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Kmart Payment Systems Infected With Malware

“Sears subsidiary in trouble”

Popular department store Kmart has had their payment systems infiltrated by cybercriminals last Wednesday, who were able to remotely install malware into the company processes. No information has been provided as to which stores have been affected or for what duration the hackers had access to the firm’s systems, but with over 700 locations it is estimated by security blogger Brian Krebbs that not all stores were affected.

Google Arms Gmail Security with Machine Learning

“Workplace patches imminent”

Phishing, data loss, and other threats were countered by four new security updates released recently by Google. The patches were intended for workplace threats that commonly affect larger firms.

Most Security Pros Expect to Suffer Cyberattacks via Unsecured IoT

“Wireless printers to thermostats cause concerns”

New reports suggest that the majority of security professionals believe they personally will be victimized by DDoS among other attacks due to ineptly secured IoT devices. The Ponemon Institute expect vulnerabilities in increasingly common devices to be exploited by cyber attackers.

OneLogin suffers breach—customer data said to be exposed, decrypted

“Customer data confirmed to be compromised”

OneLogin has now confirmed that the SSO and ID management company has suffered a serious breach. While their public statement is rather vague, an e-mail to its users details that “customer data was compromised, including the ability to decrypt encrypted data.”

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