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GoDaddy Revokes Nearly 9,000 SSL Certificates

“Software bugs end in revoke of almost 9,000 SSL certificates”

GoDaddy domain validation processes became compromised in the summer of last year as a software malfunction rendered multiple vulnerabilities to consumers. The bug was was implemented as part of a regular routine code change to improve certificate issuance processes. The issue was addressed on the 6th of this month, disabling the affected certificates temporarily.

Cardiac Implant Flaw Patched, But Holes Remain

“New unorthodox MedSec move prompts pressure on St. Jude” 

MedSec has taken heat from the public due to its decision to license vulnerability research of an implant device to a financial trading firm. This firm proceeded to short-sell the stock of the device manufacturer, prompting speculation that the decision was made for MedSec to profit off of the research.

Trump picks Giuliani to assemble meetings with executives

“Cyber Security challenges to be discussed”

Presdient-elect Donald Trump has meetings with corporate executives who have been faced with cyber security issues of recent for a series of meetings. The event has been arranged by former New York City mayor and Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani, but has apparently pledged to give no advice or recommendations.  Trump allegedly aims Trump aims “to obtain experiential and anecdotal information from each executive.”

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