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Another Samsung Pay vulnerability discovered

“Security concerns pile on safety concerns”

Samsung now faces critical failures in its security measures to prevent hacking. In August Salvatore Mendoza was able to exploit this security failure, monitor a payment transaction, and make a payment with the stolen information.  This news further damages the brand after news that its new Galaxy Note 7 devices have been reportedly blowing up inexplicably.

Malware Attacks Increasingly Dangerous in New Intel Chips

“Attacks could cause massive damage if failure not patched”

Researchers have developed a formula that can side step critical security measures in the majority of Intel operating systems. It works by randomizing locations in computer memory, allowing hackers to exploit specific groups of code and managing system shutdown to a basic crash instead of serious system failure.

Banks Urged to Install Tougher Security Standards

“Objective to ward off cyber-attacks”

The United States bank regulators are pushing for leading financial institutions to upgrade security systems to a point of complete recovery within two hours of an attack. These new regulations will be finalized after industry talks are completed, aimed at making this a top priority to each firm’s executives. Each institution with over $50 billion worth of assets are targeted for these reforms, as reported by the Federal Reserve.

Election Night Cyber Attack Feared by Media

“Newsrooms vulnerable to attack”

Leading United States news site, including BuzzFeed, Newsweek, and Brian Krebs have recently been vandalized or knocked offline by hackers, showing their susceptibility to malicious hackers that may try to influence the election outcomes. Federal law enforcement agencies are investigating several of these recent attacks, while also lending advice to those in the industry who have yet to be hit.

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