10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 142

Hacks all the time. Engineers recently found Yahoo systems remained compromised

“Systems remain compromised after public disclosure of security breach”

Five months after the announcement of over $500 million accounts being compromised, a new report has found that many Yahoo systems remain vulnerable today. This report also mentions that Verizon would lower its offer by $350 million to buy the internet business.

End-Of-Life Software Alive And Well 

“United States PC users at risk”

A new Secunia Research report has found that, on average, contain 75 programs installed and that 7.4% of them contain ‘End-of-Life’ software that does not receive new software updates. This leaves the machines vulnerable to new versions of malware systems.

Sneaky Hack Steals Data By Watching Computer LEDs Blink

“Air-Gapping threats increase”

Organizations will often ‘Air-Gap,’ or ensure the computer is not connected to the internet, a computer to ensure its security. This ensures that the computer is not connected to other devices and vulnerable to attacks.

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