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Stolen Health Record Databases Sell For $500,000 In The Deep Web

“Underground cybercriminals increasingly targeting medical records”

Medical insurance profiles and electronic health record databases are attracting the eyes of criminals looking to steal the information to sell in the deep web. New reports show that EHR databases can sell for upwards of $500,000 on the Deep Web, and other smaller pieces of information (like insurance ID information, or medical identities) still fetch a pretty penny.

Google prevents 10 million malicious emails every 60 seconds

“Gmail users are being attacked at astonishing rates”

The Google Security Blog has posted earlier today that the security systems Google employs stop nearly over 10 million unsafe or spam emails every minute that would very likely infect the users computer. In San Francisco at last weeks RSA Conference Google contrasted threats to Google consumer vs. corporate accounts, stating that corporate users are at a greater risk to attack.

Serious Breach Linked to Chinese APTs Comes to Light

“New vulnerability affects several major organizations”

The attacks, occuring in 2015, appear to be linked to cybercriminals that many claim to be centered in China. RSA reports from earlier this month describes that Kingslayer, a supply chain attack that targeted many large organizations, breached the systems of a firm that provides event log analyzers and replaced a legitimate application with a backdoor version that allows for remote access.

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