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NBA Scouting, SME Applications


“Sports analytics are changing the game”

New processes are paving the way for the future of sports scouting, demonstrated by teams utilizing film and scouting services such as Synergy Sports Technology to streamline the process of accessing and filtering information. The new tech provides metrics that show fans perceptions of possible recruits as well as the level of success draftees may have playing at the next level.

Interesting Big Data Trends In Brazil

“Brazil’s big data potential offers investors many new opportunities”

Specialization to various niches in Big Data firms are beginning to serve the local and international markets. Several examples are:

  • Precifica -real time monitoring of products and pricing
  • Big Data Corp –supports the decision making process of companies seeking to boost their online investments.
  • Navegg –online targeting based on audience analysis
  • Aentropico –a predictive analytics platform combining applied statistics with improved user experience to bring useful algorithms to non-tech users.
  • Webradar –analysis data and pinpoints issues that telecom companies need to address to improve customer satisfaction.

Big Data for Small Business: What to Look At and How to Use It

“Big data leads to Big Business”

Information is vital to the health of firms today, but bad data can be detrimental. It’s estimated that the U.S. alone loses $3.1 trillion and 35% of business revenue because of mis-management of data applications. t’s especially so for small-to-medium businesses that must get every possible inch of competitive advantage to attract customers. The main problem is the complexity of data analysis, as it is a process that is extremely difficult and requires specialized skills and workers.

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WannaCry KillSwitch, Predicting CyberAttacks

Ransomware can cost firms over $700,000; cloud computing may provide the protection they need

“Cybercrime costs are increasing”

A single ransomware incident can, on average, run a tab of over $713,000. About 21% of 200 SME businesses in the U.S. said they are completely ready to manage IT security and protect against threats. This number is dangerously small, but cloud computing may provide the security against the threats that many firms need.

The GDPR Deadline is Fast Approaching; How Enterprises are Readying Themselves

“Compliance needed by May 25, 2018”

Many organizations have dedicated countless hours for preparation for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, but too many have just started taking steps to ensure compliance. The new regulations will have international consequences that must be addressed by firms who deal across borders, as the legislation has dire consequences for those who don’t comply.

WannaCry ‘Kill Switch’ Creator Arrested in Vegas

“Marcus Hutchins indicted for Kronos malware”

Federal authorities have nabbed user MalwareTech, aka Marcus Hutchins, for the creation and distribution of the Kronos banking Trojan. In an unsuspected move, authorities arrested Hutchins after his role as the researcher who stopped the expansion of the WannaCry ransomware earlier this year. WannaCry was deemed an extremely high risk malware, spanning over 150 countries in just a matter of days.

How do you predict cyber attacks? Listen to your Cassandras

“Proprietary data collection and intellectual property need protection”

Bad actors targeting vital institutions that had previously been sacrosanct have become harder to detect. The damages inflicted in many cases have dealt virtually fatal blows to corporate finance and organizational operations.

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IoT Security Standards, SME Ransomware

New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards

“Baseline security standards for broad range of devices”

U.S. Senate legislators are working to create minimum regulations to ensure internet connected devices such as cameras,routers, and computers. The standards will also enforce holes in current cybercrime laws and was developed in direct response to the series of massive 2016 attacks using IoT devices, like the October and November Mirai attacks that put down many high profile websites for the better part of the day.

Study: Majority of retailers feel ‘vulnerable’ to a data breach

“Attacks decline, but business concern is up”

Security analyst firm 451 Research has recently released the “2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Edition,” which has indicated a growing consensus among retailers that their payment systems are vulnerable to hackers. The study is based on survey answers from over 1100 senior executives globally. 52% of the companies have experienced a breach in the past, 88% fear they are vulnerable, and 19% feel ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ vulnerable.

One in three SMEs in Singapore hit by ransomware

“Nearly one fifth had to shut down businesses”

Over one third of SME’s in Singapore were attacked by ransomware attacks in 2016, and anout 20% of these had to close their doors as a result. 61% of the Singapore SME’s also had to shut down for over nine hours, about one business day, shutting down operations.

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