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Guardian Soulmates dating website suffers data breach

“Users receive unsavory emails”

Many usernames and e-mail addresses have been exposed by a data breach. Guradian News and Media (GNM), which has run the dating service since the early 2000’s, claims the sensitive security information was exposed by a third party service provider.

Evidence suggests Russia behind hack of French president-elect

“Nine Gigabytes of data allegedly stolen”

As the presidential candidates in the french election entered a press blackout May 5, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign internet archives were breached. The hackers posted the data stolen on the web, and were widely distributed via 4Chan and Wikileaks. The ‘forensic metadata’ suggests that the attacks were consistent with Russian contractor breaches. Evidence also exists that the hacker may have falsified or edited many of the documents released.

FCC hit with DDoS attacks after John Oliver takes on net neutrality

“Website slows to a crawl”

The United States Federal Communication’s Commision website nearly came to a halt after famous comedian John Oliver suggested to his viewers that they should flood the website in attempts to support net neutrality. FCC CIO David Bray claims that the FCC site was subsequently hit with several DDoS attacks at about midnight Eastern Time, causing major disturbances and limited access.


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