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Asset Discovery – To develop a custom scorecard with metrics that matter to you, 10Fold begins every client engagement with an in-depth planning process and “discovery” session. The goal is to collect all existing assets and determine if there is potential to develop new assets. We define an asset as a tangible or intangible concept, to which you can lay claim. The strength of your asset becomes the predominant factor in any successful promotion.   An asset can be defined as any of the following examples: a new product, a customer, a partnership, a new patent, a new facility, a new business model, a new position on an industry problem, a new executive, survey results, or even an event. The strength of your asset, along with third-party validation of your asset, will help to determine our forecast.

“In 90 days, 10Fold was able to position our CEO and Board members for prominent feature coverage in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and on Bloomberg TV.”
Steven Wastie – CMO – AppDynamics

#MetricsMatter For Enterprise Apps – AppDynamics wanted to match their impressive revenue and business growth with an equally impressive industry image.  “Prior to working with 10Fold Communications, feature coverage of the company in technology and business publications was nearly non-existent, as we watched less-capable competitors take a larger share of voice,” said Steven Wastie, CMO, AppDynamics. “In 90 days, 10Fold was able to help us develop recognition for our unique partner ecosystem and attractive channel program, develop strong traction with the technology press for our differentiated technology, and position our CEO and Board members for prominent feature coverage in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and on Bloomberg TV.”

About AppDynamics
– Turn data into impact Digital businesses like yours need a way to turn data into actual results. At AppDynamics, we’re ushering in the next digital age—the age of the software-defined business. Our mission is to deliver true application intelligence that helps your software-defined business run faster, leaner, and more efficient. You get the visibility and control you need to identify problems, find the root cause, and instantly connect the dots to get applications—and user transactions—on track and running flawlessly. AppDynamics provides the certainty that your most complex, business-critical applications are performing at the highest level; and be certain that the data and information generated by these applications can be harnessed for ongoing business advantage and impact. www.appdynamics.com