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412 Million FriendFinder Accounts Hacked

“World’s largest Sex and Swinger network users exposed to cybercriminals”

Last month hackers were able to successfully infiltrate AdultFriendFinder, Cams.com, and several other FriendFinder Networks sites, but the user information has yet to be released to the general public. The attack came from a local inclusion exploit, allowing the hackers to gain access to all of the sites without proper authentication.

VMware Workstation Code Execution Flaw Found by Hackers

“Patches security vulnerabilities across several versions”

A critical out-of-bounds memory access flaw, labeled as CVE-2016-7461, has been patched by VMware as of Sunday. The vulnerability allowed for guests to give arbitrary command over host servers that run Fusion or Workstation.

New DoS Technique Adds to Growing Concerns of Cyber Attacks

“New DDoS attack technique capable of using one laptop to bring down high-bandwidth firewalls”

A new cyberattack method, referred to as BlackNurse, is capable of sending ICMP packets in levels that overload major systems far easier than what has been previously observed. Far more CPU resources is required than normal to address the requests these packets request, creating substantial malfunctions and ping floods.

Tesco Allegedly Warned Before Historic Breach

“Cyber security firms claim firm knew attack was coming”

Dark web hackers were apparently observed boasting online about the ease in which they could steal from the bank. Many security firms had issued warnings to Tesco, reporting that these hackers referred to the bank as a ‘cash milking cow.’ Despite the bragging, there is no concrete evidence that the user is connected to the breach earlier this month, but the lack of preparation stemming from the bank has caused many concerns about the credibility of its security systems.




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