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Dow Jones is the latest company to expose customer records on a cloud server

“2.2 million records left unsecured”

DowJones & Co. are the latest in a sequence of large firms to leave massive amounts of private customer data on unsecured cloud servers. Similar to the Verizon error recently, Dow Jones consumer data was found publicly in an Amazon Web Service S3 bucket discovered by Chris Guard of UpGuard Inc.

GhostCtrl malware silently haunts Android users, hijacking functionality

“Versatile remote access Trojan growing in infection”

Researchers have found GhostCtrl, a highly adaptable trojan malware that steals sensitive information and is capable of performing ransomware attacks. The backdoor is part of a massive campaign that involves RETADUP.A, according to Trend Micro.

A Single Extreme Cyberattack Could Cost the U.S. More than Hurricane Katrina

“U.S. Economy incredibly vulnerable”

An increase in global ransomware attacks has prompted Lloyds of London to publish a report on the state of danger that the U.S. faces in regards to cybersecurity. Published with Cyence, the report speculates that the U.S. stands to lose as much as $121.4 billion.

The best of Black Hat: The consequential, the controversial, the canceled

“Review of the acclaimed conference”

Black Hat has gained a reputation over two decades as a conference that demonstrates much of the cutting-edge research in information security and industry trends that began in Las Vegas and has extended to annual events globally. This year, the event also had its share of controversy stemming from last minute cancellations.

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Computer-Security Firm Says Voter Data Set Left Unprotected Online

“Voting behavior of nearly 200 million unprotected”

A large cache of political participant voting behavior has been left vulnerable online in various spreadsheets and other files according to security firm UpGuard. The information was made public on a server accessible to anyone by Deep Root Analytics.

Hackers attacked 4 Florida school districts, allegedly hoped to hack voting systems

“At least  four districts attacked”

The Miami Herald has reported that several Florida school districts have been penetrated by MoRo, a Moroccan based hacking group. The organization was apparently looking for a way to infiltrate other government systems, including voting systems. The attack was perpetrated by phishing traps that users of the school system fell victim too.

Credit Card Breach at Buckle Stores

“Clothier operating more than 450 stores discloses malware attacks. 

Malicious software targeting customer payment data hit Buckle Inc.stores last week. Late Friday evening the firm released a statement saying that POS systems were indeed attacked by malware and confirmed it was installed on cashiers and probably affected those purchases between October 28th of 2016 and April 14th of 2017. Online stores are said not to be affected.

Forrester: Rapid Cloud Adoption Drives Demand for Security Tools

“Cloud services revenue poised to hit $236 billion by 2020”

Researchers at Forrester have claimed in the Cloud Security Solutions Forecast that demand for products like CASB, CCSM, hypervisor security, and infrastructure-as-a-service will grow rapidly over the next five years.