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Hacker group takes over Netflix Twitter account

“Showcases the lack of security in twitter systems”

A hacking entity by the name of “OurMine” has recently breached one of the Netflix twitter accounts (@netflix). After the initial hack, several tweets were sent out from the compromised account, including; “World Security is shit. We are here to prove this.” Most of these tweets were deleted within minutes, but highlights the concerns of businesses and users of popular internet sites.

Panasonic Inflight Entertainment System Vulnerable To Attack

“In-flight displays compromised on several major airlines”

Panasonic Avionic IFE’s has recently been found to contain several vulnerabilities that allow hackers to access audio and visual systems of passengers devices. Airlines affected include Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, United Airlines, among many others.

The 10 biggest hacks, breaches, and security stories of 2016

“Yahoo takes the cake, again”

Millions of hacked IoT devices allowed for a massive internet attack, Russians look like they had some level of breach into influential aspects of the United States Presidential election. Was John Oliver right about 2016?

VMware removes hard-coded root access key from vSphere Data Protection

“New hotfix unexpectedly allows for potential remote access”

A new VMware VDP patch has unintentionally given hackers an exploitable access to the appliance. The disk-based recovery product integrates with vCenter, providing centralized management of over 100 virtual machines.

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