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Trojan Malware Blamed for Health Cyberattack 

“Targeted hospital computer systems forced offline”

Barts Health NHS Trust computer systems were taken offline by cybercriminls with a Trojan malware program on Friday. Nearly all department systems, even those unaffected, were set offline as a precaution. How the infiltration entered into the network is still undisclosed.

Yahoo hack compromised accounts of over 3,000 Australian government officials

“Largest known data breach of its kind”

The victim count of a massive cyberattack on Yahoo has risen to over 3,000 Australian government officials. High profile positions such as MP’s, judges, and federal police were among those compromised, exposing a large amount of high risk information to cybercriminals. Security firm InfoArmor has released information that an Eastern European hacker collective “Group E” stole data from Yahoo in 2013, and the Department of Defence was apparently notified of this fact in October of last year. The breach has prompted Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, to begin to probe the incident.

Fighting cybercrime using IoT and AI-based automation

“Murder case gains ground with new tech”

Detectives investigating a murder in Arkansas were able to pull valuable data off a smart meter, measuring 140 gallons of water in the early hours of the morning. This was far more than the home had ever been used before, possibly providing the time of death and attempts to conceal evidence.

Firefox Update Will Kill This Sneaky Tracking Technique

“Captures information in ‘browser fingerprinting'”

A new Firefox patch will probe for various softwares that use pieces of information that are indicative of whether or not the actual owner of the computer is using it. Some surprising factors, such as screen resolution, interface language and plug-ins, are actually quite accurate in recognizing the correct user.

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