Xone – Drivexone Product Introduction

Posted on : September 29, 2014
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Vodafone drivexone: your car… in an App! drivexone is an innovative Vodafone solution that, through the installation of a small device, enables communication from your car to your smartphone, with the aid of a simple app. With drivexone App, you’ll always know where your car is, you’ll be able to check past routes and receive notifications from your car, for example in case of a low battery. For each journey, business or leisure, you can evaluate distance driven, time taken, speed but also look at all visited places and share routes with your friends. And if someone else has borrowed your car, you will know how and where it has been used. No assistance is needed to install the device: drivexone will immediately start communicating with your car, localizing it and detecting some technical indicators. drivexone is fully stand-alone: you won’t need to remember to turn it on or recharge the device, and will always work, regardless of the driver.