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Average Global Cost of a Data Breach Now $3.6M, IBM Reports

“Cost of breaches surprisingly low”

The Ponemon Cost of Data Breach report has historically shown consistently increasing costs of attacks, but the IBM sponsored 2017 edition has shown a deviation from the usual trend. Wendi Whitmore, global lead of IBM X-Force IRIS told eWEEK; “Overall when you look at the report, the good news is that the overall cost of a data breach is down.”

IOT Malware Activity Already More Than Doubled 2016 Numbers

“Doubling of last years malware attacks already”

Honeypots formulated by Kaspersky Labs that mimicked IoT devices attracted over 7,200 malware samples over the course of May. These attacks were attempting to infect IoT connected devices primarily over telnet and SSH. This was a concerning rise, as only 3,200 samples were detected last year.

New report reveals how malware uses evasion to hide in plain sight

“Secrets hidden right in front of you”

The digital world seems to have been hiding malware in plain sight. In McAfee Labs Quarterly Threat Report, researchers have found that simple evasion techniques are used to disguise and distribute malware.

TrickBot Targets Payment Processors, CRM Providers

“CRMsystems also being targeted”

The TrickBot banking Trojan is no longer limiting its targets to financial institutions. Payment processing systems, such as CRM programs, are seeing there systems attacked F5 has warned. Earlier this year TrickBot was spotted hitting firms across the world in largely financial markets, now researchers fear that theprogram has evolved its preferences again and will further expand its reach.

Cisco Releases Open Source Malware Signature Generator

“Talos intelligence group announces open source framework to track malware”

Cisco’s Talos research group has announced Monday that its new tool, BASS, is capable of generating antivirus signatures from malware, essentially an automatic signature synthesizer. The framework creates unique signatures from malicious software that stems from the previously generated clusters. Cisco hopesthat this tool will make malware analysis simpler and improve resource allocation.

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TrickerBot Trojan Targets Private Banking

“New Trojan software focuses on banking”

IBM’s X-Force security team have confirmed the existence of a new TrickBot malware program that has been attacking business banking accounts. Many incidents have been seen in the UK, Australia, and other advanced economies that have many private banks and wealth management firms.

New Mac malware spies on your web traffic

“Capable of operating on all versions of OS currently”

OSX.Dok, a new Mac malware that can spy on a victims web traffic, has been observed on all versions of OS. The virus is still capable of avoiding detection by VirusTotal and was only until recently associated with a certified Apple developer that is authenticated by Apple. Apple has since revoked the certification.

IBM warns of malware on USB drives shipped to customers

“Storwize storage systems may contain malware”

IBM has directed all customers that have purchased any USB flash drives with the Storwize installation tool to destroy the product, as they likely contain an unspecified malware code. The devices include any flash drives utilizing the V3500, V3700, and V5000 Gen 1 systems.

info potentially compromised after Victoria University data breach

“Students and faculty info at risk”

Wellington’s Victoria University appears to have been hacked, potentially leaving the sensitive information of both students and staff available to cybercriminals. The National Cyber Security Centre and other security consultants have begun to assess the extent of the damage done, but recommend all who may have been affected to immediately revise their passwords.

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UK Government Agencies Illegally Spied On Citizens For 17 Years

“Senior judges rule against government and expose programs”

The Investagory Powers Tribunal has investigated a complaint from the Privacy International organization. The Tribunal concluded that the collection that various British intelligence agencies had been engaged in- including the tracking of medical, tax, phone and web records for over 15 years- was not justified under its 1984 Telecommunications Act. The legislation was originally intended to be used as a national security bill, set in place to monitor dangerous criminals, and failed to meet the qualifications to continue the covert surveillance.

‘Dyre’ Re-Surfaces as ‘TrickBot’, Australian Financial services Targeted

“Possibly one of the worst Trojan viruses used against banks”

Australian users are currently being targeted by malicious software Dyre. The virus, now showing itself in the form of a TrickBot, is notorious for the millions in damages it caused since mid-2014 in Western financial circles. While the original malware disappeared in late 2015, it has reappeared with code upgrades that are now making available various stolen bank credentials to access wire transfers to steal from businesses and banks alike.

Magento Malware Hides Stolen Card Data in Image Files

“Innocent looking images become platform for data theft”

Cybercriminals have been running malicious programs through compromised websites on the Magneto platform. Sucuri and RiskIQ have both observed several dozen attacks that ended with the theft of card swiping data and several malicious PHP dumps of data into an image file.