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New York Times investigating apparent Twitter hack

“NYT video account tweeted hoax story”

The New York Times video Twitter account (@nytvideo) tweeted earlier this morning about a fake story involving a Russian missile attack against the United States to more than 250,000 followers. The alleged “attack” was based on a “leaked statement” from Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

Saudi Arabia warns of cyber attacks 

“Nations labor ministry hit”

Organizations and ministries were put on alert today as a version of the Shamoon virus attacked a chemical firm Monday, causing network disruption in the labor ministry’s functionality. The telecoms authority has given advisory notifications to other branches of the government. Saudi Arabi had been left vulnerable by a Shamoon variant in 2012, crippling thousands of computers at the nationalized oil firm ARAMCO.

Symantec issues more illegit HTTPS certificates

“The firm is already in the hotseat”

Security researchers have revealed that three trusted CA’s operated by Symantec issued more than 100 invalidated transport security certificates. Some cases saw that certificates allowed some HTTPS-protected websites.

Heartbleed Still Affecting Many Devices: Shodan

“Nearly 200,000 continue to suffer from the flaw”

The OpenSSL flaw labeled as ‘Heartbleed’ has been found to affect many thousands of devices, Shodan search engine finds. CVE-2014-0160 is a vulnerability that gives hackers the ability to steal information under SSL/TLS encryption. Many researchers see the flaw as the culprit in a recent healthcare attack that obtained 4.5 million records.

SEC to investigate Yahoo: Report

“Concerns over time taken to disclose recent breaches”

Audits will soon hit Yahoo from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Authorities will investigate as to why it took the firm as long as it had to reveal their servers had been breached twice to its customers.

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