Qylur – Company Launch

Posted on : September 29, 2014
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Qylur Security Systems was founded in November 2005 with the mission of creating and deploying security platforms to protect the public against terrorism and other malicious acts. From the beginning, we have been determined to develop and integrate the most advanced fused technologies available, combined with a vast body of practical experience and knowhow, into full scale solutions that provide the highest standards of security, with maximum reliability and effectiveness. We made a commitment to implement these systems with an uncompromising adherence to protecting the rights of individuals to basic civil liberties, privacy, and dignity, as well as the right to enjoy their daily lives, even when encountering the security screening procedures that have become a necessity to guarantee their personal safety in today’s world.

Terrorism is a global problem shared by all countries, and no country is exempt from this worldwide threat. At Qylur, we believe that it is beyond outrageous for any civilian – man, woman, or child – of any nationality, to be a target of terror. We will do all in our power, with the full dedication of our knowledge, abilities, perseverance, and character, to play our small part in preventing that from happening by helping to protect the inner checkpoint ring.

Simply put, our mission is to protect life, our right to life, and our way of life.

Lisa Dolev, PhD – Founder