billion euros last year and could reach the 70 billion euro milestone this year. For 2016, Fevad expects consumers to make nearly 1 billion transactions this year. It is also believed that there will be more than 200,000 eCommerce platforms for the French to choose from by the end of 2016.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Chinese eCommerce powerhouse, Alibaba, is hoping its good third-quarter report will help reassure investors worried about the state of the Chinese economy. Alibaba is benefiting from a shift to mobile spending and a growth in users. Mobile spending accounted for 65 per cent of total China retail revenue, up from 30 per cent last year. Annual active buyers rose 22 per cent to 407 million.

Ecommerce in France was worth €65 billion in 2015 – eCommerce News

Alibaba’s profit jumps on strong eCommerce sales – The Star Business


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Telecom operators are expected to increase their reliance on software technologies based on NFV and SDN to reduce costs and compete with well established providers. The TBR report claims telecom operators over the next year will look to focus on consolidation and cost-cutting initiatives “to improve the profitability of their enterprise business,” citing recent moves by CenturyLink and Verizon Communications in looking to divest their data centers. Another influences was IBM’s recent acquisition of AT&T’s managed application and hosting service business. TBR also noted carriers were adopting NFV and SDN to reduce costs and gain agility in service offerings.

NFV and SDN core to telecom operators service positioning – RCR Wireless

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 18

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 InfoWorld highlights big-data vendor, Talend, which is following in the footsteps of two of the hottest  open-source technologies in big data — Hadoop and Apache Spark. Talend provides integration technologies for big data, cloud and applications based on the open-source software model. Because of this, the company  has placed a significant bet of its own on Hadoop, Spark, and open source in general.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 With modern humanity continuing to generate large sets of data, machine learning has become a relevant tool to help researchers interpret all of this information.. These machines have been helpful in analyzing complex networks, yet some supercomputers still present problems. Now, a new approach that would use quantum computers to streamline these problems has been developed by researchers at MIT, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Southern California. They believe this approach, which uses algebraic topology, will help reduce the impact of distortions that arise.

Why open source is the ‘new normal’ for big data – InfoWorld

A new quantum approach to big data – MIT News

Cybercom: OPM Hack Highlights China Big Data Spying – The Washington Free Beacon


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Splice Machine has secured $9m in C-round funding to continue its efforts in connecting Hadoop and relational database management systems (RDBMS) technologies together. Splice Machine aims to have an RDBMS running on top of Hadoop and Spark and aims to increase performance over traditional RDBMS, such as Oracle and MySQL, at a lower cost.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Cloud-scale data processing software, Qubole, raised $30 million to aid its mission in simplifying Hadoop by allowing users to manipulate information in their cloud-based analytics clusters without writing any code. The additions aim to make Qubole’s Hadoop distribution more viable for sensitive workloads, such as healthcare information and financial records.

Splice Machine bags $9m to fund RDBMS on Hadoop and Spark – The Register

What you missed in Big Data: Hadoop is the star of the show – SiliconAngle


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Because IoT is all about connectivity, there have been many alternatives rising for getting data from “here to there.” A new breed of low-power, long-range wireless networks have arisen and are now being used by several companies. But there is also a new option: LPWANs. These networks are designed to work at distances measured in kilometers and have power consumption figures that allow for years of battery power. Another option is LTE-M, which is designed to work with existing equipment installed in LTE networks. Although neither technology is a fool-proof solution for IoT devices, they still provide newer options for carriers and companies to chose from.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 As most organizations now embrace the IoT, they still need to process and analyze the subsequent, large quantities of data in real-time, which can increase security, capacity and analytics challenges.One way to address these would be to put automated, intelligent analytics at the edge — near where the data is generated to reduce the amount of data and networking communications overhead. The questions of what data can be collected, what data should be collected, and how long the data should be retained still apply. The difference is the physical point at which the data should be analyzed and acted upon, which depends on the use-case and on what an organization is trying to achieve.

Does The Internet Of Things Really Need Dedicated Low-Power WANs? – Forbes

Edge Analytics An Antidote To IoT Data Deluge  – Informationweek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Salesforce saw growth like never before in 2015 with an estimated 1 million jobs projected by 2018 that will be directly enabled by the Salesforce ecosystem. That being said, CloudCraze, Salesforce’s only enterprise-class eCommerce partner, is poised to lead the forefront of cloud innovation for 2016. CEO Chris Dalton provides insight for how he believes eCommerce will be effected in the future with the use of CloudCraze.

CloudCraze Has Changed The Face of eCommerce For Salesforce: An Interview With CEO Chris Dalton – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15  According to a recent  report from the OpenStack Foundation, Accelerating NFV Delivery with OpenStack, NFV is changing the game for telcos because it helps them quickly develop and deploy new applications while reducing their reliance on proprietary hardware from traditional network suppliers, and eases the strain on their data centers. Although adoption of NFV remains in its infancy, it is already projected to grow rapidly by the end of the decade.

More telcos turning to NFV to cut costs and provision services – Computer Weekly

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 17

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Huffington Post compared the massive onslaught of data coming from digital sources to the Gold Rush, noting that as a result of this ever-expanding abundance of data, big data is increasingly the focus at most companies. International Data Corporation estimates that spending on big data technology and services will hit $125 billion in 2015, and is likely to experience double-digit growth for several years to come. Currently, firms are overwhelmed by the “big” in big data, and searching for ways to focus on “smart” data with tangible results.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 China’s Alibaba Group Holding Limited is stepping up its efforts to take on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the cloud with new multi-billion dollar partnership with Nvidia Corp. that will see  Alibaba’s AliCloud adopt Nvidia’s chips to run the new services. While AWS and Microsoft are unlikely to be concerned yet, they will surely start keeping tabs on AliCloud.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Syncsort, 250 prominent respondents including data architects, IT managers, developers, business intelligence and data analysts were surveyed by big data services provider, Syncsort, on big data trends to watch in 2016. The three biggest trends are: Apache Spark production deployments, Conversion from other platforms to Hadoop, and Leveraging Hadoop for advanced use cases.


The Big Data Gold Rush: Will Wall Street Be Left Behind? – Huffington Post

Nvidia to power AliCloud’s new Deep Learning and Big Data services – SiliconANGLE

New Hadoop survey makes big data predictions for 2016 – ZD Net


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 A new report by Forrester Research’s big data analysts say that adopting Hadoop is mandatory for any organization that wishes to do advanced analytics and get actionable insights on their data. With an estimated 60 % to 73% of enterprises’ data going unused for business intelligence and analytics, Forrester predicts that as many application developers and delivery professionals are already adopting Hadoop “en masse,” Hadoop adoption by large enterprises will eventually reach 100%. The research and analyst firm included Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR among the top tier vendors of Hadoop software, with IBM and Pivotal rounding out Forrester’s top five picks.

The top 5 Hadoop distributions, according to Forrester – Network World


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 RCR Wireless News examines the relationship between LTE and the Internet of Things, noting that IoT is not really one-size fits all. Because of this, LTE categorizes data rate transmissions by uplink and downlink speed (Category 0 caps both uplink and downlink at 1 megabit per second; Category 1 caps uplink speeds at 5.2 Mbps and downlink speeds at 10.3 Mbps). The article goes on to report that 3GPP is working on standards for three new cellular IoT technologies, and Nokia, Ericsson and Intel are working together to develop and bring to market the products needed for the commercialization of NB-IoT.

LTE and IoT – RCR Wireless

Advanced Analytics 

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 With assistance from Accenture, the U.S. Food and Nutrition Services has turned to advanced analytics software from SAS to spot possible fraud, such as trafficking Electronic Benefit cards and skimming cash, which typically occurs at smaller urban and rural stores. The agency’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) has stepped up efforts to root out abusers by focusing on stores and individuals engaged in such fraudulent activity by sifting through tens of thousands of transactions per month and data mining them for patterns. Once abusers are caught, the FNS dispenses penalties ranging from a 12-month disqualification to permanent exclusion from the program, depending on the severity of the violation. Individuals can also receive penalties, including a loss of benefits.

USDA Uses Advanced Analytics to Fight Fraud – Baseline


10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Growth marketing and user engagement platform, Iterable announced it has closed a $9.2 million Series A round of funding to help close the personalization gap between what consumers want and what marketers can deliver.  Research shows that personalization has a high return on investment, which brings a big opportunity to vendors to reach consumers, however 80% of consumer-facing companies don’t understand their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history. With its new funding, Iterable also plans to accelerate growth, extend the functionality of its platform, and grow its team.

Iterable raises $8M to help marketers bridge the personalization gap – Venture Beat


10 FOLD ICON 15x15  A report issued by the OpenStack Foundation, “Accelerating NFV Delivery with OpenStack,” makes a case for using OpenStack to replace the costly, proprietary hardware often employed with NFV, both inside and outside of telecoms. The paper also shows how many telecom-specific NFV features — such as support for multiple IPv6 prefixes — are being requested or submitted by telecoms that are OpenStack users. The survey also lists network function virtualization as the second-largest OpenStack technology. To that end, even if OpenStack is a major force in NFV, the question is whether enterprises interested in NFV/SDN will adopt OpenStack as their solution.

OpenStack digs for deeper value in telecoms, network virtualization – Info World

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 16

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big data continues to be an anti-trust issue after the European Union’s Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager argued that data by tech firms, most notably those with US headquarters, are competitively harmful. Vestager believes that with only a few companies controlling the data needed to satisfy customers and cut costs, then they will have the power to drive rivals out of the market.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big data has affected many industries recently including the US legal system. The US legal system generates a huge amount of data with an average of 350,000 new cases brought to US courts annually. The first big data tools that have become available to lawyers generally focuses on billing, time management, marketing and customer relations functions. Digitalization and big data will undoubtedly bring large benefits to the legal profession in the future- freeing up mountains of case files in filing cabinets.

​How Big Data is Disrupting Law Firms And the Legal Profession – Forbes

When did Big Data become an Anti-trust issue? When a European Commissioner decided it is – Diginomica


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona is just five weeks away. When the doors open there will be progress reports on upcoming 5G wireless standards, an explosion of wearables, and plenty of excitement around the IoT. IoT will have a significant presence at MWC, especially in discussions. The topics that matter most revolve around standards for the devices and the wireless frequencies on which they’ll transmit their data.

Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G, IoT And Politics On Tap – Informationweek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Over the last 24 months we have seen Bitcoin emerge as mainstream. This transition is largely due to the acceptance of currency by influential eCommerce sites such as Lord & Taylor, Virgin Galactic, and NewEgg. But the announcements by these companies were dwarfed shortly after when Dell, and Apple announced they would be accepting Bitcoin.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 eCommerce startups have not have the easiest season with recent signs of strain. Online retail has been Amazon’s playground with everyone else playing in the dirt. Recently Boxed Wholesale, which sells Costco-sized groceries and household goods online and via mobile, just nabbed $100 million in financing, defying both the odds facing eCommerce startups and a sharp downturn in investors’ mood. This may attract a new audience from Amazon’s playground.


eCommerce at Large Coming Around to the Idea of Bitcoin – Cryptocoins News

Exclusive: Boxed, The E-Commerce Startup For Costco-Sized Order, Nabs $100M From Investors – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Mirantis’s OpenStack training courses surged in popularity in 2015, a likely sign of increasing adoption of the open source computing platform. Mirantis launched OpenStack training in 2012. In the past year its program expanded to include two new courses, fifteen additional locations and 5,000 students. Training doesn’t mean organizations are adopting the open source cloud computing platform at a higher rate but that engineers are interested in learning OpenStack, whether or not employers are deploying it.  It’s likely that more demand for training means higher OpenStack adoption especially because Mirantis’ training is designed to be vendor-agostic.

Mirantis: Demand for Open Source OpenStack Cloud Training Surged in 2015 – The Var Guy