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WikiLeaks releases ‘entire hacking capacity of the CIA’

“Over 8,000 pages disclosed”

WikiLeaks has released what is being called the entire hacking capacity of the CIA in a large data dump on Tuesday. Within the 8,761 documents included in ‘Vault 7’ were acquired from a ‘high-security’ CIA network from the Center of Cyber Intelligence in Virginia. The group of data had been “circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors,” and was released to WikiLeaks by one of these contractors.

StoneDrill wiper malware finds new targets

“European and Middle Eastern hard drives affected”

Wiper malware has made a huge come back from it’s 2012 debut, attacking several targets in multiple continents. Security experts worry over the maware’s past, citing the Shamoon attack against Saudi Aramco which resulted in the loss of 30,000 workstations and their data. “Dark Seoul Gang” have more recently used the software to attack South Korean bank hard drives and facilities maintaining broadcasting and financial services.

macOS RAT Uses 0-Day for Root Access

“Unpatched zero-day vulnerability used to gain remote access to devices”

Currently being advertised in one of the leading underground markets, the RAT Proton was found on a cloned Russian cybercrime message board. Sixgill researchers report that it is being offered for two bitcoins, or roughly $2,500 for single installations, a cause for concern among those that use MacOS products.

Why email is safer in Office 365 than on your Exchange server

“Running your own servers doesn’t do much for security it seems”

Bypassing the complicated management and monitoring of private servers isn’t the only plus to a cloud service application. The sheer scale of cloud-based mail providers, such as Office 365, have the capabilities to prevent advanced malware and phishing attempts making them easier to spot, along with other protections.

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