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WannaCry attack is good business for cyber security firms

“Sophos value jump and better financial forecast amidst global crisis”

Sophos Group Plc, a UK-based cyber security firm had a boost in the price of its stock by 7% since the WannaCry ransomware began torturing its victims. Among the systems affected was the British National Health Service, a Sophos client. However instead of an embarrassing reputational catastrophe such an event would usually bring it became a boon to the firm, netting a record high stock price and a record financial forecast.

Yes, you still need endpoint malware protection

“Antivirus ineffeciencies are just rumors, stay protected”

Recent reports from Gizmodo and other tech sites have claimed that antivirus applications will soon be a thing of the past, arguing that Windows 10 and many browsers have adequate protections for users surfing the web. While these points do carry some merit, many security experts still believe that the additional protection still far outweighs the potential risk without it.

How to maintain data oversight to avoid ‘shadow data’

“Bipartisan legislation group introduce anti-hacking measures”

In the wake of the global WannaCry attacks that have plagued users in over 150 countries worldwide, prominent figures have emerged to call for substantive reform to prevent a future incident of the same caliber. Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer has called for the stockpiling of zero-day by governments, an appealing idea that becomes politically difficult to implement.

Disney Blackmailed Over Apparent Movie Hack: Reports

“Ransom demanded, Bob Iger claims”

U.S. media has reported on the apparent hacking of Disney archives, claiming to have access to an unreleased film with the capabilities to release it on the web. The cybercriminals are demanding a “huge” ransom, although the title of the film in jeopardy has not been disclosed.

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