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A Scary New Kind of Malware Is Invading Banks All Over the World

“Invisible malware used by hackers to drain bank accounts”

Security research lab Kaspersky has revealed that now over 140 institutions, which includes banks, governmental bodies and other large firms, are suffering from a malware infection unseen for years. Kaspersky has yet to name which institutions exactly were targeted, but acknowledges that the problem is widespread and dangerous. The research firm last saw an attack at this level in 2015, dubbing the strain Duqu 2.0. This malware was linked to the Stuxnet attack in 2011, indicating that, as Dan Goodin of Ars Technica explains the malware is “going mainstream.”

Sports Direct hack ‘puts 30,000 staff details in the wild’

“Firm waited to notify employees”

Many thousands of employees were notified that sensitive personal information was leaked publicly to the internet during a company data breach last September. The hackers used a security hole in the DNN platform, a vulnerability which was not patched during the company’s last security update.

New Mac Malware Found Hiding In A Fake Adobe Flash Program

“Malware disguised as update”

Notifications for software updates for your favorite programs are good, right? Not with the new Adobe Flash update circulating around the web today. A new malware campaign is disguising itself as an urgent patch, pitching itself to Mac users.

Organizations In 40 Countries Under ‘Invisible’ Cyberattacks

“Stealthy assault via resident malware increasingly common”

Unknown actors are stealing sensitive personal and financial data using legitimately crafted malware strains. Kaspersky labs warns that these kinds of attacks are increasingly popular and harder to detect, causing greater concern for lateral movement and persistence than previously thought.

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