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Malware Hidden In Banner Ads Served Up To Millions

“Popular sites unknowingly peddling malware in pixel banners”

ESET researchers have been monitoring a strain of malware dubbed Stregano, which has recently been making the rounds through the web via image files offered as advertisements to unsuspecting users. The manipulation of alpha channels from the ‘ad’ images, replacing transparency information with JavaScript code and variables that leave users susceptible to attacks.

OpenVPN will be audited for security flaws

“Renowned cryptography expert hired as consultant”

Among the most widely used private networking technology leaders, OpenVPN has announced a full audit funded by PIA. Contracted for the audit is Mathew Green, a John Hopkins University professor and cryptography engineering expert.

After attack, Indiana county will spend $220,000 on Ransomware recovery

“Madison County will pay the ransom and invest in greater IT protections”

In the wake of a Ransomware attack on the 4th of last month, Madison County, Indiana whas announced a budget plan that involves the paying of the demanded ransom as well as a rigorous outline of how to prevent future attacks.

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