10Fold – Security Never Sleeps – 148

“Financially motivated actors as dangerous as nation states”
The 2017 M-Trends report published Tuesday by Mandiant addresses growing concerns of private threat actors. The data, based on investigations of incidents by Mandiant, establishes that non-governmental cyber hackers have become incredibly more complex in their activities over the last several years.
“Embarrassing security breach for Canada”
While the recent hack of the Canadian government did not result in the loss of sensitive data, it gave a massive blow to Canadian cybersecurity. After an unknown entity hacked the statistics of the state tax collection agency (CRASC).
“Efforts to stop Mirai have amounted to a game of ‘whack-a-mole'”
Differing opinions on efforts to stop the Mirai botnet, a notorious program that affects thousands of IoT devices, have shown recently as the malware has made its debut last September. Many of the massive DDoS attacks seen recently have been due to Mirai, as it is able to commandeer and use common household devices like DVR’s and internet cameras.
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