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10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 43

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 For big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark, complexity remains a major barrier for their adoption. BlueData’s software makes it easier to deploy big data infrastructure and applications. Today, BlueData is launching the latest release of its EPIC software platform, which introduces several security and other upgrades to provide a smoother Big-Data-as-a-Service experience. The latest release incorporates many features and functionality enhancements requested by BlueData’s customers across multiple industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, energy, government, and education. Additional new features include more granular resource management controls, QoS-based allocation, performance optimizations, and quota enforcement for multi-tenant big data deployments. The enterprise version of BlueData’s platform now provides additional security and governance capabilities to meet enterprise-class auditing and regulatory compliance requirements.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  In order to take full advantage of big data platforms, such as Hadoop and Spark, IT and analytics teams often require a new education for configuring systems and partition data to maximize processing speeds. TechTarget examines the challenges some businesses have encountered when deploying Hadoop, including Valence Health, Progressive Insurance, and Sellpoints Inc. All organizations encountered issues with understanding Hadoop’s underlying structure and how to leverage the technology efficiently and quickly enough to receive a productive return-on-investment.

New platform aims to break down barriers to big data adoption – BetaNews

Big data platforms pose structural issues for new users – Tech Target

Self Service / Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Alteryx has deepened its relationship with Microsoft in an announcement that sees Alteryx Designer available from a virtual machine on the Azure marketplace. This extends the relationship announced in October 2015 which saw Alteryx integrate with Microsoft Power BI. Alteryx Designer users are able to create a pre-configured virtual machine to rapidly speed up their time scales for realizing the benefits of analytics of their data. Using the Alteryx Designer workflows, analysts can reduce their time to insight in what Alteryx believes is hours rather than weeks. For those companies already invested in Alteryx it also seems like it is possible to migrate licenses from existing solutions onto the Azure platform, although Alteryx need to be contacted to process this. The Alteryx designer platform on Azure will not only be pre-configured to integrate with Power-BI but will also come with other new features. Among those are pre-defined examples of workflows that allow data analysts, new to the solution, to be able to rapidly deploy insights using their own data using the examples as a template for their own solutions. Alteryx Designer also delivers an intuitive user interface for self service analytics with workflows that combine data preparation, data blending, and analytics (predictive, statistical and spatial)

How close can Alteryx and Microsoft get?–Enterprise Times


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Marketing today walks a thin line between creepiness and helpfulness. B2C offers eight suggestions for marketers to follow to avoid being viewed as a “peeping tom.” The article suggests marketers refrain from making language and targeted advertising too personal before a customer relationship has been established. Additionally, marketers should practice patience with new customers and avoid bombarding them with emails simply because they purchased one item from a website. Another tip recommends avoiding personalizing a shopper’s experienced based upon minimal searches — e-marketers should segment their viewers and customers to target them in the correct ways.

Run, Buyer, Run! When Personalization Borders on Harassment/Creepiness – B2C

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 In a new white paper from Cloud Security Alliance, there is some important information about security challenges and the increased risks of implementing virtual networks. The first risk of SDN is how SDN needs to be centralized around an overall controller that keeps track of the virtual network deployments and operations. This goes against the nature of cloud computing environments. Second, NFV infrastructure may not be compatible with existing virtual machine hypervisors and cloud servers. Third, the typical SDN deployment has its own hardware and management systems that may be unfamiliar to network administrators who are steeped in running traditional networks. The added complexity of NFV can hide potentially dire consequences including successful intruders that may manipulate the network routes. There are some benefits that can improve enterprise security with properly planned NFV, companies can build in security functions as part of their network fabric, such as intrusion prevention devices, virtual load balancers and firewalls.

Security Challenges with the Virtual Network: Part II – Security Intelligence – Security Intelligence (IBM Blog)

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 42

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Researchers have been devoting enormous energies to finding biological markers that make psychiatric diagnosis more objective.  One of the goals of computational psychiatry is to draw connections between symptoms and causes, regardless of diagnoses. However, many symptoms are shared amongst numerous conditions, and multiple conditions often occur together. To deal with this complexity doctors need more powerful tools. In the age of big data neuroscientists routinely handle extremely high-dimensional data sets. Initially, these “data-driven” efforts focused on developing automatic tools for objective diagnosis. The moderate accuracy obtained in some of these studies indicates the disorders are indeed reflected in the brain, but there are problems to overcome before such tools are clinically useful. For instance, many clinical cases are ambiguous, and it is not clear how useful classification systems, which tend to be developed using clear-cut cases, would be in those situations. However, many psychiatrists intend to go beyond diagnosis to make predictions about how an illness will proceed for a given individual, and as far as predicting suicide risk, for example, or treatment response.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  MIT is rolling out a new Big Data finishing school, which will be a one-year course for prospective students. New students can expect to pay $75,000 in tuition fees for their Master of Business Analytics degree, with classes ranging from “Data mining: Finding the Data and Models that Create Value” to “Applied Probability”.  MIT announced the courses this month and is confident that there will be no shortage of people willing to sign up. They expect that each course will attract 15-20 applicants who feel they have the requisite strength in math, computer science, and statistics. High quality global journalism requires investment. With more devices being connected to the Internet, the amount of data that can be sifted by businesses is growing rapidly, as are the investments by companies seeking to keep pace with this trend. Workers who can demonstrate that they have advanced data skills are in high demand. Big Data is becoming increasingly more important for companies; when LinkedIn analyzed global recruitment activity on its site over the course of 2015, it ranked “statistical analysis and data mining” as the second-hottest set of skills, after expertise in cloud and distributed computing.

Can Big Data Help Psychiatry Unravel the Complexity of Mental Illness? – Scientific America

New courses target the need for managers and techies to talk to each other as data proliferate – Financial Times


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Gadgets 360 reports that India has big plans with the global IoT business, and expects to gain $300 billion by 2020, as well as gain 20 percent of market shares in another five years. These claims were made by Vice President of Nasscom (Industrial Initiative) K S Vishwanathan, who told reporters in Coimbatore that depending on the success of his newest venture, Coimbatore hub, he is expecting to launch centers in Pune, Baroda and Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Vishwanathan also claimed nearly 1,000 startups are being added every year in India, which would make India third in the world in terms of numbers and continued growth.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about the Internet of Things in the consumer space. However, another area it’s making a difference is in heavy industries, which allow businesses to optimize big machinery and infrastructure they count upon. IIoT in a business sense has a lot of people excited, especially because of its ability for big machinery to be connected and talking to one another. Industries such as aerospace, defense, oil, and gas, are already proving the benefits IIoT offer their companies. One such company that is benefiting is the Railway Collision Avoidance System from Intelligence on Wheels. The company uses GPS to understand where it’s traveling and on which part of the track – as well as sensors to understand whether it’s on the left or right-hand side of the rail.

India to Capture 20 Percent of IoT Market: Nasscom – Gadgets

Seven industrial internet of things examples: IoT in heavy industry – ComputerWorldUK


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Spring is here and CIO offers 13 helpful “spring cleaning tips” to help improve your eCommerce site. Some of the top suggested tips they offered were: audit your company’s  website to understand which pages are performing well and which are not to help duplicate the pages that are successful and revamp the ones that are getting little to no views. The article also suggests webmasters complete an image inventory to ensure all photos are optimized images and up to date. Old images can date a website faster than words, and new images can make your site feel fresh. Additionally important is to ensure  all links work. Having broken links can have bad SEO implications. Using tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool will flag any pages that load with a ‘404 not found error’ page.

13 ecommerce spring cleaning tips – CIO

Self Service and Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The stakes are high in the world of analytics and reporting.  According to Gartner, through 2016, only 10 percent of self-service business intelligence initiatives will be sufficiently well governed to prevent inconsistencies that adversely affect the business.  Without appropriate processes and governance, self-service capabilities can introduce multiple versions of the truth, increase errors in reporting, and leave companies exposed to inconsistent information. Many organizations struggle to find the right approach.  Everyone wants access to data, and they don’t necessarily want to rely on IT.  But on the other hand, they want to be able to rely on the quality of any reports / dashboards they are leveraging.  This CIO article suggests investing in BI and analytic environments that allow experimentation and data discovery., then follow up with resilient operationalized analytics solutions where a repeatable value is identified.

How partnerships between IT and the business breed success–CIO

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Last week at ONS in Santa Clara, the ONOS community (open source SDN networking OS for service providers) showcased its latest software release, Falcon. Along with other new applications, the release supports the central office re-architected as Data Center (CORD) project enhances support for “southbound” SDN protocols. CORD is a collaborative effort between AT&T and the Open Networking Lab to unify SDN, NFV and cloud technologies. Also during the summit, NEC Corporation of America announced the latest release of its ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite. The five-year-old ProgrammableFlow was the first commercial SDN solution to leverage the open source OpenFlow protocol, according to NEC. The new release optimizes the ability to manage and control networks, with improved network security and more operational cost savings.

Open Networking Summit Sees New Open Source ONOS Release, NEC Programmableflow Update – Virtualization Review

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 38

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Data scientists are in high demand, and at the same time they are in short supply. This is due to data science being a relatively new field, and universities are only just starting their own programs to train up a new generation of big data experts. Because of this high demand, good data scientists command high salaries, and bringing a full time data scientist on at a small business with a low budget simply isn’t a choice. However, there has been a shift to using freelance data scientist. Instead of hiring full time data science professionals to oversee all big data projects within an organization, the company instead hires on a per project basis. This is especially important for smaller businesses, since the time between big data projects at that level can often be lengthy. Passing over the full time option means a business wouldn’t have to worry about paying a big data expert when they have nothing for them to do. This added flexibility also leads to choosing data experts based off of their individual talents. For example, if a big data project requires hiring a data scientist with expertise in sales, the small business can do so. Their fees aren’t based off of a salary but rather on the milestones reached in the project.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  According to VentureBeat, Attivio raised $31 million to help companies make sense of big data.  The Massachusetts-based startup promises to “accelerate data discovery,” which they announced today when they closed the $31 million deal. The investment will help the company meet investors’ expectation of turning profitable “later this year.” Oak Investment Partners invested in Attivio and had this to say, “Our increased investment underscores our belief that Attivio has game-changing capabilities for enterprises that have yet to unlock the full value of Big Data.” This is a big year for Attivio, who also highlighted such recent business victories as landing lab equipment maker Thermo Fisher Scientific as a client and partnering with medical informatics shop PerkinElmer.

The Benefits of Hiring Freelance Big Data Experts – Smart Data Collective

Attivio Raises $31 Million to Help Companies Make Sense of Big Data – VentureBeat


10 FOLD ICON 15x15The global Hadoop market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 53% over the next four years. Several factors such as data explosion in enterprises and demand for cost-effective solutions to meet big data analytics needs contribute to the growth of this market. However, the market is witnessing a lack of trained and talented technical experts. Companies are unaware of the technologies concerned and skills required for managing big data. As per the forecast, this market will witness a gradual shift towards Software as a Service (SaaS)-based Hadoop solutions as it helps enterprises save cost and gain a better user experience.

Global Hadoop Market 2015 – Industry Analysis, Shares, Size, Research, and Forecast to 2019 – Digital Journal



10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IoT is progressively gaining momentum throughout the Middle East and Africa (MEA). This is helping the Middle East due to the continuous drop in oil prices, which is causing governments and businesses to cut their spending budgets. Despite these new restrictions, MEA governments and businesses are looking to diversify their investments into long-term smart technology initiatives that will help enhance their competitive advantage and improve their levels of customer satisfaction. This objective has meant that IoT spending has been largely resilient to the growing budget cuts currently sweeping across other areas of the economy.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Consequently, a number of countries in the MEA region are being challenged to meet growing demands for power in order to facilitate the expansion of various business sectors. At the same time, the advocacy surrounding sustainable and clean energy today is spurring growth in smart utilities investments. As a result, the country is seeing an increase in the deployment of so-called Smart Grids (both for electricity and gas) due to the energy management improvements that they provide. Such investments will see IoT spending related to utilities in MEA increase 14 percent year over year in 2016 to total $647.94 million.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 According to “The Future is Connected” report from SITA – the leading global IT provider to the air transport industry – 83 percent of air travel passengers have smartphones, which allows the unifying technology to provide a connected end-to-end experience. “Half of airlines expect to have IoT initiatives up and running over the next three years. Meanwhile, airports are building the infrastructure to support IoT. Together, this will deliver improved operations and will lead to a change in the passengers’ experience,” said Nigel Pickford, director Market Insight, SITA. Smartphones are reshaping travel behavior and with growth rates of around 80 percent or more at the check-in and boarding pass stages, it is clear that air travelers are keen to use this unifying technology.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 According to The Economist, sensor-filled “beans,” developed by Andrew Holland, an electronics engineer from Swaffham Bulbeck, could provide an answer to many a farmer’s prayers. Mixed into the contents of the beans are sensors that help report continuously on the temperature and humidity (both of which encourage rotting if they are too high) and on carbon-dioxide levels, which reflect the amount of insect breath exhaled, and thus the level of infestation. If the beans do well at monitoring grain, Holland hopes their other applications will make them an important part of the much-discussed IoT. Ultimately, some believe these beans will help link many things (such as food crops) not currently connected electronically.

‘Internet of Things’ to Transform Air Travel Experience Globally: Report – Zee News India

Cool Beans – The Economist


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Bosch is working together with partners to combine the technical standards of Germany’s “Industrie 4.0” platform and of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) for the first time. This is concerning many people, because if all the energy-intensive machinery in Bosch’s Homburg plant runs at the same time, it can potentially lead to very high electricity consumption at peak times. As a result,the increase in electricity pushes up the cost of manufacturing the hydraulic valves. By using software to manage production and electricity consumption as effectively as possible, energy demand can be optimized and peak loads reduced by up to ten percent. The partners combine their expertise to optimize energy consumption at the plant. Bosch continuously collects data from all the machinery in the plant, generating a stream of information about the electricity consumed in the process of manufacturing the hydraulic valves for agricultural machinery.

Bosch combines “Industrie 4.0” platform and Industrial Internet Consortium standards for the first time – Automotive World


10 FOLD ICON 15x15UK-based, B2B ecommerce software company, On Demand Solutions,  has now launched an ecommerce software solution for B2C retailers. The new solution focuses especially on small and medium-sized companies, and has omni-channel functionality. Additional features allow smaller ecommerce players a responsive online storefront, and ability to control multiple webstores through one CMS, enabling clients to sell their products through multiple marketplaces. Features of these webstores include social media links, intergration with MailChimp, product reviews, vouchers, best-selling items and integration with Google Adwords, Amazon and Ebay. It also integrates with ERP back office software including SAP Enterprise, SAP Business One, Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Astute.

ODSNet launches B2C ecommerce software solution – Ecommerce News UK

Software Defined Networks

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Yesterday, Microsoft announced it is giving away free software it designed for its own internal use called Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC). SONiC is software used to run software defined networking,  which threatens to overturn Cisco’s stranglehold on the network switch industry. SDN takes features that an expensive switch offers and puts them into software, making networks easier to program, update and change. Microsoft is giving SONiC software away as part of its work with the Open Compute Project (OCP), an organization founded by Facebook to build open source hardware for data centers the same way that the people behind the Linux operating system do with free, open source software. The two big companies that are not working with SONiC are VMware and Cisco – which could mean trouble for them in the future.

Microsoft just joined Facebook and fired a huge shot at Cisco – Business Insider

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 35

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Forbes details PBS’s latest documentary, “The Human Face of Big Data,” about the collection and analysis of data to predict the onset of potentially deadly infection in premature babies. This collection and analysis of relevant data to this infection, titled Project Artemis, shows how data can lead to better outcomes, or in this case, even save lives. However, this potential can only be realized if we clearly establish what we want to learn from the data, and begin collecting more of it. However, the author points out that what the documentary doesn’t correctly explain is that “big data” doesn’t necessarily mean “best data,” pointing out the lack of diversity in the research shown in the documentary.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Big data solutions have become persuasive and transformational elements in the insurance industry. They have enabled insurers to leverage advanced analytics to distillate data, especially customer data, from a broader range of sources and extract more insightful and actionable information they can use to improve pricing, claims settlement, risk options and more customer-centric products. Insurers that take advantage of big data’s ability to effectively integrate disparate sources of customer information more effectively will create a learning engine. Alternately, as customers increasingly leverage multi-channels and devices to access their information, insurers must quickly match them to a product and be prepared to manage all regulations accordingly. Insurers who can embrace regulatory challenges and implement effective strategies to interpret the growing amount of customer data available will stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.

A New Documentary Reveals A One-Dimensional Face of Big Data – Forbes

Big Data and Insurance: How Insurers are Leveraging Big Data to Transform the Industry – InsideBigData


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Nokia Growth Partners has just announced a new $350 million fund focused on IoT — and sponsored exclusively by Nokia. The fund will primarily invest in promising companies surrounding the Connected Enterprise, Consumer Solutions, Connected Car and Digital Health, and will also enable technologies with a focus on capabilities in big data and analytics. Nokia’s focus will be on driving new opportunities via IoT in a collaborative and open way.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Singtel and Ericsson are also embracing an IoT initiative, announcing their collaboration on enabling Singtel’s 4G network for the IoT, including a trial of narrowband IoT technology during the latter half of 2016. Instead of using cellular networks for the IoT, narrowband low-power, long-range, wide-area networks that use available, unlicensed radio spectrum could allow for extended coverage and less complex devices with higher battery life, meaning more connected devices overall. According to Ericsson, 28 billion connected devices are expected by 2021. Such devices requiring long battery lives and better coverage include temperature, air quality, and flood water sensors – all which are focuses within the new collaboration.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a new, non-profit foundation dedicated to creating open standards for the IoT, says its main goal is to “help unify IoT standards so that companies and developers can create IoT solutions and devices that work seamlessly together.” OCF is fronted by big-name tech companies including Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung. The foundation is an expansion and a rebranding of a previous non-profit foundation that sought to achieve the same goal – the Open Internet Consortium – but its new guise covers more markets and so has a greater chance of gaining broad acceptance for whatever it develops. The OCF hopes to have certified products on the market by the end of the year.


Nokia Growth Partners Announces $350M Fund Focused On IoT – TechCrunch

Singtel and Ericsson trialling narrowband networks for IoT – ZDNet

Top new IoT foundation (yeah, another one) to develop open standards – The Register


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Alibaba-backed digital payments and eCommerce company, Paytm, could soon permeate the luxury space by launching an online and mobile ecommerce platform exclusively for luxury products. The company has roped in marquee luxury brands like Gucci, Fendi, Furla and Burberry for its mobile luxury platform Anasa, and is courting more brands. Sources said Paytm is referring to Anasa as a first-of-its-kind luxury mall on mobile which can provide “the right environment and market positioning to showcase luxury brands” to high net-worth individuals, or HNIs.

Paytum plans to launch eCommerce platform for luxury products ropes in Gucci, Furla, and Burberry – Economic Times

Software Defined Networking

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Today Nokia announced its plan to acquire Canadian security company Nakina Systems. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Nokia plans to use Nakina to support customers facing security threats from mobile broadband expansion, software-defined networks, cloud services and the Internet of Things. Nokia also intends to use Nakina’s technology to add identity access, configuration management and orchestration services to its security portfolio.

Nokia buys Canadian security software vendor Nakina Systems – ZDNet

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 32

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Many companies of various sizes believe they have to collect their own data to see benefits from big data analytics. Forbes has put together a list of 35 free data sets for anyone willing to analyze them. Some of these include US Government owned websites – data.gov, and the US Census Bureau census.gov/data.html. Others range from educational organizations (UCLA) to research institutions (National Climatic Data Center).

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Instead of building a single, huge data lake, many companies now prefer to build their own “data ponds.” This is done to have more control over data and infrastructure with extra flexibility and efficiency. Yet the problem with data ponds is the fear of them turning into ‘data swamps.’ This is when the data becomes a nightmare for the IT department and the efficiency of the pond is no longer beneficial to the organization. Building a single data lake should be the answer but it’s not that easy. Although consolidation of data and compute with conventional big data tools has some major issues, it’s clear that ponds are not sustainable in the long term. When considering restructuring data infrastructure, one must consider multiple aspects: revision of traditional data, whether or not virtualization is a fit for said data, orchestration, and resource contention.

Big Data: 35 Brilliant And Free Data Sources for 2016 – Forbes

Big Data Lakes? Too many ponds, that’s the problem – The Register


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Microsoft is attempting to tackle the world of smartphones, and tablets, but they’re also focusing on cloud-computing and the technology’s position as the backdrop to military operations. Microsoft recently developed a proof-of-concept that can track operational information regarding military brigade deployments. Specifically with the use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing platform, armed forces can view in detail sensory and data inputs to help manage real time strategies. The tool is a great blend of raw data and real-time asset management that utilizes the growing industry of IoT.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Cisco’s acquisition of Jasper’s technologies sheds some light on the IoT industry. First,  IoT management platforms are leading the market. Cisco’s acquisition of Jasper represents a strong validation that IoT management services such as analytics, management, or security, are generating more traction in the market compared to IoT solution development services. Second, consolidation in the IoT market is happening early. Third, IoT incumbents are playing hard, early. This acquisition is another sign that top enterprise software companies are committed to lead innovation in the enterprise IoT space. Fourth, Cisco is now relevant with IoT manufacturers and consumers. One of the unique aspects of the Jasper IoT platform is that it was not only used by enterprise customers, but also by IoT service providers and manufacturers. This unique market position will offer Cisco’s IoT solutions a series of distribution channels typically hard to develop by other enterprise IoT platform providers. Lastly, it’s getting harder for IoT standalone platforms to compete, as this acquisition has proven another example of the competitiveness in the enterprise IoT market and the challenges faced by IoT platform startups trying to survive as standalone companies.

Microsoft’s latest Azure powered proof-of-concept combines the military and IoT – WinBeta

5 things we learned from Cisco’s acquisition of Jasper Technologies – CIO

Cognitive Computing

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Last year, Gartner predicted that by 2017, most business users and analysts will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis. To capture that market, IBM launched Watson Analytics in December 2014 as a new kind of analytics solution designed for non-traditional data scientists or statisticians. The service extends cognitive computing to line-of-business users by linking natural language processing with guided data discovery, and in doing so, helps users remove bias from their analysis by providing suggestions on starting points for interrogating their data. This slideshow by eWeek shows which companies are utilizing IBM’s Watson, and how.

Putting IBM’s Watson Analytics to Work – From Law to Universities – eWeek

Software Defined Networks

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The SDS market has been hampered by the limited vision and proprietary objectives of the leading hypervisor vendors. TechTarget shares two reasons why you should not lose faith despite all the hype surrounding the software-defined storage market. First is the delivery of specialized archival gateway appliances as virtual machines. Second is the introduction of adaptive parallel I/O technology, which leverages a full SDS stack to optimize raw storage I/O throughput and delivers ridiculously fast processing at an extraordinarily low cost.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 AT&T today announced a roadmap for research, development and ultimate commercialization of next-generation 5G mobile networks in partnership with Ericsson and Intel. John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president for AT&T Technology and Operations, said the the new network type would enable advanced applications like virtual reality, self-driving cars, robotics, smart cities and more.

Bringing focus to the software-defined storage market – Tech Target

AT&T unveils 5G roadmap; SDN, NFV key enablers – RCR Wireless News

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 29

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The big data industry now has many markets for the various categories of products and services that make up the industry. Data Vendors are the companies that sell raw material of pure, unadulterated data for data analytics, and businesses such as Microsoft Azure Datamarket or DatastreamX act as data marketplaces, where businesses can offer their own data for sale as well as buy it in. Infrastructure and Platform Providers are the vendors that offer their installations and services based around the most popular open source big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. Big data consulting companies help get analytics projects up and running and make the most data available- these include Cloudera and Hortonworks with Hadoop. Other markets include: general purpose analytics vendors, specialist analytics vendors, and visualization solutions vendors.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 With valentine’s day coming up the big question is- can data save your love life? Datings apps seem to think so. More than 11% of Americans have tried online dating with a large success rate. Christian Rudder, cofounder of OKCupid, found that the success of data sites and apps isn’t just about finding the right algorithm, but finding the right data, as many online daters may report inaccurate information about themselves. Online dating programs that also ask users to provide permission to scan their other accounts (such as Netflix, Spotify, or Facebook) to refine their searches tend to have higher success rates in providing matches. Other ways that data can improve relationships, at least for the data nerd, is providing insight to where one’s loved one may be spending their time and money the most online, or understand how to become more creative in the Valentines they give by viewing the data reported from major gift providers like 1800flowers.com or 123greetings.

How To Find The Best Big Data Product Or Service Vendors? – Forbes

Can Big Data Save your Love Life? Online Dating Apps say “Yes” – Dataconomy


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has testified to the Senate that IoT devices could be used by unspecified intelligence agencies to perform a variety of snooping activities, including things like tracking, surveillance, and even finding targets to recruit. Previously, the Office of Personnel Management, Homeland Security, and FBI staff were hacked, revealing the personal contact details of thousands of employees. Because concerns around security are increasing, the FTC is pushing harder towards increased security in the future.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Cisco warned on Monday of serious flaws it found in an Internet-connected thermostat control, which the company said are typical among products of vendors who aren’t well-versed in network security. The flaws were found in the ComfortLink II thermostats made by Trane. The thermostats allow users to control room temperature from a mobile device, display the weather and even act as a digital photo frame. Trane was notified in April 2014. It patched two of the vulnerabilities in April 2015 and the final one on Jan. 27, a Cisco threat researcher reported.

US intelligence director: IoT can be used to spy, recruit – Slash Gear

Flaws in Trane thermostats underscore IoT security risks, Cisco says – CSO

Self Service and Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Several articles today discussed how VMware gave enterprise a BYOD boost with three new tools. Single-Sign On access will leverage Secure App Token Systems for authentication to allow employees instant self-service access to a personalized enterprise application store where they can subscrbe to virtually an mobile, cloud or Windows applications. Workspace One will include consumer-style email, calendar, contacts, content and chat applications that feature invisible security measures. Swipe and touch integrations with Web applications such as Evernote and Gmail as well as third-party tools like Atlassian Jira and GitHub will also be included. VMware also updated its Horizon and Horizon Air tools with new cloud-optimized display protocol and a new hybrid-mode capability in order to simplify application and desktop delivery. With these new tools and updates, VMware hopes to make mobility easier for enterprises to manage.

VMware’s Workspace One targets mobile enterprise with ‘hybridity’ – ZD Net

VMware gives enterprises a BYOD boost with three new tools – CIO


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 CRN did posted a slideshow of the top leaders in the data center and enterprise for 2016 based on on a number of segments, including Ethernet switch, Ethernet switch silicon, Ethernet switch operating system and SDN control. Some top leaders include Cisco, HP Enterprise, Juniper Networks, and Nuage Networks.

Top 10 SDN Market Leaders In The Data Center And Enterprise In 2016 – CRN


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Timothy Prickett Morgan of The Next Platform provides a broad look into OpenStack, defining it as an an automation framework for Linux that just happens to allow Windows instances to run on KVM. Morgan highlights an interview with Mirantis, to discuss the history and current forecast for the cloud tool, noting many distributors have disappeared, including Nebula, which was founded by a NASA team, and Metacloud, which was snapped up by OpenStack. Still, he notes, some OpenStack companies that are growing include Mirantis and Rackspace.

In the trenches with OpenStack – The Next Platform

10Fold – Big Data Business Insights – 26

Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)’s recent survey, Big Data Insights, is examined by CIO Magazine. Of the 402 respondents, 51 percent reported having a big data project in place today, yet another 36 percent reported they were still in the project-planning stage. While many U.S.-based companies now have some form of big data initiative in place (31 percent surveyed said they were exactly where they wanted to be in managing and using data), yet few have managed to reach their data-related goals (only six percent felt their organization was where it needed to be in regard to data usage). Currently, some individual pieces of holistic data solutions are improving, but they are not yet integrated in a way that drives ideal results. While some businesses may have made progress in select areas of data management, many have not fully connected the dots between developing and implementing a data strategy in order to have a positive effect on other business objectives, such as improving staff productivity or developing more effective ways to engage with customers. CompTIA encourages companies to improve their data management by taking the measured steps of the three stages of data usage: collection and storage, processing and organization analysis and visualization.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 When it comes to capturing data for cloud-based analytics, “big” does not even come close to being an adequate characterization. Big data keeps getting bigger, yet the percentage of data accessed by cloud-based analytics remains very low.IDC predicts the amount of data created annually is expected to grow from 4.4 zettabytes (2013) to 44 zettabytes in 2018 worldwide. It would seem logical that in the world of cloud-based analytics more data is better, but that is not always the case. IBM’s vice president of business analytics, Mike O’Rourke, said some kinds of data get more valuable over time, especially in specific industries such as wine vineyards or retail. While cloud data-storage providers work to expand storage capabilities, the problem is the small percentage of collected data that is used for analytics purposes.

Big Data Projects on the rise (but data use could be better) – CIO

Is Big Data too big for cloud-based analytics? – Tech Target


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Cisco Systems Inc. acquired Jasper Technologies Inc. for $1.4 billion, strengthening its offerings in the growing market for technology that lets people manage technologies like jet engines and vending machines over the Internet.. This ambitious partnership will likely put Cisco in competition with Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform, a product that does many of the same things as Jasper’s platform.

Cisco-Jasper deal should make enterprise IoT safer – Computer World

Cisco to Buy Jasper for $1.4 Billion, Adding IoT Management – Bloomberg

Self-Service and Enterprise

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IBM launched a suite of new tools designed to help companies make the most of the data they have. They’ve introduced four new tools.

  • IBM Graph – a fully managed database service built on the open-source Apache TinkerPop graph-computing framework. Graph can help make real-time recommendations, including fraud detection.
  • IBM Compose Enterprise – a platform designed to speed the development of Web-scale apps by enabling teams to deploy open-source databases on their own dedicated cloud servers.
  • IBM Predictive Analytics – a new service that allows developers to make machine-learning models for built-in predictive capabilities.
  • IBM Analytics Exchange – a self-service marketplace that includes more than 150 publicly available data sets that can be used for analysis or be integrated into applications.

IBM doubles down on data with four new cloud tools – CIO


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Software-defined networking and other network virtualization technologies have driven conversation for years, yet the tech world is still in the early stages of SDN and NFV. Analysts and Markets expect the market to quickly grow to an estimated $11.5 billion between now and 2020. Quinstreet, the publisher of eWEEK, found that the market is moving beyond the hype with real and expected deployments growing vendor options. The publication presented a slideshow with examples of growth.

SDN is no longer just about the Hype, Quinstreet Survey Finds – eWeek

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Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Within the last couple of years, every industry is starting to look to big data to help add business value. Colleges and universities, have begun to link disparate information from across campus. However, big questions still remain: how will schools use big data for existing privacy and security policies? and how will big data help with a more diverse student population?

Big Data’s Coming Of Age In Higher Education – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The next wave of automation is here and it involves making the Internet invisible and ubiquitous. One of the more famous applications for IoT whas been innovation in home appliances like the thermostat, which can now be turned on remotely. Surprisingly, retail IoT products like ovens, door locks and baby monitors have yet to find a firm ground among consumers perhaps due to security concerns. At hospitals, IoT will allow a patient’s vital signs to be monitored via a sensor in her hospital bed, and trigger medication and outreach to doctors and nurses at programmed intervals, as well as provide updates to family members. The floodgates to the machine-to-machine (M2M) market have opened up and will only be accelerated going forward.

IoT Ushers In A New Wave Of Automation – PYMNTS


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 eCommerce around the world is growing quickly- in France especially. eCommerce in France was worth 64.9 billion euros last year and could reach the 70 billion euro milestone this year. For 2016, Fevad expects consumers to make nearly 1 billion transactions this year. It is also believed that there will be more than 200,000 eCommerce platforms for the French to choose from by the end of 2016.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The Chinese eCommerce powerhouse, Alibaba, is hoping its good third-quarter report will help reassure investors worried about the state of the Chinese economy. Alibaba is benefiting from a shift to mobile spending and a growth in users. Mobile spending accounted for 65 per cent of total China retail revenue, up from 30 per cent last year. Annual active buyers rose 22 per cent to 407 million.

Ecommerce in France was worth €65 billion in 2015 – eCommerce News

Alibaba’s profit jumps on strong eCommerce sales – The Star Business


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Telecom operators are expected to increase their reliance on software technologies based on NFV and SDN to reduce costs and compete with well established providers. The TBR report claims telecom operators over the next year will look to focus on consolidation and cost-cutting initiatives “to improve the profitability of their enterprise business,” citing recent moves by CenturyLink and Verizon Communications in looking to divest their data centers. Another influences was IBM’s recent acquisition of AT&T’s managed application and hosting service business. TBR also noted carriers were adopting NFV and SDN to reduce costs and gain agility in service offerings.

NFV and SDN core to telecom operators service positioning – RCR Wireless

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 Your daily digest of “All Things Big Data” gathered, collected and researched by your very own 10Fold Big Data Practice team.

Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Information Week’s Roundup of the last week focuses on both Microsoft R Updates and IBM’s Fraud-Detection Analytics. This week, Microsoft announced the rebranding of its R servers and development tools under the Microsoft name, yet it continues its commitment to offering many of those tools for free to the development community. Yahoo also released a massive machine learning data set to the academic research community.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Many articles are still discussing Europe and how they are “fearful of big data.” Specifically, Germany indicated that they avoid including personal information in emails and text messages because they fear the privacy implications. Other statistics show the lack of trust in in search engine companies (such as Google), messaging providers, and social media companies. With low figures for all types of companies attempting to make use of Europeans’ personal data, European firms that utilize data on a large scale have a ways to go before gaining Europeans trust of big data.

Microsoft R Updates, IBM’s Fraud- Detection Analytics Buy: Big Data Roundup – Information Week

Europeans Remain Far from Sold on the Benefits of Big Data – Fortune

Big Data is an antitrust issue too, says European Commissioner – Computer World


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IoT devices represent the potential points of security failures, and the data they generate or collect is raising new privacy concerns. The fear for IoT is that more data presents less privacy. Because privacy has presented itself as an issue, many companies are now disclosing how they generate information or how the collected information from the device will be used.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Dell has just opened a Singapore lab to tap IoT growth in the Asia-Pacific region which features IoT offerings from Dell and Intel. At the test site, customers will have access to Dell’s technical consultants while vendor’s IoT industry partners can build new products based on Intel and Dell’s IoT technologies.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 SF-based Wearable IoT World also announced today the launch of the US Pan Asia IoT Superhighway in Hong Kong which will help early-stage Asian startups develop wearable and IoT technologies.

IoT Raises New Legal Challenges for Business – Information Week

Dell opens Singapore lab to tap IoT growth in APAC – ZD Net

Wearable IoT World Raises $5.4 million, launches accelerator in Hong Kong – Venture Beat


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Telstra has unveiled two additional functions to its SDN service, PEN Platform, allowing customers to procure virtual network functions. The PEN Platform is made up of 26 points of presence across the APAC, North America and European markets. It will be able to control how and where data flows across its network, prioritize traffic, and grant service quality guarantees for certain types of traffic.

Telstra announces Global SDN services – ZD Net


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 The market is growing for big data, and a large focus is on Hadoop. Hadoop’s diverse community has benefited from the growing importance of the big data market, with companies like Cloudera and Hortonworks growing at a rapid pace as their technologies gain traction across industries. Hadoop’s usage is appealing to a wide range of industries for use cases such as as Data Discovery, where one can use Hadoop as a sandbox to look for new patterns and ideas for new products.

How Hadoop is putting a Spark into enterprise – Computer Business Review


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Several articles are still discussing eCommerce in India. Many competitors in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal competing in preparation for the upcoming Republic Day Sale, a shopping and marathon-sale event that occurs solely within the country.

eCommerce giants to host Republic Day Sale – Business Today