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Russian Hackers Run Record-Breaking Online Ad-Fraud Operation

“Over 5 million stolen per day”

Russian cybercriminals have been found to be responsible for a fraud operation that is conducted by posing as over 6,000 different big name websites and generating fake ad impressions. Among those affected are The Huffington Post, Fortune, Fox News, and ESPN.

Cyberattack suspected in Ukraine power outage

“Automation control systems, more affected at Northern Substation”

A complete power loss in a power station near Novi Petrivsi resulted in a massive lack of delivery to the Northern Kiev area. The attack was consistent with a cyber breach, with the culprit unknown as of yet and security concerns rising.

What Obama Said to Putin on the Red Phone About the Election Hack

“U.S. president speaks with Russian leadership over influence in domestic politics”

President Obama is reported to have taken official deterrence steps with Vladimir Putin over the course of the 2016 presidential elections, officials reported to NBC News. Obama apparently decided to leave the option out of election meddling as an act of war after urging from advisers, but spoke with Putin at the G-20 summit in China in September.

IoT could be our downfall

“Average data breach value is roughly $4 million”

Serious security exposure from various risks in data systems is an ever-increasing threat for firms. Reputational and financial damage can level a company, particularly with the failure to comply with new regulations and procedures that are involved with personal data.

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