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Hospital info thief malware puts itself into a coma to avoid IT bods

“Healthcare specifically targeted by new Trojan software”

US healthcare organizations have growing concerns over a new malware that can avoid detection by activating a sleep mode for long periods of time. Security researchers project that several thousand groups since 2012 have been hit by what has been termed the ‘Gatak Trojan’ by Symantec, with over 40% of evets occurring within the healthcare sector. Once reactivated, the malware is capable of spreading extensively through the targets network.

Hackers Are Using MailChimp to Spread Malware

“Hackers upping malware distribution techniques”

Email newsletter service MailChimp has been co-opted by many spam and malware distributors to spread various malicious softwares. This is indicative of the ingenuity of those seeking to spread malware who take any opportunity to profit, and validate growing concerns of internet privacy.

Cyberspies Target Taiwan Government, Energy Sector

“’Tropic Trooper’ continues assault on national government”

Palo Alto Networks has reported on a largescale cyber espionage campaign directed towards the Taiwanese government and affiliated organizations. Trend Micro first observed the cybercriminal group in 2012, when Taiwanese officials and military institutions were attacked by the group. In accordance with the 2012 attacks, Trend Micro found that the malware Yahoyah was used to exploit the CVE 2012-0158 Microsoft Office vulnerabilities.

New Malware Lets Hackers Listen To Your Conversations Via Your Headphones

“New malware is capable of ultra-snooping on conversations”

Ben-Gurion University researchers have created “Speake(a)r,” a proof-of-concept code designed to display targeted computer audio and video systems regardless of accessory accessibility. The malware can activate alternative channels to turn on speakers and headphones, picking up vibrations and converting them into electromagnetic signals.

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