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And Now a Ransomware Tool That Charges Based On Where You Live

“Fatboy making rounds on Crimeware forums”

Recorded Future has been monitoring malware and its effects in less developed nations, reporting the discrepancies between charges made on victims living in wealthier countries.

Software Download Mirror Distributes Mac Malware

“Distributes a RAT for Mac devices”

The download mirror server for HandBrake, a video converting tool, was recenty compromised to distribute a RAT to Mac computers. Security alerts were posted on the firms website, announcing that between Tuesday and Saturday of last week Mac users may have downloaded compromised software. HandBrake suggests all users verify any downloads before running them.  

Google Researchers Say They Found A ‘Crazy Bad’ Windows Bug

“Weaknesses observed in Edge and Internet Explorer browsers”

Many popular browsers and antivirus programs have weaknesses, recently reported by Project Zero. Natalie Silvanovich, former security researcher at BlackBerry, leaked the story via Twitter over the weekend.

Phishing Scams Cost American Businesses Half A Billion Dollars A Year

“Over 22,000 incidents in the last three years”

Since October of 2013 more than $1.6 billion has been scammed from American firms. All states have been affected, and there does not see to be any obserable trend in the specific type of firms targeted.

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