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A PREDATOR to Fight DNS Domain Abuse

“Intended to block malicious domain registration”

Princeton University, Google and several other institutions have been able to develop a program that will allow the detection and stop of bad actors that look to register domain names for malicious purposes. Details of the new Proactive Recognition and Elimination of Domain Abuse at Time of Registration was presented at the ACM conference last week.

“Booter” Services Going Extinct?

“Research shows potential measures that could prevent mass attacks”

Web-based contracted cyber criminals, whose services are known as “booter” or “stresser” attacks, may soon be prevented from engaging in further nefarious activities soon. German researchers have studied patterns that come about when malicious actors mass-scan the internet in attempts to find website weaknesses, or DDoS attacks.

Many Joomla Sites Hacked via Recently Patched Flaws

“Flaws could be exploited to upload a backdoor of vulnerable websites”

Fewer than 24 hours that a new patch was made available to fix serious flaws in Joomla websites, researchers had already witnessed several events in which bad actors were able to overtake privilege escalations and create access points allowing for remote execution of commands. The two most critical concerns which are now patched, CVE-2016-8869 and CVE-2016-8870, could allow for serious backdoor authorization if a hacker is well versed in their trade.

Controversial Chinese Cybersecurity Law Looks Likely to Pass

“Foreign governments and business groups eager to protest”

The Chinese Parliament has now readied its third draft of a widely criticized new law that will officially codify the sanctions it has placed over the internet within its own borders. The bill will be presented for a vote on the seventh of this month, and is met with vast opposition from many sectors of society which all claim that its inherent vagueness would allow discrimination against firms abroad on an arbitrary basis.



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