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Website Security Flaw Places Millions at Risk

“Website Platform Wix.com Vulnerable to XSS bug”

Contrast Security research engineer Matt Austin has recently announced in a blog post that a severe vulnerability that can be exploited by adding a single parameter to any site created with Wix.com. This means that over 87 million websites and their users are now in jeopardy of cyber-attacks due to an XSS bug that allows criminals to create a ‘worm.’ Worms give access to website functions and commandeer administrator accounts, essentially giving attackers full control over targeted websites.

Fake Flash Player App Targeting Banks, Social Media

“Malware running through android devices increasing attacks”

A Trojan program has caused grave concern across the banking industries in both the United States and Europe. The malware is among one of the most advanced seen targeting banking applications, particularly because it can dodge the SMS-based two-factor authentication system with ease.

Windows Vista, IE8 Pose Huge Enterprise Threat

“Represents a threat to organizations who use company networks from insecure devices”

Duo Security has reported that still over half of its customer base still run Windows Vista or Windows XP on their devices, which are notorious for being outdated and have a plethora of vulnerabilities. Many also use outdated versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, which have also reached what is called “End of life status.” This means that these web browsers no longer receive security patches, and are incredibly vulnerable to modern cyber-attacks.

Arizona Man Accused of Trying to Hack University Email

“Over 75 universities targeted”

Higher education campuses nationwide have had hacking attempts on their email servers from the same attacker in recent weeks. The would-be hacker Jonathan Powell was arrested Wednesday and is now held for arraignment in Phoenix. Powell used his work computer to mine personal data from a New York school, which investigators used as evidence to track and hold him.

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