10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 124

Personal email is becoming less personal as hackers, government eye access

“Stakes are higher than ever for data security”

Privacy expert Claire Gartland has been warning of increased risks towards user data of electronic messaging services, most recently with her appearance on CNBC’s ‘On The Money.’ Under the context of the recent United States Presidential Election season, Gartland emphasized the exponential increase in the hacking of public figure hacks and leaks of sensitive information.

Millions exposed to malvertising that hid attack code in banner pixels

“Millions exposed to potential danger”

Malicious ads attacking embed codes in banner pixels have left many mainstream website users at risk of fraud and security concerns. The script remains concealed in the alpha channel that defines the transparency of the pixels. This makes it very difficult for even experienced ad networks to detect. After the malware assesses that adequate security measures are not in use that can detect its presence, the script can redirect the browser to sites that host exploitation in the users security.

Security News This Week: A Botnet Takes Down Nearly a Million German Routers

“New variant detected”

The same botnet malware that temporarily took down several popular websites just a few weeks ago, dubbed Mirai, has returned this week with devastating results. Over 900,000 routers from customers of German ISP Deutsche Telekom were affected and cut off from access to the web. This fuels growing concerns over a new reality of cyber-attacks that may not be preventable.

Latest Android security update fixes Dirty COW, GPS vulnerabilities

“Provides attack mitigation”

Per the monthly updates Android releases, serious security concerns have been addressed for customers. The most recent of these is a privilege escalation vulnerabilities that has been exploitable for over nine years (The Dirty COW, or copy-on-write), since the creation of Linux.

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